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Modern interior staircase – how to choose the right handrails

modern staircase

Beautiful modern stairs have the potential to become an impressive focal point in every home. In fact, the staircase is an accent piece by nature.

It was a distinctive element from the start and has never changed over the years. In fact, it is becoming increasingly important and interior designers have made it the star of their projects.

Modern stairs and handrails that fit

modern staircase with handrails

But a beautiful staircase is defined by several aspects. Of course, design is very important. But mostly it is the handrail that highlights it. The railing has been gradually transformed from a simple element that provides security and protection for a wonderful and elegant design detail. Some stairs have left the railing completely for a more minimalist look.

Railing made of wood

But the handrail is an important structural component of every staircase. It can be combined and a subtle design or it can be an accent detail that stands out. Modern handrails come in many different shapes and models. Very often they are made of wood or metal and are simple. But there are also cases in which the handrail can have a more artistic look and thereby stand out even more.

Wooden handrails

Glass handrails

This staircase presents a very elegant type of railing. It is made of transparent glass and has a delicate shape, characterized by its elegant shape and fine finish. The color also complements the decoration beautifully.

Original railing

Although most modern staircases are elegant and minimalist, this is not always the case. This represents, for example, a type of handrail of the most original. Both the stairs and the railing are made of wood and have relatively simple but strong and durable constructions. In this modern staircase, the element of surprise is the contrast between the staircase and the railing. The stairs are very simple, while the railing looks rich. For this modern staircase, the design is coherent and suitable for decoration. The wooden staircase connects to the floor and the railing looks very similar. The accents and the straight and clean lines emphasize the minimalism of the design.

elegant handrails

In this modern residence, the staircase disappears almost completely in the decoration. It is the same color and made of the same material as the floor. The only element that stands out is the railing, which is a combination of metal and wood.

Modern staircase with glass rails

Glass handrails

A similar design was also chosen for this staircase. The railing is made of glass plates, which are mounted in key areas and have a simple design. Follow the structure and add softness to the design by interacting with the geometric shapes of the glass plates and the stairway ,

Handrails in style

A very common combination of modern stairs is that between wood and metal. Because the resulting design is usually something between classic and modern. This staircase has a metal structure with stairs and wooden railing.

Designer handrails

Of course, the classic design with wooden handrails of parallel, thin pieces that are placed vertically and connected by a simple handrail, also made of wood, always beautiful. It’s a design that can be easily customized for all sorts of designs and decorations.

Handrails for stairs

A simple and elegant way to do that stairway It seems simple, but elegant and striking is to use contrasts. In this case, for example, the wooden stairs sit on a clear white background and the metal railings with wooden handrails frame them with beauty.

Original stair railing

Contrast can also be generated in many other ways. This staircase is completely made of wood, but the differences in finish and color make it clear. The black parts give the design a certain elegance, while the wooden railing provides a classic and casual look.

Metal handrails

large railings for stairs

A metal railing tends to influence an industrial style, but can also present a classic design like this example. Actually, it is a very simple design and the metal railing provides support, as well as a subtle contrast of color and texture.

beautiful railing for stairs

The chrome-plated metal handrails have a cleaner, more modern look, but they are also harder to integrate into the sets. Here the handrail is a detail of a subtle but interesting accent that has contributed to a coherent overall appearance.

Banister designs

In a contemporary house, straight lines and angles are often a very common motif. For example, the same color palette was used for stairs and furniture, but the decoration also has complementary shapes and forms.

Modern staircase with metal railings

great designs for stair railings

In contrast, the handrail in this private home has a very nice minimalist design. Its chrome surface complements the colors of the decoration and creates a very pleasant transition from one area to another.

Original designs of stair railings

Here’s another example of a simple handrail, but at the same time contrasting and striking. The staircase is made of wood. The railing is made of metal and painted black. The contrast of materials and colors is strong, but beautiful.

Styles and designs of stair railings

This beautiful modern home with impressive high ceilings also features a stunning staircase. It is long and simple, mainly made of wood. The handrail is transparent and made of glass and the handrail is made of metal and presents itself with a neutral chrome finish.

Ideas and designs of stair railings

Although they are quite rare, modern metal staircases can be an interesting focal point. Generally they look industrial. In this case, the interesting thing is that the staircase has different types of surfaces and colors that create a subtle contrast.

Artistic handrails

Artistic handrails

The staircase is also a design element that gives you the opportunity to make the decoration artistic. For example, this minimalist staircase has a very interesting railing. It is not a separate element, but part of the chiselled wall.

Handrails for stairs

This contemporary staircase has a really spectacular design. The stairs seem to float in the air. The railing is also a very interesting detail. The handrail is simple, but it models its shape to create an interesting visual effect that beautifully complements the whole design.

Handrails designs for stairs

This could be a traditional staircase, but the railing is pretty unconventional. That used to be an old lift cable. It has been reused and transformed into a unique and eye-catching handrail. It is the perfect solution for the curved wall and gives the staircase character.

Modern staircase with glass railings

Handrails for glass stairs

In general, handrails with transparent glass plates also have handrails or railings of metal or wood. However, this is completely made of glass. This means that nothing emphasizes its design and shape, and thus becomes a wonderful transparent feature, perfect if you want to maintain a generous decoration.

Smart handrails

Here are a few tips on choosing a metal stair railing:

Metal handrails

Modern stairs come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Some are simple, others are elaborate and almost all require at least one ladder to access everything. While you can use a traditional wooden railing system on the stairs, why not add a little elegance and durability to a metal railing on the stairs? A metal railing is not only weatherproof, but also adds an interesting color contrast. Here are five tips to choose from and install metal railings to animate your staircase.

Stylish stylish handrails

If you like your wood, but like the idea of ​​metal accents, you should put on a stair railing that has upper and lower wood rails with metal balustrades in the middle. You can also keep your wood publications if you wish and then add metal tops to complete the look. This idea works especially well for metals with a dark surface such as aluminum or steel with a black powder coating. To bring the balusters in place, the wooden rails can be pre-drilled to allow for easy installation.

Modern handrails

To conserve less wood and more metal, use the top rails, the bottom rails (if any), the poles and the metal bar covers. This type of metal stair railing is completely weatherproof and you never have to worry about rotting or eating insects. If you have an existing metal fence around your property or porch, this type of railing is pretty well combined. You can also extend metal rails to contain a pool area for safety.

Metal handrails

You may think that a platform is incompatible with the look of a modern home, but if you get the handrail from the metal staircase, you will see that everything is wonderfully combined. One way to achieve this is to place metal bars at regular intervals and then replace the top and bottom rails and balusters with heavy cables that are perpendicular to the poles. However, you should take a precaution: this design may not be suitable for elevated decks when children are around, as the temptation to climb cables can be problematic (and dangerous). This is important to consider every time you create horizontal balusters instead of vertical balusters.

Glass handrails

If you do not respond to the idea of ​​a platform completely surrounded by railings, why not opt ​​for a metal railing on the stairs just for the passage area? This keeps the platform open but still gives the stairs a certain amount of support, which is especially important for those who have difficulty walking up and down the steps without clinging to anything. For even more minimalist looks, you can even opt for a single metal staircase on one side of your staircase. The edges of the upper rail may be curved to avoid injury.

Minimalist handrails

The best thing about metal is the fact that it is not limited to straight, square and vertical balusters. Unlike wood, metal balusters can be twisted, curved, domed, rotatable, or straight, and also allow the insertion of special elements such as medallions and end pieces into the design. You can even choose straight rails at the bottom and a decorative insert at the top.

Hanging handrails

When it comes to metal railing, steel is the traditional material of choice. Steel is very strong, but it also tends to oxidize and is very heavy and expensive. A newer alternative to steel is aluminum, which offers several advantages. The aluminum railings are as beautiful as their steel counterparts, but they are not that heavy or expensive. Perhaps even better, aluminum does not rust, and the cleaning and maintenance of this material is simple and as easy as quickly cleaning it with soap and water.

hanging stairs

Metallic stair railing gives your deck a great visual appeal and structural integrity, making it feel like a more civilized outdoor space than just an outdoor wood panel. If you are considering adding some metal to your deck, you should know that there are many design options and price points to choose from. No matter what your design or budget entails, there are metal rails that are perfect for your next project. Do not be afraid to look behind the forest.

nice stairs

Original modern staircase

stylish staircase

modern staircase

elegant style staircase

Metal and wooden railings

Designer handrails

glass railings

modern hanging stairs


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