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Interior bathroom Asian houses

How the Asian style appears with increasing force modern interior In this article, I decided to focus on him and talk about some of his key principles and characteristics.

This style can be introduced in all areas of your home, but today we focus on the bathroom, bedroom, living room or living room and kitchens ,

Modern Asian interior, opposition Yin and Yang

Interior of houses-bathroom

The foundation of this style is that it is based on the principle of opposition Yin and Yang, which is also the basis of Feng Shui. However, in this article, I will not focus so much on Feng Shui, as we have talked about it many times, but about the meaning of what it offers and what this pair does in contrast to our lives.

Interiors of Bathroom Asian

According to the Asiatic philosophical and cultural system, the components of this opposition are the two most elemental sides of nature from which everything arises and around which everything moves. In this sense, the yin energy is the representative of the female side, the female strength and energy, while the yang is the representative of the male energy.

Furniture for residential bathroom Asians

Of course, they have often seen the symbol representing these two energies. It is a black and white circle with two dots of the same color. This circle is the symbol of the two energies: the yin is represented by the color black, while the yang is represented by the color white. However, one has to keep in mind that before these energies are introduced into the decoration of modern homes, it is necessary to go deeper into the depths style and that way of living to understand it.

Modern interior in the Asian style and the meaning of Yin and Yang

modern room-bathroom-Asian

As I mentioned in the previous section, the two energies are represented by the color white and the color black. Each of them, however, has a meaning: the yin energy, which is the black color and the feminine energy, represents the energy and the passive form. It is darkness, silence, after the Asians, this energy prevails in the interiors at night when we want to rest and relax.

Interior Decoration Bathroom Asia

On the other hand, the Yang, the male energy represented by the black color, symbolizes the activity. In Feng Shui, this is the energy represented by strong and bright colors, sounds, light. It can therefore be confirmed that this is the energy we feel during most of our day: when we work, when we drive, when we go, etc.

Decoration of modern houses bathrooms

On the other hand, in the culture of the West, there is a great imbalance between these two energies, because we are too busy, we do not have enough time to rest, and sometimes even the presence of yin energy, of relaxation and calm completely absent. Therefore, creating a home where these two energies are balanced is so important. In addition, depending on the space and type, one of the two energies will always dominate, but it is important that both are present.

Modern interior, in which Yin energy prevails

Interiors of modern houses-baths

Generally, after this Asian culture, Yin Power is present in our bedrooms and in our bathrooms. These are the favorite spaces of this energy as those parts of the house where we relax and rest are taken into account. We all like to come home, fill the bathtub with hot water and foam, lie down and relax. But the fact that we do not have a bathtub or that we do not have enough time to indulge in that mood shows the imbalance in our house.

Designs of Modern Houses Bathroom Asian

On the other hand, the fact that these spaces are property of Yin energy does not mean that the Yang element does not have to be present in the interiors of modern homes. They need to remember that they always have to find the balance between the two energies. In this case, to compensate for the presence of the male principle, you can place some red candles and put on bright colors to decorate the bathroom. Remember that the feminine principle is hidden in dark tones.

Interior Decoration Bathroom Asia

Another interesting thing that I have talked about in other articles is that water in this culture is the symbol of money. When we talk about the bathrooms in the house, you do not have to forget that this is the part of the interior for which money “escapes”. Therefore, it is very important that the pipes are hidden, otherwise you will experience the flight of wealth. For this reason, the bathroom does not have to be in the “Wealth and Work” section.

Modern interior in bedrooms and Yin energy

Interiors of houses-bedroom beds

On the other hand, the Yin-energy is also the owner of the bedrooms and is the queen of the rooms as they are the parts of the house where we spend our time to relax and unwind. Therefore, it is very important that in these areas of the house, the presence of the feminine principle is greatly enhanced, while the male principle does not appreciate so much.

Interior decoration-Asian beds

Many people make the mistake of having a TV in the bedroom (loud noises), tracksuits or clothes they train with (an activity symbol) or some office and work items. All these objects and components in the bedrooms increase the Yang energy, the male energy.

Decoration of modern houses-bedrooms

However, to balance the presence of both energies to some extent, it is best to opt for decorative elements such as pastels and bright tones. In this way they will fill their bedroom with light and clarity and incorporate the presence of the Yang element. In summary, we can say that decoration of bedrooms and bathrooms is based on decorating the bedrooms.

The importance of the bed in rooms and bedrooms and the decoration of modern interiors

Interiors of modern houses dormitories-asiaticos

As I mentioned earlier, the opposition of the elements that I am talking about in this article is the basis for the formation of Feng Shui. Another big mistake that people make in the bedrooms is the accumulation of many objects and, in many cases, the transformation of these spaces into storerooms.

Interior of houses-bedroom

It is very important to understand that although these objects are not seen, their mere presence sets limits and hinders the movement of energy in space. You must remember that the excessive accumulation of disorder creates chaos that opposes the harmony and calm that Feng Shui aspires to.

modern houses within the bedroom

One of the places where we usually collect old and useless garbage is under the beds. According to Asian culture, their presence under these furniture creates a negative energy that is transmitted to the sleepers, especially if it is a mantrimonio, and it is believed that these objects will appear in their dreams.

Modern interiors and interior colors for children

Interior decoration-Asian beds

One of Feng Shui’s beliefs about the bedrooms, the rooms and the colors of the interior decor is the residents of these rooms. This is very important when it comes to children’s rooms, as each person is a bearer of a particular element and the color of the room must symbolize the element in front of them.

Houses interior furniture bedroom

This sounds a bit complicated, but the order of elements and colors is as follows: fire, its color is red; the earth, its color is yellow; the metal, white; the water, blue or black; and the wood, green. The logic that they must follow from the above is that if your child is representative of the earth element, the color that appears in your space and must be predominant is red (the color of the fire).

modern interior bedroom style Asian

On the other hand, if the child is representative of the metal, the predominant color inside should be yellow; If it represents water, it must dominate the goal; If it is wood, its color is blue or black; and when it is fire. The color is green. In this way, the balance is achieved not only between the energies of the interior, but also between the energy of the person who inhabits the place and the energy that exists in this space.

modern interiors dormitories asiaticos

However, when it comes to an elderly person, the interior colors and decoration must follow a pattern that is mixed between the color of the person’s element and the color in front of it. On the other hand, the position of the bedroom must be at an angle to the right of the front door, because that is where the marriage is.

Modern interior and the decoration of living and dining rooms

modern interiors-salon-style-asian

Another important point in Feng Shui and the balance of energies are the halls and the dining rooms. If you put the focus on the dining room, it must be cozy, pleasant and bright, because in this room the family has to spend some of the funniest and happiest moments while they are together and while they are eating.

modern interior salons style Asian

On the other hand, the dining room must be close to the kitchen, but it does not have to be too close to the front door, as in this case, guests go straight after eating the food. The most important piece of furniture in this room is also the table, which must be placed near the middle of the room, so that people can stand up and move freely.

modern interior salons-Asiaticos

One of the mistakes of many people living alone is that they sit in the same chair in the same chair every time they sit down to eat. However, this habit of Feng Shui is considered negative because the other chairs are not used. You need to have at least three chairs around the table and change the chair each time you eat. In this way, they will symbolically invite people to their homes.

Furniture in modern interiors of dining rooms to Feng Shui

modern interior style asian life

The most important piece of furniture in the dining rooms of living rooms is the table. In this sense, the round or oval tables in Feng Shui are considered good, in contrast to the square and rectangular ones. The reason is that the angles of these tables produce negative energy that can be corrected when these angles are modified and curved.

modern interiors-bright-lounges-asiaticos

Another flaw of modern houses inside and dining rooms with square or rectangular tables is that when two people sit in front of each other, they seem to be opponents. We all know that King Arthur’s table was round. Probably this character also knew that the round tables provide more harmony and communication.

modern interior furniture asian style

Another very important point is that in this room not too much room furniture must be. Ideally, in this room is a table with the number of chairs required and a few furniture available. In this way, the interiors and the dining rooms will look wider.

modern interiors-bright living spaces

On the other hand, in the designs of modern homes and modern Asian interiors can also represent the presence of paintings with food or landscapes of mountains and rivers, as well as mirrors. In this way you will increase the amount of food and drink.

modern interior Asiaticos salon

modern interiors-salons-dining-Asian

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Decoration of modern houses-kitchens

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