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Modern interior – design that combines rustic and industrial styles

modern interior dining room

The modern rustic decor in the interiors often blends with the style industrial. The combination of rustic furniture with accents and industrial ideas creates an interesting contrast, blending the concrete floors and reclaimed metal with the warm tones of wood and natural rattan.

Industrial-style rustic

Take a look at this loft, whose decoration combines two styles modern to create a wonderful design unit.
indoor industrial-rustic

Designed by interior designer Serhii Seinov, the loft is located in Chicago. From this bird’s eye view, the interior looks soft and almost soft despite the massive concrete floor.
Loft rustic-industrial

The huge light gray upholstered sofa is L-shaped. Under the sofa in the rustic-style living room is a rug that forms an interesting angle with the sofa as if inviting us to come in and take us to the dining room.
modern interior-rustic-industrial

Eclectic interior design

An eclectic mix of tables and an old planter forms an interesting central core in the living room.

A clay pot, a tree trunk table and a very old metal table create a surprisingly good balance in the middle of the room.

Decoration of-life-rustic

The industrial-style dining room consists of a wooden wallpapering table with a peeling paint and a set of six stools.
Staircases made of steel

A rustic kitchen with open, typical for the industrial style channels is the backdrop for the rustic dining room. The metal and wooden drawers complete the space under the rustic console.

interior decoration

The island of the kitchen is another piece that seems worn out. A metal chair with a lot of patina is located at one end. Behind it we can see the channels of the industrial-looking vacuum cleaner, which are equipped with LED lights at their base to illuminate the cooking plate.

The surface-mounted electrical wiring runs through the walls with a rustic texture that shows areas of cracked and brittle paint. In the austere cavity a rustic wood stove stands out. The hallmark features of industrial interiors in this Chicago loft include antique industrial fans, handrails and steel staircases.

Bedroom rustic-industrial

The decoration of the bedroom is a slight change of pace, with a warm decoration of natural wickerwork that dominates the space. Two hanging rattan lamps illuminate the head of the bed. A stool big enough to carry a teapot and a cup plays the role of a bedside table.
Rattan baskets

This new trend in modern interior design creates a cozy and warm feeling, and most importantly, it gives our eyes the opportunity to relax from the eye-catching colors that surround us all around us. This kind of modern interior attracts us with its relaxed atmosphere, moderate decoration and fine textures, both for the eyes and for the touch.
modern interior devan

We can see that the lack of interior colors creates a sense of harmony and unification. If we look, we will see that the industrial style in these interiors is reserved for larger elements such as concrete floors, steel staircases, exposed pipes, etc., while the decoration and furniture reflect the rustic style of simplicity and warmth.

Devan industrial interiors


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