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Modern dining tables in solid wood – more than 50 ideas

great solid wood table

Today we would like to present you fifty fabulous designs Dining tables made of solid wood.

Natural wood is perfect for many indoor areas and even more so if it treats something treated, today we’ll show you how to beautify your dining room and enrich your meals by serving them at style and strength dining tables.

Modern solid wood tables

Super Nordic wooden table

Your choice of tables can do or undo a dining room in Summary is it one of the pieces most important of these types of spaces therefore it has to adapt to the environment and decoration. The Nordic style, as many already know, often presents natural-looking elements and neutral colors, above we can see a good example.

Original natural wooden table

nice dining tables white chairs

A solid wood table with visible imperfections is the protagonist of this dining room and its cracks seem to tell us stories from the past. These types of dining tables set the trend this season, a modernized rustic style dominated by minimalism and the pursuit of simplicity.

Table with natural wooden surface

Wooden table of modern design

The Company The red steps It surprises us with the design of this fabulous dining table. The model is available in different types of wood; n ogal clear . Cherry, maple . black american walnut . Oak, ash and Elm The rough appearance of the surface, which seems to be broken, gives your dining room a very interesting look.

Original design of modern wooden table

modern wood table of super design

The models of classic dining tables also appear today with some imperfections that give them exactly charisma and personality. It’s a trend that breaks down a bit with the straight lines and radical minimalism prevailing in some countries Interior design modern

Natural wood furniture set

Super wooden furniture set

Yes they are looking for one Piece of design Timeless for your home , consider a dining table solid wood , You can choose from a variety of materials such elm the Oak, the mahogany and more If your family is not very extensive, you can choose models of round tables, while p for the largest groups , we suggest one dining table wide rectangular that can have between four to eight seats ,

Original vintage style dining tables

Original vintage dining tables

A table from aged wood It is perfect for dining room Vintage style , The blue colors and white in the decoration together with the c goats checkered O the Set the table colorful They will form an exquisite environment , Green, blue White creamy and everything colors brown made of natural wood They form pleasant and warm combinations.

Design of carved wooden table

pretty carved wooden table

It will always be necessary to make a decision about the choice of dining tables. With the right table, the room will look more harmonious. It is possible that it is the furniture with a larger decorative weight in the dining rooms. The entire decoration is conditioned so that it must be in complete harmony with the rest of the furniture.

Nice set of natural wood furniture

beautiful natural wood furniture set

In addition to the advice we have discussed so far, we give you some ideas to choose the right one. Before you decide on a table, think for a while about how you will use it. It will not always be a table to eat. There are many times when the table is also a workplace for the whole family.

Round table with two chairs

nice set of furniture dining wood

The best part is that it is an absolutely practical table that can be adapted to all sorts of activities. For partygoers the dining tables are not the same. Celebrations and large meals with guests require a larger table. Today we focus on wooden tables, but the materials are obviously diverse.

Modern table with wooden surface

nice design table top wood

Focusing on the material that suits you best is the next step of your choice. The use of the same shape has a direct relationship to everything that has to do with the material. A durable material is always a necessity when it comes to a table. Regardless of the type of material, it is important that it can be easily maintained. In the photos we can see the beauty of the woods, but they require a lot of care.

Wooden dining furniture

Modern dining room furniture set

You are always exposed to bumps or scratches, so you need to be aware of it. If warm dishes are served in the same way, they can be a problem. The best thing about these wooden tables are the treatments they have received. A less intensive use is ideal for a glass table. These are designs with beautiful finishes and do not require continuous maintenance.

Wooden dining furniture

Rustic table set of solid wood

Evaluate the real space that you expect when choosing dining tables. It is a fundamental step in choosing a piece of furniture. When it comes to the tables, this will determine a smooth transition through the dining room. It is recommended that there is at least 60 cm between each chair. Normally, a device designed for six people will be one and a half meters long and eighty wide.

Dining table and benches made of solid wood

Solid wood benches placemat

The models for four people are one meter long. The room to be used should be adapted to the shapes of the tables in each room. The most common ones we’ve seen so far are rectangular ones. One of his negative points is intimacy. There is almost enough space among the guests. In practice, this is perfect for eating more comfortably.

Set of natural wooden table and benches

Essset benches wood

Square designs on dining tables appear equally in expandable designs. In practice, they each have one and a half meters on each side. The round design is another that has always been fashionable and looks very nice. The diameter with respect to the measurements is very different. However, we recommend at least one meter twenty. The rounded shape facilitates the exchange between people.

Lacquered dining room furniture made of natural wood

Dining room furniture in lacquered wood

Especially for every celebration they are very comfortable in every way. The oval shapes are often very similar to the rounded ones. Its edges with rounded shapes make its appearance harmonious and stylized. For large families or when we tend to give parties are very convenient.

Design dining table modern style

On average, you can employ between six and ten people without any problems. A perfect dimension must go out of the two forty in case of diameter. Now we leave you with the rest of the photographs of solid wood dining tables, do not miss them and remember, if you want to continue to know more news and trends should you not miss our page, we will be waiting for you.

natural solid wood table design

Rustic table of super design

full wooden slats turquoise stone

Cracks of natural wood filled minerals

Table top made of natural wood

red wooden armchairs

Tables made of natural wood

Wooden table of modern design dining room

Benches made of natural wood

Dining table made of natural wood

Original dining table minimalist design

modern design table surface wood

rustic wooden table

Wooden surface table pretty duiseƱio

Dining table wooden island steel

Table wooden legs metal steel

Classic wood table chairs leather

Modern table in solid wood

Round table made of solid natural wood

modern three-legged round table

modern wooden dining tables

Dining room furniture Madarta rustic style

Modern wooden furniture modern design

Dining table made of natural wood

Wooden wooden table in original design

Original design table made of natural wood

Original furniture made of solid wood

Original design wooden table

Original design benches wood

Original design furniture set wood table

Original wooden bench table

Original design carved wooden table

traditional dining room special wood

Original design table chairs dining room


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