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Modern daybed of Solpuri – Lagoon

modern daybed solpuri design light up

Modern daybed of Solpuri – Lagoon

Know what it’s like to laze around while lying on this chic Solpuri daybed. The lagoon-style recliner has a stylish, round frame and soft mattress, which invites you to relax. This innovative design will take you from ‘fun in the sun’ to ‘lying in the shade’.

And it has another great feature – the transparent base of this dreamy couch lights up from within. Your deck, patio or garden will drape in its soft light at night. For more information about this contemporary outdoor sofa bed, visit Solpuri ,

Comfortable and cozy soft mattress – perfect relaxation corner

modern recliner solpuri design comfortable

This round, original daybed has a parasol

modern daybed solpuri design parasol White couch perfect to be placed outdoors modern daybed solpuri design screen


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