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Modern cots and tips to choose from

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Today we have all the ideas of children’s beds and advice on materials and designs that suit your little darling.

The choice of cots is not easy. We will try to help you not to lose yourself in the variety of possibilities and to explain what you should choose for the children.

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Cots, white and beautiful

Regardless of the size of your living space, sooner or later you will find yourself in a dilemma of choosing the bed. Choosing a bed where we spend a lot of time while sleeping is not just one of the most important parts of our lives.

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For a quiet and deep sleep it is very important that we feel good throughout the day and especially when it comes to the dreams of our children.

Cots Collection Boxer Dearkids

Which material is best?

In the furniture market we find a wide range of cots for a child of all ages, whether it is a newborn or a teenager. In addition to the variety of designs, we also have to choose between a variety of prices that depend on our budget.

Cots-Coleccion Goldline Caroti

Speaking of materials for furniture, whether furniture in general or furniture for children, the best choice is natural materials. Of course, a wooden bed costs more than an MDF bed.


But when it comes to buying a bed for a child, we also need to remember that children are growing fast, forcing us to make the same choice for a new bed in a few years.

Cots design Bonaldo

A very important element of the bed is the mattress, but finding the best mattress for your child can be hard work. In fact, there are so many types of mattresses, brands and models that no specific recommendations can be given. But if there are some tips we can give you to facilitate the search for the best mattress.

Crib modern design

Probably the easiest choice will be the size of the blanket, as this depends on the size of the same bed. We can suggest that, if space permits, consider a full-fledged mattress so you can lie down while reading a story next to your child or help them fall asleep.

Cots design Dearkids

When you buy a bed for a small child, think of one with a low board in combination with a low mattress so that the total height of the bed does not exceed the height of the child.

Cots design Dolfi

With the arrival of the school-age child, next to a bed, we have to choose new furniture, such as a table for practical and functional learning. A perfect option would be a bunk in the upper floor, which houses the bed and a table with storage system in the lower part.


For girls, they always tell princesses fairytales and magical animals, we think of a bed that is associated with a favorite story and at the same time fit the overall design of the girl’s room. We can choose a bed shaped like a castle or fairy-tale carriage and decorate it with a beautiful canopy of tulle or choose beds with their favorite characters or themes from fairy tales.

Cots Original Design

On the other hand, we choose a bed for a better child to choose a design that is related to cars, pirate ships, spaceships, castles or superheroes. But if your child loves dinosaurs or reads adventure stories, then your bed should represent this whole fantasy world.

Cots design Scandola

No matter what your child’s hobby, modern designers can offer a selection of original models. And if you think that the design of a personalized bed is not possible, you can always with the help of a professional. An excellent option for children with hyperactivity are beds combined with a sports area that can become a desk or playground.

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How to choose children’s beds for two children?

If we have enough space, we have the opportunity to give each child their own room, but not all of us can afford that luxury. It often happens that we need to create two designs in one room for two children of age or gender.

Cots furniture and white

For children of the same gender, the design of the room will be a simpler task, since no free space zone planning is required. But at every opportunity, every child must have their own space and field of activity.

Cots Children's bunk beds

So back to the question of bedding and their placement, one has to say that, if you want, the beds are the same to avoid conflict and jealousy. You can place beds in parallel or vertical.

Cots options Girl Twils

In recent years, children’s berths have rightly gained a lot of popularity. If space permits, you can set up a bunk bed with a workspace that creates privacy and every act feels its own space.

Cots options style

Design a bedroom for children of different sex It already says a clear zoning, even in color, if children are not too picky and do not make a choice of a design then go for the neutral one. An option that lets you use any color, but the best options are yellow, orange, green, beige, etc.

Cots back Butterfly

The space can be clearly divided into two parts by a decorative divider, and each part must take into account the child’s personal design.

Cots-Scandola bunks

Now, let’s inspire you with our kids’ bedding ideas to create a modern space with a beautiful, sweet look that’s perfect for a nursery.

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