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Minimalist bathroom – a design style that creates space and light

Minimalist bathroom

The minimalist aesthetic is very pleasant and soothing, so designing a bathroom layout is a great way to do it. The simplified lines are suitable for a clean environment and in an orderly room is perfect to start the day with a clear mind or relax before going to sleep.

Because we enjoy the minimalist aesthetic and not the lifestyle, we can add a touch of luxury to the procedures. The bathrooms, even if they are big, are not always the largest rooms and if you add a shower or bath, a sink and a toilet, they will be even smaller. In addition, they are decorated with stone patterns, tiles and ornaments, which can be a visual overload. On the other hand, you can keep things clean and simple with a minimalist look that lends itself to a relaxing retreat where we like to spend time. Not sure of a scaled appearance? Take a look at these great minimalist bathrooms in our picture gallery.

Minimalist bathroom

minimalist bathroom designs

The bathrooms are usually small areas with narrow angles and can be a design challenge, so be sure to use these minimalist design techniques in your bathroom!

Less is more

original minimalist bathroom designs

Japanese designers have become experts in minimalism as they have been designing spaces for years where they can live on a plot of no more than 30 square meters. Under these circumstances, it is important to implement the essential aspects of minimalist design: functionality and space.

Tips for designing minimalist bathrooms

great designs from minimalist bathrooms

In the West, the minimalist movement was originally an art movement that began in the 1960s: as with minimalist art, minimalist interior designers were asked to strip the features in their simplest form, and then they would be torn further for good measure.

The minimalist aspect

The minimalist aspect

Today, a minimalist, architectural and sleek bathroom presents itself in an orderly appearance that emphasizes the importance of design and avant-garde materials. The minimalist scheme allows the view to glide freely through the room, making each element of the bathroom a unique piece.

Ideas to design minimalist bathrooms

well-groomed appearance that emphasizes the importance of design

A successful minimalist room contains only what is necessary and nothing more. In fact, apart from the carefully matched elements should be visible, which means that the only memory for this scheme to avoid clutter and maximize space is essential. Minimalism requires perfectionism, because everything in a minimalist space is completely open and visible.

Minimalist bathrooms, not necessarily modernist

Minimalist, not necessarily modernist

However, the minimalist aspect does not always have to be contemporary. An eclectic-minimalist look allows you to combine styles for a more personal touch. An elegant chandelier or a traditional console can lend a certain character to its clinically pure minimalist concept. However, it is always important that your space reflects the illusion of space.

How to design minimalist bathroom

add some character to his clinically pure minimalist scheme

Many prefer a minimalist bathroom because they have a particularly small bathroom. Separating bath and washbasin from its traditional position in the wall and arranging a wall mounted sanitary device enables the eye to travel uninterruptedly through the room. Bonus: it’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Keep these 5 techniques in mind

Keep these techniques in mind

Essential materials: Pleasant materials in sight and touch: plaster, glass, steel, ceramic tiles and composite materials, natural wood and all kinds of stone.

A minimalist design depends on the functionality

Essential materials

Design of pictures: The minimalistic aspect does not depend on the decoration, but on the architectural functionality; however, a personal touch is acceptable, such as a single architectural flower or the natural decorative vein of stone or marble wood.

Bathroom tiles with mosaic of small hexagons

Hexagons tiles

Common colors: Colors are usually neutral: white, black, creams, earth tones and shades of gray. Some prefer a colored focus point or textured tiles to add a touch of drama. (The trend at this time is red.)

The minimalist bathrooms are characterized by simplicity

The colors are generally neutral

Essential furniture: In the minimalist bathroom design, emphasis is placed on pure functionality, such as closed cupboards with tactile closures or bar handles or simple nubs, a shower cubicle.

Minimalist bathroom design with subway tile and vintage freestanding tub

Essential furniture

Key Ornaments: Every single item in your bathroom must have an architectural design, which in a sense means that even your single-lever mixers can be considered jewels. However, you can issue a vase, towels and an aerodynamic architecture plant and a soap dish, and still keep it in design style. Now let’s see some interiors of minimalist bathrooms designed by some of the experts who liked us the most.

Original ideas to design minimalist bathrooms

Essential ornaments

Viewer: 365 Design

A simple but attractive bathroom make-up lamp can be all the decoration needed in a minimalist style bathroom, but a few small plants in pots and carefully rolled towels also help to improve the design.

Bathroom design by Marta Wypych

Viewers: Marta Wypych

Indoor plants give a minimalist bathroom a lot of life without adding unnecessary confusion. A scheme in white and wood is nice, modern and spacious.

Bathroom design by Nelly Prodan

Nelly Prodan

Spectator: Nelly Prodan

You do not have to hide everything in the minimalist bathrooms, but there should be special areas to store toiletries, like this wooden cell built into the wall.

Bathroom design by Hung Le

Hung Le

Spectators: Hung Le

Indoor facilities once again soften the simple lines of minimalist bathroom designs. The white subway tiles complete the modern look of this minimalist bathroom.

Modern, minimalist bathroom designed by Ovo Toilet

Ovo toilet

Source: Ovo toilet

With so many shiny surfaces in this white bathroom, a wooden stair and a concrete pot add a little welcome texture.

Iordache Marius

Spectators: Iordache Marius

Above we can see a strict scheme that is not a single lightbox and accessory. No matter how small a bathroom is, it can look modern and spacious.

Design of Zrobym

Spectators: Zrobym

This discreet bathroom has a laundry area. It is an ideal solution for the lack of space.

Design of a modern bathroom by Igor Sirotov

Design of a modern bathroom by Igor Sirotov

Minimalist modern bathrooms have a high visual impact, despite the lack of accessories. The cube shape of this toilet and sink is unexpected and unique. The rough walls and the cream-colored color make for a very charming style.

Minimalist modern bathroom

Viewer: KDVA

The images of minimalist bathrooms often show everything that’s hidden, but what about those smoke-glass doors that reveal the shower, the machines in a storeroom and lots of toilet paper rolls? Above, an accent panel with integrated LED lights adds all the visual interest.

Inuti's bathroom

Viewer: Inuti

Minimalist futuristic bathroom designs can be a bit confusing if you find out exactly what is … Here the contrast of black and white works wonders and marble gives the place luxury and brilliance.

Igor Sirotov

Spectators: Igor Sirotow

At first glance this minimalist bathroom has nothing more than a wooden towel before we notice a head of pure white shower and stanchions, a white radiator and a floating shelf under with soap and lotion dispenser.

Oleg Trofimov

Spectators: Oleg Trofimov

The bathrooms in minimalist style of high quality deserve the trend lighting and this has a wall lamp with hanging arm on the toilet, perfect for waxing or makeup.

ArsVisual Group

Spectators: ArsVisual Group

A straight shower is ideal for simple and minimalist bathrooms. Another thing is whether or not to decide to close the shower cubicle.

Talcik and Demovicova

Visualizers: Talcik and Demovicova

This color scheme of the bathroom with transitions through three tones of the same tone adds visual interest.

Eve pictures

Viewer: Eve pictures

Modern minimalist bathrooms can also be a practical family room. A separate bathtub can change the look of a modern bathroom.

Peter Drew

Spectators: Peter Drew

You can create a spa-like sensation in the minimalist luxury bathrooms with the addition of natural elements. Here again we see the combination of white and wood; in this case with the addition of light gray loops and a glass shade. Everything is very simple, but with style.

Maksym Netreba

Viewer: Maksym Netreba

Minimalist minimalist bathroom designs are also possible, it is not necessary to have a large amount of empty space to achieve the correct aesthetics. The smallest bathrooms are perhaps the ones that can most benefit from a minimalist design.

Jerzy Galus

Viewer: Jerzy Galus

The lighting with strips of LED lights works well to accentuate the details. In this case, sink and toilet were illuminated in an original way.

Nika Vorotynzeva

Spectator: Nika Vorotynzeva

This cool green and white decor is a fun version of the minimalist theme. Neutral and white are the priorities in this style, but they are not our only color option for a minimalist bathroom.

Vadim Shechkov

Visualizer: Vadim Shechkov

You can even have black bathrooms and minimalist style. A small pot with Succulents Add a perfect brightness.

Z design

Viewer: Z-Design

Modern pur-white minimalist bathrooms are enjoying ever greater popularity, as this one with a slightly extravagant, hat-shaped shell.

KUOO architects

Viewer: KUOO Architects

Can minimalistic DIY bathrooms be created? Introducing beige sections in a completely white room could add the warmth you were looking for without complicating a carefully chosen design. They work perfectly with light wood accents and a warm white LED strip lighting.

Andrey Barinov

Spectators: Andrey Barinov

The small minimalist rustic bathrooms can benefit from a small burst of color, like the streak of acidic yellow paint made from these tiles. Color is an unusual but successful companion for the rustic fronts of wooden cabinets, which are provided with leather strap handles.

Int2 architecture

Visualizer: Int2 architecture

For if minimalism is a duty resulting from the restriction of space instead of choice: a small bathroom is pulled together in a tower of practical use.

Andrzej Chomsky

Viewer: Andrzej Chomski

Space, space and more space. This sleek, minimalist bathroom lets you dress and dance your shoes. People from opposite departments would be a big audience.

Ahmed Morsy

Spectator: Ahmed Morsy

A small texture is good in a modern bathroom, especially when accompanied by proper lighting.

Tatyana Ryltsova

Spectator: Tatyana Ryltsova

This minimalist gray bathroom seems to be covered with scales of geometric shapes.

Le Khanh

Spectators: Le Khanh

There may be too many accessories for a functional minimalist style, but there’s nothing wrong with the minimalist aesthetic.

Ladislav Lacko

Spectators: Ladislav Lacko

Some minimalist bathroom ideas can include an elegant chest of drawers, a frameless mirror, and unique laundry baskets that can dominate the towel pile.

Design of polygon

Viewer: Polygon

The washing machine in this double utility bathroom was hidden behind some sliding doors.

Ogovio's bathroom

Spectators: Ogovio

The minimalist Asian baths, steeped in nature, have a lively atmosphere. Being part of nature helps us feel healthier and more revitalized.

Katerina Kovalenko

Viewer: Katerina Kovalenko

Look at this toilet with a mirror! It’s not just for minimalists, but it has a great optical illusion that makes it look like it’s not there.

Alexandra Kruzanovskaya

Viewer: Alexandra Kruzanovskaya

The sanitary and bathroom furniture, which has a sharper or more square shape, provide an immediate, contemporary, minimalist effect.

Z design

Viewer: Z-Design

A Japanese deep tub is a fabulous addition to minimalist, small bathrooms.

Igor Sirotov red

Spectators: Igor Sirotow

This minimalist design comes out of shape with respect to each bathroom. The color red is very welcome here.

Archiplastica design

Visualizer: Archiplastica

It resists the sharp edges typically associated with modern minimalism. This super smooth toilet completes itself like a half-dissolved soap bar.

Joanna Kubieniec and Głogowscy Architektura

Viewers: Joanna Kubieniec and Głogowscy Architektura

Smooth wood grain panels that run in opposite directions give a discrete interest.

Rina Lovko

Spectator: Rina Lovko

A soft shade of blue is a refreshing change to the design of the minimalist bathroom.

Rathke interior design

Viewer: interior design Rathke

The toilet in this bathroom is perfectly placed parallel to the bathtub.

Third aesthetics

Visualizer: Third aesthetics

This white design scheme fades with an eye-catching design treasure in the shape of a gilded side table.

elegant and simple bathroom

Perhaps one of the most important rooms in your home: an elegant and simple bathroom can be aesthetic without sacrificing functionality. In this case, the wooden floor softens and calms the entire environment.

minimalist bathroom

Whether you’re installing a Statement bathtub, changing the size of the room or wanting a perfect mirror, the following tips will help you follow the right path to creating the minimalist bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Stay with a neutral palette

a neutral palette

For a minimalist bathroom renovation, you can use sophisticated gray and white penny tiles, combined with black countertops, stainless steel fixtures and plenty of natural light for a clean and functional approach.

lots of natural light for a clean and functional approach

Maximizes the storage space

Maximizes the storage space

Bathtubs make a big difference and have the potential to be the focal point as you create the mood you desire for your space. Architects can maximize the small space by creating an elegant storage solution over the bathroom. You can also add special touches like underfloor heating.

add a seat to the shower

If you have no room for a bathtub, adding a seat to the shower can be functional and decorative. Adding simple white metro tokens is always a safe bathing bet. The black hexagonal tiles add a little character while maintaining the minimal focus.

separate bathtub

The winged light bulbs bring ease to the bathroom. A separate bathtub can also be added to a minimalist and small bathroom, you just have to find a bathtub that is a little smaller than the standard.

modern bathroom

Equip your bathroom as if it were the rest of your home. If you only have one bathroom, you count. A modern bathroom has a minimalist design that blends in perfectly with its style. Choose a wall-mounted mirror and a floating sink with storage space to match the narrow shower room, while a wall-mounted toilet completes the look.

concrete bathtub

Imagine that: a radiant white washbasin, free from unused products and toiletries. Clean and simple surfaces; minimalist design Neither a toothbrush nor a bottle of hair spray nor a dirty and wandering towel in sight …

most minimalistic environment

But, here’s the thing: achieving that kind of space is really doable. If you are flooded with clutter every time you enter your bathroom (and can not stand it anymore!), It may be time to consciously turn your bathroom into a disorganized minimalist with a modern look.

What is a minimalist room?

Get rid of excess furniture

It is a good question. Minimalism, when used at home, simply means to order your space and get rid of excess furniture, accent decoration and everyday trash. The finishes are clean and simple, the shelves are not filled with trifles and walls they are not plastered with tons of prints and artworks.

Reduce it to the essentials

Minimalism means reducing it to the essentials; For example, a minimalist bedroom would have the necessary bed and bedside table, but that’s it! There are no piles of clothes, no piles of different papers, just what you need to be warm, safe and comfortable in life.

Features of a minimalist living space

These are some of the key features of a minimalist living space, no matter in which room of the house we speak:

A lack of unnecessary furniture:

Lack of unnecessary furniture

In a minimalist space, everything revolves around simplicity; This means that there is no furniture just to have furniture. Sometimes we just need a sofa and a coffee table (and maybe a shelf or two).

Use pieces that you really love

This is definitely one of the biggest principles of a truly minimalist life. Instead of filling a house with impulsive purchases and, let’s face it, things that we’ve all put under pressure, a minimalist chooses a few pieces that he really loves, and that’s it. Quality over quantity is your new mantra!

Ordered the arrangements:

Keep things tidily hidden

One of the most attractive by-products of moving your home to a more minimalist space is how you feel organized afterwards. It’s about clean arrangements: Keep things clean, so that you feel free of obstacles.

How do I create a minimalist bathroom?

How do I create a minimalist bathroom?

Are you convinced that you want to give minimalism a chance? Excellent! The bathroom is a fantastic place to start your first trip into the simple life. Here are some more tips to start designing your minimalist bathroom:

Get rid of most of your products

Get rid of most of your products

Seriously, it’s time to throw away your seven bottles of body lotion and the random variety of makeup that you never use. Having a minimalist bathroom means having some sort of everything: a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of conditioner, etc. This is not a beauty death sentence; It just means that you clean up all the unnecessary mess in your life! (Yes, your collection of special soaps is messy). Remember, everything is about the basics.

How to create a minimalist bathroom

How to create a minimalist bathroom

Sorry, decorative shells are not allowed. The aim is to create a simple, clean white space without unnecessary decoration. Your bathroom is probably one of the smallest rooms in your house, so virtually any additional decoration will make you feel very crowded (and consequently disorganized). Choose one or two decorative elements that I absolutely love and that will not clog the surfaces.

Invest in a few glasses

Invest in a few glasses

Glass containers (or any other storage tool) are ideal for carefully storing items that you do not want to distribute in your sink or medicine cabinet. Remember that your bathroom should be free of clutter even in places where it is not necessarily visible.

Clear and smooth surfaces

Clear and smooth surfaces

Whatever you do, keep all surfaces clean. The effort to do this little thing will make all the difference in the world! Regardless of what you need to do to make sure your surfaces are not messy, do it. This is important for any minimalist bathroom.

Keep it clean

Keep it clean

Resist the temptation to throw towels or clothes on the floor. Cleaning is the key. And aside from not throwing towels on the floor, take a minute to quickly clean the surfaces and the toilet. It gives your bathroom an extra clean and fresh feeling. And if you want to go the extra mile … go for a completely white color scheme.

Cleaning is the key

If you can, why not paint your walls a creamy ivory shade and add a white or transparent shower curtain? After all, there is nothing like immaculate white surfaces to really complete the minimalist design.

The benefits of minimalist and modern bathrooms

The benefits of minimalist bathrooms

If you make the most important step towards a minimalist home, your bathroom is a fabulous starting point! These are just some of the benefits that you will enjoy as a result of a messy bath: how wonderful it would have to have a bath with simple lines, shiny surfaces, culture no sight … ahh … Does it seem to reach out? Do not despair, you can achieve a similar “clean and serene” look in your own home, even if Italian design accessories are not within your budget.

Tips to create a minimalist bathroom

Just follow these great tips to create a minimalist bathroom, and you’ll have a space that will soothe your soul as you brush your teeth.

The basic tips:

Empty the entire contents of the bathroom

Empty the entire contents (mobile phone) of your bathroom. Really. You’ll be surprised how many things you’ll find that do not really have to be there: the moisturizer that has remained without the stopper, the hotel samples you’ve brought from your last vacation, the curlers you have not had in a decade used etc.

Review your daily routine and replace only the items you use daily

Review your daily routine and replace only the items you use daily. If you do not touch it at least once a day, it does not belong to your bathroom. Store the items that are rarely used in a box in your closet.

Make enough space

Make enough space. Make sure you have enough space to hide all objects (preferably behind opaque, mirrored or frosted doors), even if it means adding a cabinet to the room. It’s important that everything has a place.

Keep areas clear

Keep the surfaces free. If you just follow this advice in this article, that’s better. Clean surfaces are the key to a minimalist bathroom. Do whatever it takes to keep the hairbrush, deodorant, razor, eyeshadow, and other objects away from the worktop.

The basic cleaning makes the room quieter

We insist that you have to keep it clean. Basic cleaning makes your room quieter. Give the surfaces a quick cleaning once a day to get the perfect look.

The extras: (if you want to go one step further …)

Paint the walls white

Paint the walls white (or a very light color). The white walls make a small room appear larger and more ventilated, giving a sense of unity. To achieve a minimalist look, you want the walls to “disappear”. The less intrusive you can do it, the better.

Replace obsolete accessories with modern ones

Replace obsolete accessories with modern ones. This does not mean that you should spend a lot of money on a designer. Simple and optimized accessories can be obtained at low prices from hardware stores.

Replace the shower curtain with a glass or acrylic door

Replace the shower curtain with a glass or acrylic door. If this is not possible, choose a simple clear or white curtain. Use white towels for a luxurious spa look. Nothing will ruin your minimalist appearance faster than a hodgepodge of mismatched towels.

Complete with a decorative element

Complement with a decorative element such as a single candle, orchid or glass bowl with pebbles. The minimalist style is one of the latest trends in bathroom design that demands elegant simplicity and functionality. Ideal for decorating small spaces, the minimalist style visually extends the small spaces and gives the functional spaces a modern and elegant look. Lushome shares suggestions for home decorating and bathroom design inspiration to help his readers turn their bathrooms into luxurious, modern interiors in a minimalist style.

Busy people appreciate the simple approach to bathroom design

The classic-style bathrooms offer warm and beautiful places to relax, while the contemporary minimalist style reflects the best ideas and the latest trends virtually and the elegance of the interiors without clutter. Busy people appreciate the simple approach to bathroom design. The ability to prepare for work quickly, easy cleaning and low-maintenance interior design are of utmost importance to her. Minimalist bathroom interiors are practical, efficient and save time.

Simplicity, elegance and ergonomic design

The minimalist style combines simplicity, elegance with ergonomic design, upgrades modern bathrooms and expands visually small spaces. The white decoration ideas bring freshness into the interior and the neutral colors offer the fascinating versatility of the neutral color scheme while promising pleasant and soothing experiences. The neutral colors provide a wonderful background to decorate with textures and bright accents.

Minimalist bathroom without decorations

No decorations

Functional simplicity and elegant geometric shapes create beauty without decoration. Frameless mirror frames, rectangular, round or oval wash basins and bathtubs, light window treatments and contemporary glass shower doors accentuate straight lines and organic curves. Traditional decorative accessories are not available. Everything is functional and easy to use. The open shelves are clean of many elements that make decorations in traditional bathrooms.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design in bathroom design to create functional interiors while providing more comfort for small spaces. The areas are designed for individual tasks and have practical storage that keeps the bathroom well ventilated and clean without compromising its clear appearance.

White decoration in the minimalist bathrooms

The white decoration ideas are strikingly attractive and fresh, perfect for balancing small rooms and decorating with bright accents. The shades of gray and all brown colors are ideal for dynamic contrasts. Warm blues or orange tones accentuate the decor in white, but green colors are the best option to give the minimalist bathroom design a natural, nature-inspired look.

Simplified lights

Simplified lights

The minimalist style does not waste time choosing handmade tiles or spectacular lights. Practical simplicity and convenient functionality require efficient luminaires that are clear and bright. A futuristic atmosphere of unusual lamps and creative forms or surprising placement sets a statement and gives the minimalist interior a special interest.


Different textures

The textures give a signature to the minimalist style and create a visual interest in neutral bathrooms. Various materials and surfaces, steel, glass, wood and plastic are mixed to create beautiful bathrooms. Wood elements, rattan accents, colorful glass lamps, textured tile patterns, eye-catching copper taps and dazzling transparent glass lamps are some of the ways to arrange the calm, serenity, peace and relaxation of the bathroom in a minimalist style.

Connection with nature

Connection with nature

The minimalist style gives the design of the bathroom a unique character and creates clear, bright and modern interiors with indoor plants or green spaces in patios and gardens. His versatility is impressive and inspiring. The minimalist style is perfect for decorating small bathrooms. It lends elegance and luxury to the spacious interior with glass walls and generous windows, transforming the bathroom into a beautiful retreat that blends with nature.

The minimalist style adds elegance and luxury

One of the eternal aspects in Singapore is minimalism. And it’s a theme that works well in every room of the house, including the bathroom. But a minimalist bathroom does not mean it lacks character. In fact, it’s anything but that. This reduced look is not only a great style, it’s also much easier to clean and offers a much less stressful environment. Hansgrohe Singapore gives us tips to create a beautiful minimalist bathroom:

Use accessories in moderation

minimalist bathroom

As the renowned architect Antonio Citterio explains, the accessories have a “significant impact on the overall appearance of a room” and are “an integral part of their decoration”. As little jewels, the accessories give a room the finishing touch. However, it is important that you do not overbook because there may be a shortage of space in the end. The accessories should be used sparingly. The owners can also look at the decoration, which is multifunctional and space saving.

minimalist bathroom designs

If you’re looking for that minimalist look in your bathroom, consider modern or contemporary design fittings, with sleek and sleek shapes that save space in the bathroom in addition to modular functionality, so you do not have to overlap yourself. We like the idea of ​​a handle that can serve as a towel rack, as well as a shelf that offers enough space for all your bathroom accessories.

Opt for minimalist, light-flooded and clean bathrooms

super minimalist bathroom design

Ideally, a wealth of light should fill the space of your bathroom. Create a brightness with bright surfaces. For a cleaner room, consider minimalist bathroom faucets with aerodynamic shapes for a cleaner overall look. There are companies that offer the chrome-plated white finish, bringing a new dimension of design to your bathroom while illuminating the bathroom with its chrome and white finishes

Choose products that save space

Space-saving products are also important to make room in the bathroom, which is increasingly becoming a retreat and rejuvenation, and not just as a functional space. AXOR One, designed with Barber & Osgerby, is a statement for the generous but clean masterpiece in the shower. This thermostat module offers three individual controls in an all-in-one shower control. With its monolithic yet soft shape, AXOR One creates a new spaciousness in the shower that gives users a pleasant sense of clarity and calm when they choose between showers, control the temperature or choose the amount of water they prefer. The AXOR One Hand Shower was introduced in 2017 to complement the shower control.

Simplify the color palette in minimalist bathrooms

By reducing the variety of colors and color schemes to two or three colors, this would help achieve a consistent minimalist bathroom appearance. A good way to continue to create visual interest is to use the same sounds, but different textures. If you choose darker color scheme, consider accessories in custom colors such as gold, bronze or brass, which allow them to stand out in an atmosphere of dark bath. Almost every bathroom accessory can be made to measure. These special surfaces are created using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and the result is a sturdy and shiny product that adds elegance and exclusivity.

We hope that these ideas helped you to design and decorate minimalist bathrooms. Visit our website for more interesting news and decorating ideas and interior design, see you soon.


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