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Mikonos 42 incredible design solutions for the terraces

mikonos green special modern accents

The island of Mykonos is considered a magical and extremely hospitable destination. For many it is the best choice if you want to spend a perfect holiday in the Aegean Sea. Myonos is also cosmopolitan and full of beauty.

Mikonos the perfect inspiration for the terrace

Mikonos Hammock environments solutions sources

Its landscape is reminiscent of tranquility and is therefore a perfect destination for romance and relaxation. During the summer, it is a place full of life, which is also perfect for visiting with friends. The beaches are full of parties and various sports activities. The nightlife on the island is also relevant, especially for the variety of clubs and restaurants of high quality.

Mikonos in the design of natural outdoor eating rooms

mikonos special ideas fonts designs

In its forty-one square kilometers, Mikonos houses true architectural wonders. From here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes such as the coves of Korfos and Ftelia. With the development of the island, the streets are full of shops. As well as other rooms, especially bars, cafes or even art galleries. It is important to note that this did not affect style and identity.

Rocks and natural covers bring fresh and natural air into the room

Mikonos special fountain salons rocks

There are strict rules for constructions that favor this. The elements of traditional architecture and the so-called Cycladic style have been preserved. Exactly this style and the characteristics of the architecture we try in today’s post. Especially the design of the terraces and terraces. In the pictures we share some ideas that are more than just inspirations.

It is common to use different white accents which give more luminosity

Mikonos Hanging Chair floors infinite

Each of these pages has a personality and a character that distinguishes them. Both the terraces and the terraces are common features like rocks. In general, other elements such as domes, rounded walls and whitewashed stones have their explanation. They are the best way to find shelter from the heat and winds that were always common in Mykonos during the summer.

Wood is the material of choice for furniture, outdoor dining

Mikonos white shelves shelves room

In many of the designs that show, the tones are another of the representative details of these terraces. The use of neutral tones and others that evoke the earth is obvious. As well as the rays of Wood and some cases of columns with a stately picture. In cases where there are covered terraces, the use of parquet floors is likely. In some areas of the interior of the houses, the colored cement is a distinguishing element.

Creative design ideas for terraces with pool, old wood furniture

Mikonos plants forms samples pool

If we want to give our terrace that aesthetic characteristic of Mikonos, the materials are fundamental. Especially the natural materials like stone and wood are included in many design solutions. We should try to distribute them harmoniously in the room in an aesthetic way. Besides these natural accents, the use of white is one of the perfect solutions for this style.

Another variant of the outdoor dining room with natural fiber sheathed

Mikonos terrace concepts Bambu styles

Even more, when we design a terrace or a bright and open terrace. If it is a few square meters of living, it will be an intelligent choice as well. Our terrace will undoubtedly look much bigger. White is also an acceptable solution for the configuration of cleaner rooms. Therefore, it is the perfect recipe if we want to avoid saturation in the patio or on the terrace.

The hammocks in the design of the terraces are ideal for relaxing outdoors

Mikonos Terrace Hotels Especiale Hammocks

In the pictures, the use of white is based on many elements. For example, the curtains are perfect if we have a pergola in the yard. In addition to an accent in this tone will allow us more privacy. When it comes to salons or dining rooms outdoors, they are very handy to curb the wind. The elegance of the curtains gives every terrace a touch of sophistication and style.

It will always be necessary to create several outdoor areas

Mikonos Terrace moments parties cool lines

The selection of white furniture is one of the most popular options in terms of color. If we want to complete an aesthetic with a certain air of Mykonos, the use of white furniture is an intelligent resource. Our decoration should focus on simple details. Mainly in fresh aspects that prefer sunlight with equally simple natural details. A spacious terrace, which we want to give a similar style, will change with a small pergola.

The natural fibers used to design the hammocks are superb

Mikonos terrace relax styles walls

We can not avoid mentioning the practical applicability in terms of shading. A very important aspect if we want to spend a pleasant moment outdoors. According to his design, it will be impossible for the terrace to look more refined and charming. Although it occupies an almost insignificant corner, a wooden pergola has given the patio an unmistakable image.

Interesting accents in red that contrast perfectly with white

Mikonos Terrace red pillow systems

Especially if it is an environment that is designed to relax and rest. The inclusion of one or more chairs is a must. If we set up an outdoor dining room, it will be more than obvious. The wooden chairs are the ones that best combine with the aesthetics that we reflect in the pictures. It’s the easiest solution if we want to enjoy the scenery.

The lighting can be the perfect detail for a cozy and warm terrace

cozy floors warm Satil fountain

Depending on the model, they may be suitable for outdoor measurements. As another irresistible detail, a hammock will be perfect for both cases. Many models of hammocks are perfect in terms of materials and texture for a picture like the terraces and terraces in Mykonos. In general, the furniture, when it is white, is very effective in terms of contrasts. Simple fabrics are another feature that should have.

Rocks and other natural elements give this backyard character

Environments balls patios eater lines

Every element in our design should favor the entry and circulation of air. If we look closely, in the case of Greece, the large arches are characteristic. These stone structures allow spaces to be fresh. When applied to the design of the terraces near the sea, they allow the entry of air from the sea. In general, for terraces, regardless of style, freshness is of utmost importance.

A proper selection of furniture will make the space a pleasant and pleasant place

spacious, fresh, aromatic terrace balconies

Shadow rooms must be guaranteed to enjoy more time outside the home. This is directly related to the already mentioned air circulation. On the terraces, which are inspired by this style in the style of Mikonos, some plants can be placed. They will always be important when decorating outdoor spaces.

A great idea for a small outdoor lounge with natural details

Round seated woodworking salon

If we do not devote much time to it, we must select resistant varieties. A small center of Table with ferns may be perfect for a living room outside. A green detail can be the perfect complement to garden furniture. His contrast will be greater if it’s clear furniture. Everything with a simple design that reconciles everything and tries to create a certain balance.

Several white accents and the use of wood make this terrace a true paradise

attractive decoration forms styles pergolas

If you are planning a trip to the Greek Islands, our pictures can be the beginning. On the other hand, if you are looking for some inspiration for your patio or patio, they will be the same perfect. Even more, if we try to give our terrace a summery touch, fresh and at the same time stress-relieving. These examples of outdoor terraces will be an excellent example that can inspire our design.

The covers of natural fabrics are the main element of this decoration

Special beds living room color views

Be it by the sea or by the pools, we need to create a space that will become the most visited area of ​​the house. Not only for the panoramic view, but also for its comfort. We can not ignore a good distribution to make the most of the space. One area for sunbathing and another for shade, complemented by hammocks. If the room allows for a chillout area and tables for al fresco dining.

The baskets for accessories should not be missing in the design of the patio or the terrace

Baskets of natural materials black fountains

Based on these styles, we can turn any patio or patio into a natural environment. Especially an environment that is in harmony with its surroundings. We can achieve this by decorating with details that respect the environment. Try to create a beautiful reflection of the earth, the sea and the natural light. Create everything anew with the magic of white, which can be the predominant tone.

Idea for a room with a pool, treated wooden table decorated with rocks

Pillow functional styles pattern materials

In turn, accompanied by blue as a beautiful representation of the Aegean Sea. Other combinations and color accents can be details that support our style. In particular, these tonalities are reserved for other parts of the house such as the walls of the rooms or the living room. Whatever needs to be respected is that they are earthbound sounds.

Different accents in blue and white tones determine the aesthetics of the traditional Mikonos

Special colors Solutions Furniture spotlights

These tones combined with the vegetation make the terrace the perfect natural oasis. Although always with moderation in vegetation avoid excesses. It is a special feature of these terraces, where it is a bit limited, but always with color details. Quite generally for the Greeks in the rest rooms there are Pots but with a fair degree.

The pillows and pillows are an excellent addition to the furniture

Designs colors samples types of fountain cushions

The case of the picture above is an excellent example of what can be accomplished with a few details. The rock walls in contrast to the ground increase this great natural effect. The decoration of the side table was solved in a simple way with a small potted plant. The white lantern adds a touch of freshness. The pillows and cushions on the other side add the comfort detail to a nice reading corner.

A mirror on a rock face can be another accent in these rooms

elegant shapes styles colors eater

Natural fiber compositions will always be a perfect resource

functional clothes for special clothing

Variant terrace with outdoor dining and beautiful floral details

interesting fresh nature shows flowers

The style of Mykonos to create luxurious settings for courtyards

luxurious room decoration colors

Work furniture complimented with cushions and DIY decorations for the walls

Materials floors surfaces colors work

Curtains are another solution to ensure privacy and elegance in the terrace

Materials floors surfaces living styles

Covered terrace with natural fibers and an interesting selection of furniture

Pattern stands salons in the open air

Blue and white applied in the decoration, on the accessories and the furniture of the terrace

Functional samples clothing blue spaces

The solutions with natural elements determine the design of this beautiful room

Natural wood glaze sconces

Undoubtedly, these woven lamps define the style and personalize this terrace

Patios concepts furniture special concepts

The hammocks will always be useful in any area for its great versatility

Pool bells materials colors windows

Centerpieces with natural details are perfect for these spaces

Plants covered natural outdoor spaces

The white color will always be useful to transmit freshness and light

Rock furniture exterior wood lamparas

Ideas for outdoor dining, ideal for parties or celebrations

Rock walls elements salons tables

With small details we can also achieve very good results

simple furniture balls materials trees

Plants in pots and accessories like lanterns complete the design

Terrace furniture living room shade flowers

Natural fiber elements for covers and other decorative elements

elegant living room special furniture white

Create other contrasts with wooden floors and several natural details

Terraces rooms models design wood

The use of plants is another instrument of privacy in this courtyard in Mykonos

Vegetation concepts functional wooden bridge


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