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Loft – a small apartment with a modern design

living room

We present you a small apartment that has designed an area with open-space loft of the studio architecture Brazilian “Vão arquitetura”.

open loft

The architectural office “Vão arquitetura” has renewed flat 50 square meters in Brazil, which uses the height of the sloping roof to create an exclusive open space.
Loft metal staircase
When you enter the apartment, you get a small white niche with a floor surrounded by wooden panels. Inside the panels there are a variety of shelves and a small sink.

Kitchen and dining room

A small loft in Brazil

The apartment has an open loft on the ground floor where the living room, the dining room and the kitchen are located. The sloping roof and white walls make the room look bigger.

Bedroom in the small loft

The open loft space not only makes the apartment larger and more comfortable, but also creates a generous sense of space.

Kitchen made of concrete and wood

Next to the kitchen is the bathroom with a wooden and concrete dresser combined with the kitchen.

Bathroom-small attic

In front of the bathroom door is the entrance to the bedroom. The simple shelves provide additional storage space and serve as a bedside table and wall that offers privacy.

the room-apart
Back in the living room and on the wall opposite the sofa, there is a custom-built iron bookcase containing books, electronics and a collection of records.
Loft Salon
An iron staircase on the same wall leads to a raised space, which can be used as a storage space or as an additional rest area.

Loft salon-y-balcony

The studio “Vão arquitetura”

Founded in 2013, the office “Vão arquitetura” ¹ is an architecture and urban development office in the city of São Paulo, operating in various fields, requirements and contexts. His projects are the result of constant architectural research, both theoretical and technical, carried out in the office, enriching the contact with the fine arts through collaboration with contemporary artists.

Living-kitchen-dining room

The Ap. Antônio Bicudo is located on the top floor of a four-storey building near Pinheiros. The first goal proposed by the future resident was to adapt the space of 50 m2 to isolate the space from other environments. Contrary to what is usually proposed in reforms, the work was carried out virtually without interruption.

Cabinet builds up
The extension of the existing wall made it possible to create a volume that takes up the space inside and transfers it from the main façade to the street to the rear façade, where the windows open to an internal garden for collective use. In addition to protecting the quiet area from street noise, the new organization was to improve the proportions of integrated living areas (living room, kitchen and balcony) and access to natural light.
Cabinet Loft
The rest of the wet areas are concentrated on a single axis across the floor of the home. Above the bathroom are the water tanks of the building and for this reason the floor of the kitchen, the bathroom and the room form a lower horizontal level, interrupted in the loft-like living area where the roof tilts and exposes the structural wooden scissors. The second level construction, which was added to the new volume of the roof, expanded the living area and created an additional space above the space accessible by a metal staircase ¹ “Vão arquitetura”


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