Living in Vancouver: Urban apartment with vision

Urban Vancouver apartment in shades of blue

Traveling is always good: you can relax, get to know new countries and cultures and if you get involved, you can also live like a local at the resort – in “real” apartments like here in Downtown Vancouver. About a year ago I flew to the metropolis on the Canadian west coast. I opted for a historic tower in the center, because I wanted to have the most authentic feel of the vibrant city life. Because urban living in North America is different than in Hamburg or Berlin.

The spacious and functional two-bedroom apartment, in which I have lived, impresses with a continuous window front with so-called “Floor to Ceiling” windows. Maximum daylight falls into the apartment. This is particularly important in the classic downtown buildings, because here the skyscrapers are so close together. In addition, the large window front is a must-have for the urban lifestyle: You can see a lot, but you can also see it. For some, the slight “Big Brother” feeling may be strange, but in the city apartments, it’s just part of it.

urban living bird decoration The owner of my accommodation in Vancouver has set a clear focus on the interior design: the color turquoise plays a significant role. As a signal color you will find them both in the spacious living room with the open kitchen and in the bedroom again. Simple shapes, a few design classics and a touch of retro complete the interior design of the apartment.

Urban living in the skyscraper in Vancouver Urban living: living room in Vancouver
The functionalism of the “Mid Century” building in the interior continues consistently. Few, functional furniture and a reduced decoration give the apartment the aura of past decades. The whole is complemented by a large picture of the residential building in the dining area. When you return to this apartment at the end of a long day of touring, you feel a bit like in the hit series “Mad Men” and fall asleep happily under the almost psychedelic wallpaper in the bedroom.

Urban living: living room in Vancouver Urban living: bedroom in Vancouver


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