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Kitchen or dining tables – the ideas of the best designers

Pietro Arosio Solid wood kitchen tables

Today we have some original ideas for kitchen or dining tables by the best designers to inspire you to choose the best option for your home. There are so many shapes and sizes of kitchen or dining tables.

White kitchen tables, perfect for Scandinavian designs by Stefano Giovannoni

Kitchen tables design know-Stefano Giovannoni-

The table is an important element in every kitchen, for centuries it has been the place where the family gathers in many cultures.

Extensible kitchen tables a design by John Lewis

Kitchen tables John Lewis design extesible

It is a place where people share their joys and experiences while eating. That’s why today we decided to show you how to make the right choice in choosing the right table for your kitchen.

The ACCO kitchen or dining table with oval shape a miniforms design

Kitchen tables-ACCO-wood design Miniforms

It is up to you to gather the whole family for lunch or dinner to enjoy delicious dishes and talk to your loved ones and show them the best of possibilities.

Perfect high kitchen table for small spaces and a design by Alex de Rouvray

Kitchen tables High design Wood Oak Alex de Rouvray

It is important to sit at a nice and comfortable table. In addition to the photos with your ideas, there are also some points that you should pay attention to when choosing a table.

Black lacquered kitchen table in black, designed by Stefano Giovannoni

Kitchen tables polished aluminum-coated design Stefano Giovannoni

If your kitchen is large, it is possible to vary the size of the furniture as well as its location. For example, if all kitchen furniture is placed on a wall, it is recommended to place the table close to the opposite wall.

A kitchen or dining table with a very practical design by Carlo Cumini

Kitchen tables Carlo Cumini design practice

If the furniture is U-shaped or L-shaped, the best place for the table is in the middle of the room. For medium sized rooms, it is preferable to buy an oval or round table. The absence of corners will leave more leeway that will facilitate the movement and allow you to sit a larger number of people.

Modern design table from the Vintage Collection of Fusiontables Saluc

contemporary kitchen design original Fusionstables-Saluc tables

For the small kitchen is also desirable to choose a round table, better with glass worktop, as it visually expands the space. The size of the table should be in line with the size of the kitchen.

Bright kitchen or dining table in chrome and nickel designed by Mauro Lipparini

Kitchen tables-chromium-nickel-Mauro Lipparini

For obvious reasons, it is clear that you do not need a small table in a large kitchen. On the other hand, for the small kitchen, the table should be like an extra accessory, so a large table in a small kitchen will be out of place.

A design by Mauro Lipparini perfect for minimalist spaces of chrome and nickel

Kitchen tables-chromium-nickel-Mauro Lipparini design minimum-line dynamics

The design of the table depends on the general style of the kitchen. The models of natural wood and stone are suitable for any type of decoration. Glass can also be used in almost every style, from modern to classic.

Elegant wooden table by Borja Gracia that adapts perfectly to any design


In a kitchen with a modern design, however, plastic and metal surfaces look good. The kitchen table should have colors that fit harmoniously into the colors of the kitchen furniture.

Kitchen table with a very original shape and modern design by Morelato

Kitchen tables design contemplation-Morelato

However, if you are cooking a special style but you want a table that is the focal point that stands out, you can choose a table from a color from the general scale. In many houses we find a dining table in the kitchen.

Table with very original oak shape, designed by Lorenz Kaz

Kitchen tables design Lawrence Kaz Shape original oak

Its dimensions seem to be satisfactory. However, there are certain parameters that can be achieved for maximum comfort. In order to sit comfortably, the person needs 70 cm of space.

Table with square shape and wooden worktop designed by Luciano Bertoncini for iCarraro

Kitchen tables design Modern Luciano Bertoncini-iCarraro

The minimum height of the table should be 75 cm, and the length should be 120 cm, but can be varied, if the table has a round shape, its diameter must be at least 90 cm. These are the comfort parameters. Of course, in a small kitchen we can not have a table as well, but we talk about the ideal parameter, although not all are the same.

Ceramic or ironwood kitchen or dining table, designed by Paolo Cappello

Kitchen table Paolo Cappello wood-cement iron

As we all know, the kitchen or dining table can be rectangular, circular, oval or square. We can also find tables that come in very irregular shapes. It depends on the style of the room and the imagination of the designer.

Wooden table designed by Pietro Arosio for EmmeBi

Kitchen Table Pietro Arosio EmmeBi-

A tip we can give you is that if the kitchen is small, do not opt ​​for a round or oval table. They occupy more space than the rectangular ones.

Elegant table with wooden frame and transparent glass top by Toyo Ito

Kitchen tables design Toyo Ito Elegant Cristal

If space in the kitchen allows it, you can add a large oval table with drawers to store the dishes. You can set up open shelves with dishes in the same shape as the table. Additional elements of kitchen furniture that emphasize a table are a good idea.

A large elegant white table by Ligne Roset

Kitchen tables spaces and white design Ligne Roset

As we all know well, there are various materials with which the tables of the kitchen or dining room can be made. In our photos you can today see tables made of wood, metal or glass. With supports and worktop, which can be made of different materials. This makes it possible to vary the design.

Extendable table for the dining room or the kitchen

Kitchen tables-expandable Shape Rectangular

But the most commonly used material for preparing kitchen or dining tables is of course wood. The latest fashion trend is to use a wooden table in combination with a wooden bench for a complete design. It looks very good too.

A kitchen with black and white design and very nice table

Kitchen tables Easy-use design Modern

Another nice material for kitchen tables is glass is one of the favorites, but many glass tables usually have a wooden or metal stand. To be safer and more beautiful, the tabletop uses solid glass. You can not produce a kitchen with a modern design without a modern kitchen table made of different materials.

Very nice kitchen table with simple construction durable and strong enough

Kitchen tables Shape modest-clean construction-easy-tough-enough-strong

Glass, plastic, metal – there are no limits to the imagination of designers, that’s why we have so many original possibilities. But even if we like a design again, we repeat that harmony is the most important thing, everything has to be tailor-made.

Very nice kitchen table by Naoto Fukasawa

Kitchen tables Shape Oval Naoto Fukasawa-

In summary, do not forget the simple rules of good taste. Again, we repeat. Note: the size, material and design. The last point is very important.

Rectangular kitchen or dining table designed by Monica Freitas Geronimi

Kitchen tables Shape Rectangular-Monica Freitas Geronimi

An elegant table made of inappropriately colored plastic does not fit into the interior of the classic kitchen with wooden cabinets. The same happens in the contemporary kitchen, for which the wooden table will not always be very suitable. Look for harmony and your interior will always be in fashion.

Kitchen or dining table with round shape with white worktop and wooden legs

Kitchen tables Shape round design Modern

Now we leave to you our ideas of kitchen and dining tables around which family and friends can gather.

Large round table, perfect for kitchens and dining rooms by Patricia Urquiola

Kitchen tables Shape Round-size-wholesale Patricia Urquiola design

Round table for the kitchen by Fritz Hansen

Kitchen tables Fritz Hansen design

Round kitchen table designed by Heerenhuis

Kitchen tables-Heerenhuis design Modern

Elegant table perfect for kitchens and dining room designed by Irena Kilibarda

Kitchen tables-Irena Kilibarda-diseño-moderno

Lacquered metal kitchen table by Lapo Ciatti

Kitchen tables-Lapo Ciatti-metal-coated

Kitchen table or dining room Pixie in lacquered wood by Miniforms

Kitchen Table Lacquered Wood Pixie Mini Forms

Wooden table and chairs Gemma from Altinox

Kitchen tables wood-metal Gemma ALTINOX

Solid wood kitchen table by Mario Ruiz

Kitchen tables-madera-solida Mario Ruiz

Extensible kitchen or teak dining table

Kitchen tables wood teak extesible

Varnished wooden table by Victor Caetano

Wooden kitchen tables Victor Caetano-wood-lacquered

Simple kitchen table by Mathias De Ferm

Kitchen tables-MathiasDe-Ferm-diseño-easy

Very large white table designed by Carlo Cumini

Modern kitchen table Carlo Cumini

Kitchen or dining table with oval shape and glass top designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli

Kitchen-Oval Tables-Design-Busetti-Garuti-Redaelli

DIAMOND kitchen or dining table with marble worktop by Patricia Urquiola

Kitchen tables-Patricia Urquiola design DIAMOND countertop marble

Table with square glass top and slender legs designed by Patrizia Bertolini

Kitchen tables-Patrizia Bertolini-legs-apparently-slim support-between-ja

Rectangular kitchen or dining table designed by Pietro Arosio

Kitchen tables-Pietro Arosio-estilo-moderno

Very elegant table designed by Foster Partners for MOLTENI C.

Kitchen tables round glass design Foster Partners MOLTENI-C

Very large oak table of Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

Kitchen tables Oak Nature design Paolo Cappello Mini Forms

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