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Kitchen accessory furniture – 24 interesting designs

Furniture auxiliary kitchen drawers room ideas

Today we have for you some original ideas of kitchen auxiliary furniture that will inspire you. Many people have free space in the Kitchen but that’s not big enough to add a cupboard.

Kitchen aid furniture with vintage design

Kitchen modern vintage design ideas ideas

That’s why today we show you all these ideas of kitchen accessory furniture since using a unit of Shelves With modern industrial or vintage design, you can give the room a new image and more space for your dishes.

Auxiliary kitchen furniture, ideas for folding tables

Kitchen table drawers modern design ideas

If you instead have a large room, we also have large kitchen auxiliary furniture that can play the role of an island and drawers and cabinets to store your dishes.

Steel auxiliary furniture perfect for commercial kitchens

Kitchen furniture steel gray ideas

As you can see, a piece of furniture can be used as a decorative storage element, but above all, practically. This type of furniture has become a necessity for today’s kitchens, especially in small kitchens.

Perfect accessory for kitchens with a classic and elegant design

elegant white kitchen auxiliary furniture ideas

Since most are mobile, they can be removed if you want to use the space for something else. In this way you can enjoy the benefits of having extra furniture if needed and removing it from the center when you no longer need it.

Ideas of auxiliary furniture for small kitchens

colorful kitchen utility furniture ideas

These wheeled furniture can be compared to a car and therefore can not be chosen for the kitchen. But some of them are closed on all sides, so the wheels are the only thing that makes the structure look like a car.

auxiliary furniture that can play the role of the island or the bar in the kitchen

Kitchen furniture black color elegant ideas

If you choose a large piece of furniture with wheels, remember that some are very heavy and even more so when they are full of things that make it difficult to move. But they are still functional and efficient.

auxiliary furniture perfect for wine lovers

Kitchen furniture black color wheels ideas

There are several types that are open on all sides. They usually have a counter that you can use to cut fruit and vegetables or whatever they want and prepare the food.

auxiliary furniture in white stands in the industrial kitchen

Kitchen auxiliary furniture design Caronni Bonanomi Architetti Assoziati ideas

This surface is usually made of wood or granite, although stainless steel models are also much sought after.

Metal furniture with luxurious glass countertops

Kitchen auxiliary furniture elegant design ideas

Some of the daily kitchen items can be stored in these large side tables. Although these pieces of furniture are not as big as the enclosed islands, they are equally useful.

Ideas to save space in the kitchen with such an original wardrobe

Kitchen auxiliary furniture design style ideas

The auxiliary furniture can be made of wood or metal or even of wood and metal, although the variants of small auxiliary furniture can be steel and glass, but they are rather a decorative element.

Very nice natural wood side unit

Kitchen auxiliary furniture modern design living room ideas

There are also kitchen auxiliary furniture equipped with drawers and closed cupboards. This type of closed furniture looks like the conventional kitchen islands in everything except one aspect, the wheels.

A very useful piece of furniture in the kitchen

Furniture kitchen worktop cut vegetables ideas

They have cabinets and compartments like a regular kitchen island. Some are used only for storing things, others have worktops for cutting. If you have a worktop, it is usually made of wood.

A designer kitchen with a cupboard in the corner to save space

Furniture utility kitchen room angle ideas

Just as open furniture is heavy, pushing requires effort. But there are furniture for which lighter wood is used.

Floating furniture ideas in the modern kitchen

floating kitchen accessory furniture ideas

If you do not like kitchen furniture with wheels, you can choose with legs.
Although this type of furniture can be moved, you should simply load it and not push it.

An additional furniture with a classic design

Kitchen aid furniture gain kitchen space ideas

They are not fixed, you can move them if necessary. This type of legged furniture offers more stability than wheeled furniture and can be made from a heavier material.

A very large additional furniture for large kitchens

Furniture utility kitchen big wood ideas

However, if you try to move them, it is very likely that the kitchen floor will be damaged. Whether it’s large or small kitchens, there are rooms that we can all use with the help of these auxiliary furniture.

Worktop half wooden and half steel very handy

Kitchen furniture natural wood ideas

There are many creative solutions that help us to meet the diverse needs of the kitchen and more that everything is in order.

A very suitable option for small kitchens

Kitchen furniture black wood ideas

Now, leaving these photos to you with ideas of kitchen auxiliary furniture and using an object to save space and decorate the kitchen is always a good trick.

Folding wooden table with drawers to store your things

Furniture auxiliary kitchen folding table drawers ideas

A small, but very useful side furniture

Kitchen optional furniture option let fruits ideas

A piece of furniture with vintage design in the modern kitchen

Furniture auxiliary kitchen wooden wheels design ideas

Classic furniture ideas for storing your dishes

Furniture classic wood valuable ideas design

Modern additional furniture by Alvar Aalto

Kitchen furniture outdoor design Alvar Aalto ideas

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