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Kids games in small modern and funny houses

Kids Games Styles Houses Lawn

The playgrounds in the courtyard are the perfect detail for children’s games. They can also provide an interesting accent for any garden. Many models like the ones we present today can even be a decorative piece.

Kids games in small modern houses

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We are sure that many of us would like to have a home game elegant and funny in the garden. Some may even be more demanding than real homes. Although designed for children’s games, you have everything you need. If you look closely at the pictures, your architecture is another impressive thing in each of the models. The first of these proposals is a house of Doherty Estudio.

Children’s games, interior with colorful details, from Doherty Studio

colorful game furniture colors

A multidisciplinary study based in Melbourne. It was created mainly for the Melbourne International Garden Show. As we can see, its structure is covered with lamellae Wood . The white color on the slats makes the exterior more attractive. It makes it more attractive for children’s games because of its charm, which is inspired by fairy houses or hobby houses. If it’s fun, the interior will not be left behind in this design.

Special windows with holes for hanging or climbing from the outside

Games for children and interior windows

A bench is the perfect piece of furniture to lie down to read a book or play with friends. At its base are several colored cabins ideal for storing toys. The same applies to open shelves where children can even get books. If you need to work on a project or a drawing, you have a small desk. It is especially a workplace for small projects.

A network in the second level is a detail that will certainly be a lot of fun

Ladder ladder inside levels

On the second level, the net floor is like a hammock. This is a kind of loft area. A perfect place for children’s games and where children can relax. In the same way you can read or chat a book. In the second case we show another interesting design for playhouses. On this occasion, a model was created as part of the Canfor’s Playhouse Challenge. An interesting event that brings together different specialists and suppliers of wood.

Decorative plants add beautiful accents of green in the interior of the house

Kids games special decoration effects

Especially local builders and architects. The event focuses mainly on the construction of casinos. Basically, creativity and fun for children to take. This particular case was created from spruce wood pieces. In a general way, with very few materials that does not affect the end result. It is an interesting and funny project in all its dimensions. As we can see, two wooden boxes are connected by a bridge.

Playhouse with comfortable furniture and storage space at the base

Kids Games levels network ideas

A perfect idea to add it to children’s games. Children can train and play on the bridge. The string structure makes the bridge twice as fun. Horizontal wood climbing is also a fun component of the overall design. This project was introduced three years ago by McFarlane Biggar Architects and Designers. When it comes to playhouses with forms minimalist David Lamolla’s Smart Playhouse is a great example.

View from the inside to the top floor with the network

Kids Games Round Room Superior

Its design and style are mainly inspired by Japanese architecture. With simple, practical and very versatile design forms. If desired, it can be placed perfectly in a backyard. On all those with modern designs. Thanks to its resistant outer layer, it is not affected by the rain. There are two different versions of this house of games. The first one is the one presenting a single volume. The second one is much bigger.

House of Games with special shapes and designs for courtyards

Kids Games Styles creative houses lawn

Its structure is based on two levels connected by a staircase. One striking aspect undoubtedly are the windows and other openings of the house. His geometric shapes make him look even more extravagant. In the case of the door, a safety mechanism is important to prevent damage to the fingers of the children. Inside it is not small but the fun is guaranteed. As in the previous cases, a table and several chairs are perfect for any project.

Plants applied in decoration on the outside of the house of games

Kids Games wooden slats black

Other storage rooms were also taken into account in this unique playhouse. As for playgrounds and houses for playgrounds, Hip Proyectos introduces another concept of great novelty. The Play Modern Cuba in its two variants with features such as versatility. They are flexible casinos that we can redesign according to our needs.

Playhouse with natural wood slats in a light tone, McFarlane Biggar Architects

Fun outdoor playgrounds of course

We can simply restructure it if we want to change the picture or adapt it to a larger number of children. In general, modular game houses are another way to bring fun to the center of attention. An important aspect is that this product respects the environment. Plywood uses plywood. The aluminum is used in the handrails and can be fully recycled.

Functional in two sections that guarantee fun for the little ones at home

Kids Games Ropes Bridge materials

The configuration for children’s games can be endless. Even if this is the case, we can reshape it with two-tier structures. The upper part will have its cover for the roof. If we keep the one-story version, children can enjoy a terrace. In both models we can have different structures for indoor and outdoor use. To increase the fun in the houses of the games, we can use other accessories.

Options for games and fun connect the two areas of the House of Games

Children's games wooden slats hanging fountains

The sandboxes or slides are just a few of them that make the games more attractive to children. Tree houses are options that may be similar in terms of fun. This is an important aspect for adults and children. Both options were combined through the study of Sharon Davis. The idea of ​​the architects was to design space as a multipurpose structure on two levels. In general, its three hundred and fifty square meters will always be a perfect match to any backyard.

Vertical shapes are integrated into the landscape around this modern playhouse

Playgrounds Plant Gardens Gardens

Access is another aspect that makes this playhouse a fun place. A climbing net allows you to enter from the ground. When you go in, you see a steel slide that is the perfect link between the two levels. To descend from the playhouse, the children can even use the rods in the style of fire stations. An open space with mesh walls is not only in a tree, but also charming.

This string bridge is an adventure that makes the games very entertaining

Hammock special creative room pictures

Children can enjoy beautiful views depending on the location of the house. A similar design was built by Verner Architects combined playground structures. From a house in a tree, the whole structure is supported by thin pillars. Its wooden cladding makes the playhouse perfectly integrated into the environment. As it is processed in wood, it looks very cozy and fresh.

Another fully functional design with metal stairs and wooden floors

Edges estimates boxes shelves stairs

A candle for shade on the balcony is the perfect complement to create shade

Lawn variants furniture styles candle

You can not miss the tables and chairs for different games

Wooden slats made of clear wood

We can Take advantage of every corner we have in the backyard

circular special window modern railings

The geometric shapes are the attractive element of this beautiful design by David Lamolla

Drawings lines styles variations shapes

The structure of the walls guarantees a reasonable entrance of natural light

geometric effects abundant colors pictures

We can add additional modules to the original higher height design

Images shelves environments solutions lines

The house will be an interesting addition with decorative effect for modern gardens

Lights courtyards corners nights element

Thanks to the wheels on the base, it can be adapted to terraces or anywhere

Sample solutions vary styles soils

They can be the perfect place to create a cozy corner for reading

Chairs furniture room pictures readings

model Modern on the ground floor with high folding walls

two elegant levels furniture pictures

A network at the base is perfect for any kind of playground, Sharon Davis design

Lines Spaces Materials Sources Network

The slide is a fun component that makes this house the perfect place for the day

Network houses shelves windows metals

A modular version with a terrace that integrates perfectly with any garden

modular type special houses materials

Variant with modules added to the sides of the house, Huffts Projects

Ideas Material Colors Balconies

Another of the models with flexible designs that we can configure in the backyard

Furniture chairs with special configurations

In the same way they are ideal for the interiors of each house

Wood shelves salons styles tables

If our patio is small, this playhouse is the perfect choice

natural pictures special spaces grass

The wood in a dark tone blends harmoniously into the design

Armchair materials Amdera lawn concepts


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