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Interior design and intelligent storage – Yojigen Poketto by Elii

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When it comes to interior design, placing storage space is a high priority. The solutions to organize and maintain our home as minimalist as possible define modern spaces today.

So we have a great example of an interior design created by the architectural firm Elii that is currently working on this topic. The design was Within from an apartment of about 33 square meters.

Interior design and intelligent storage

Interior wooden table sinks

To make the most of every corner of the home, every area of ​​the home has absolute functionality. This beautiful square in Madrid, Spain, consists of two levels. What is striking, however, are the creative possibilities in terms of memory that characterize it. Just when entering the apartment, the use of a mirror is the first impression.

Interior modern mirror

Both the ceiling and the walls are several located. The entire concept of interior design was conceived around an open space. Highlighting the kitchen with the contrast of the blue cabinets in a light tone, in addition to the use of wood on the walls. To start creating the storerooms, the entire area that makes up the bedroom has been washed.

spacious storage furniture interior

Leave the lower part as a handy place to store everything you need. It does not become visible and is virtually unnoticed as it does not affect the overall appearance of the apartment. The interesting thing is that you only used the storage units for the bedroom.

Platform bed wood clear

With great ingenuity Elii has transformed her into stairs that lead us directly to the bedroom and the bathroom. Always privacy is a recurring theme in interior design. Here better than the solutions for the part of the bedroom was the option of the curtain. A simple and colorful design that guarantees some privacy.

Interior painting white walls

It’s not strange to not have the traditional bedside tables in the room. It’s just the wooden shelf that takes care of it. It acts as a perfect bedside table with a place for everything that comes to your mind. On the side of the bedroom is the door leading to the bathroom.

Interior design with beautiful wooden surfaces and bright colors

Memory stepped Kitchen Modern

Here to the obvious problem of privacy He was treated differently. A partially sanded glass wall allows the use of natural light. At the same time, this glass allows some privacy in the bathroom environment. It is very interesting how this room was distributed.

contarstes-color wood white

At the other end is the shower and what is the bathtub that is underground. The whole concept that worked for the apartment in terms of storage is summarized in the name of the project “Yojigen Poketto”. A name taken from the anime character Doraemon and his magic bag.

Furniture oculatos-abiertos drawers

Basically, the treatment of this aspect of the design can be summarized in the removable elements. As well as in the hatches, which are almost secret. Used for many of the functional objects in this house. The whole strategy is based on the use of high and flat. It is exactly what has made it possible to use not only the square meters, but also the cubic ones.

Shelves-open walls wood

When the entire horizontal plane is analyzed, the split is in the form of an L that forms the service module. Then a much more open and wide central area. It is in the service area, where a space was dedicated to the entire relaxation area. The entire main room opens directly to the balconies and windows.

Drawer Kitchen Modern concept

This is another benefit that consolidates the luminous and comprehensive impact of the overall concept. If we look closely, we see that this very distribution allows you to organize your whole life in the apartment according to your needs. At the same time, the spaces of common use and private spaces are clearly separated from each other.

Bathroom compact-modern-yellow

The pictures show how the most intimate areas are less visible. They are in some way protected from the views of the entrance. The other of the advantages of this project, as already mentioned, is the height classification. Look, it looks perfect because the kitchen and the place to rest are ninety inches higher.

Details-walls-white uniforms

What makes them a continuous surface that visually connects the kitchen table. The change in height emphasizes the difference of environments. At the same time it creates the required space in a compact and simple way. As an example, we have discussed the shower tray and its variation in depth like a bathtub.

Picture Bathroom modern-functional

At the same time, an entire mobile conductor module connects the two heights. While we have discovered the secret storage hatches. The entire furniture system is integrated but absolutely flexible. That’s the way it is Yojigen Poketto hides each of its functional elements.

Surface White-room bathroom

When we supplement all this with wood and light mint surfaces, the use of natural light is absolute. It is a combination that always increases the brightness in interior design. The flexibility in the furniture is another plus that ensures the best use of space. In the kitchen at the table is the best example. All openings in different parts of the module and the furniture make it possible to improve the sense of space.

Effects Use Room facilities

It is effective thanks to the way in which the views are crossed inside. In addition to the differentiation by levels, the interiors have their own personality. This thanks to the surfaces and the use of different materials. The living room has a linoleum floor in contrast to the wood used in the relaxation area. The first material that is best in terms of strength and versatility.

Space-segmented-life interior

Plant design surface created

Segments Windows parts storage

View head-space storage


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