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Interior decoration – two examples of mixing industrial and rustic styles

rustic house
In interior design, the creative approach of designers often creates unusual but successful and attractive mixes of familiar styles. The exclusive use of a prevailing style in the interior is no longer fashionable.

Basket with fruits

However, the search for syncretism in design is not trend New. The challenge of reconciling two or more different styles seduces many contemporary designers and artists from various art fields. Not only is it possible to create something completely new, based on familiar styles that have stood the test of time, but sometimes surprisingly good results.

Growers rustic
In this article we will present two examples of interior design where two of the most modern designs are mixed today: the industrial and the rustic.

Decoration inner wall industry

The mix of styles in the interior

At first glance, these two styles seem quite difficult, if not impossible, to combine by their opposite properties. Even their names evoke two completely different worlds. The adjective rustic it means land, rural, while industry is connected with the city and the production factories.

Kitchen rustic-industrial
But let’s take a closer look at what each style consists of. On the one hand is the notion of modern rustic style (a term that has become very popular) that implies rustic charm and warmth combined with modern comfort.

Dining room, rustic-industrial

The modern rustic style – definition

The key to a modern rustic space is maintaining and exposing an open floor plan, modern furniture and natural architectural elements. The color scheme is very simple, natural colors dominate like natural wood, green and dark red, beige and the other neutral colors.

Kitchen rustic-from-wood

The large windows that open onto a natural landscape are characteristic of the style. This style has an informal elegance and the message he conveys sounds like this: live a comfortable and modern life in harmony with nature!

Interior sofa

Wood and raw stone

This is perhaps the most important feature of a modern country house. Lovers of this style want to bring nature into their homes. If it is an old house, it is important to preserve the character and the original architectural details. When a new one is built, its beams can be left blank and reclaimed wood used or a stone fireplace can be incorporated into the design.

decorating ideas

When choosing this style of interior design, you should never forget the fifth wall: the ceiling. A-shaped houses with wood-paneled ceilings are very popular.

interior decoration

Interior decoration – industrial style

It is a trend in interior decoration that finds inspiration in old factories and industrial spaces. These rooms have been converted into modern houses in recent years. The industrial style is characterized by the use of eroded wood, building systems, visual stone, industrial lighting and concrete.

industrial interior decoration
The most commonly used decorative elements are exposed brick, pipes, concrete floors, large windows. The design elements and materials used give the room an unfinished feeling. The color palette includes natural and neutral colors, but mostly cold.
Interior Balustrade
In the gallery of photos that we present to you today, we see a splendid mixture of these two styles: the modern rustic and the industrial. You will be surprised how harmonious this interior looks like and the question will be asked: Is a new style created in the interior? and if so, what’s the name of it – rustic industrial or industrial rustic?
Interior decoration detail
The modern country-style d├ęcor blends with the industrial style of living. The combination of rustic furniture with accents and industrial ideas gives an interesting contrast. The concrete floors and recovered metal are interspersed with the warm shades of wood and natural rattan. We have selected two solid examples here.

industrial-modern interior

Of the two examples that can be seen here, one is an attic that looks as if almost everything is lost in it, and newly found objects or perhaps salvaged from an abandoned industrial building.

Bathroom rustic-industrial

The other house is impregnated with tradition, there are many decorative pieces designed especially for the room, but juxtaposed by concrete and modern style. See how the balance between industrial and rustic style was created to achieve something original and interesting. And why not put this way a new trend in the interior?

Interior decoration loft

Hanging lamps and rattan baskets form an eclectic mix of concrete walls and recycled wood furniture.

Baskets of Ratan

The low bed and frameless mirror provide the necessary comfort without compromising the naturalness of the design.

Bedroom interior

The living room and the kitchen are on an open floor plan.

rustic interior decoration

The greyish colors and industrial rustic decor create a surreal feeling.

Salon for interior decoration

The beamed ceiling and wooden walls, together with the leather carpet, add the warmth of a rustic style.

Bedroom rustic contemporary

With its industrial design, the small loft looks bigger than it really is.

Industry leader

Wood and concrete in cooperation.

Staircase rustic

The stove with the old portrait leaves a Bohemian atmosphere of Brincipios of the last century.


Natural materials and sunlight, what more do we want from an interior design?

Lamp hanging rustic


A soft design desk to awaken the imagination of your user.

wood furniture

Home Office rustic

Door rustic

Design chair


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