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Inspiration for Bricks wall in home textile

I am pleased to see you back with a new blog post for a start. This time it is the theme “brick wall in decoration”. I like this topic a lot.

Wall living room TV mounted Image source of Valerie Pasquiou interiors

beautiful porch was built from the same bricks that are on the walls Image source of Max Crosby Construction

I think bricks give a room a stamp and a charm, like a facade. Whether it’s a whole wall or just a pan, the result is often breathtaking. The presence of bricks works with many styles: industrial, collectibles, but bricks also perfect in an elegant white decoration.

Brick allows fantasies: stripping, bleaching, painting, sometimes even painting. Here is a selection of the most beautiful rooms in brick to give you some ideas. If you do not have the opportunity to have a real brick wall in your house, you can opt for plasterboard wall pads. There are now even textured wallpaper models that reflect this material quite well.

It was for the visit!

A beautiful atypical room with this seating area and its clear brick wall accented with an old school card. The detail of the stained glass on the window is highlighted in this card by the colors blue and yellow.

Beautiful space, unique seating and light bricks wall Image source of Avenue lifestyle

Heartbeat to this harmonious room in a New York loft spirit. The presence of bed linen in bright tones to the highlights and a pretty wreath of tavern style soften the raw materials.

Pear fairy lights indoor

Here only a part of the brick wall was stripped to create a surface roughness. The rest of the room is white. The combination of colors is perfect.

Section of the wall in Scandinavian studio apartment Image source of Alvhem Makleri

This pretty wooden deck was installed in front of the brick wall of the house. The presence of the wrought-iron canopy gives this small room an authentic tone.

Wooden deck installed in front of the wall Image source of Côte Maison

Industrial atmosphere for this outdoor dining room, with light suspensions, Tolix chairs, solid wood and metal table and the large blackboard.

Outdoor industrial dining room Image source of Bright Bazaar Blog

The staircase in brick is highlighted here by the immaculate whiteness of the staircase and a beautiful lighting of all.

Brickwork Stair Design Image source of Homedit

Here’s a nice white washhouse-open kitchen with vintage stools and kitchen shelves.

White Wash Brick Open Kitchen, Vintage Yello Stool Image source of Hallys, Parsons Green, Restaurant

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