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Innovative materials of design in the 21st century

innovative materials corian futuristic design

Innovative materials for your modern interior design

The design today is associated with a lot of dynamism and experimentation. In addition to the shapes, colors and lines, the selected materials also play a very important role.

Some of these very innovative materials, most of them the character of 21st century furniture.

We want to deal with now.


Methacrylic plays a very important role among the innovative materials. Its application does not have too much history. It dates back to the beginning of our decade. Thanks to its great properties, it offers virtually endless possibilities in terms of form and color.

Designers love it because it does not limit their imagination

innovative materials methacrylic plastic

acrylic glass

In the second place, we would like to introduce you today to the Plexiglas among the innovative materials. This is transparent acrylic glass. It has been known since 1933, but has been used intensively in the production of furniture for several years. Many decorative elements are created from it.

Particularly transparent designer furniture made of this material looks dazzling

innovative materials plexiglas designer chairs transparent colorful

Lightness in appearance, perfection in design

innovative materials plexiglass transparent coffee table

Carbon fibers

This is one of the innovative materials that are also widely used in the automotive industry. It consists of carbon atoms, which are connected by crystals. The material is characterized by great strength and rigidity. It is noble, has a high price, but allows the designers the most complicated configurations.

The new alternative of wicker furniture

innovative materials plastic fibers black

This material is even used for making bathtubs

innovative materials carbon fibers bathtub


Next we would like to introduce you to the innovative materials with Wood-Skin. It is also very firm. It also has the typical characteristics of traditional architectural materials and the flexibility of textiles. That’s why you create unique interior design elements.

They always impress by their appearance particularly strong and permanently provide an interesting appearance

innovative materials office furnishing wood skin

Optimal flexibility and warm, pleasant feel

innovative materials wood skin


Some of the futuristic furniture has been created from this innovative material. It has been known since 1967 and uses it intensively in the 21st century. It is flexible and difficult to break. It is especially popular with some world famous designers. One of them is Zaha Hadid.

Corian and futuristic design go hand in hand

innovative materials corian patented

This innovative material is especially used in kitchen equipment

innovative materials corian kitchen equipment complete

Synthetic resins

The most innovative materials include synthetic resins. You can also achieve the most peculiar shapes with these. S

They can also be dyed in a variety of nuances

innovative materials synthetic resins


But you are a little surprised, right? Yes, cardboard is one of the innovative materials that characterizes the character of furniture in the 21st century. Through special processing you can make really good and strong furniture.

You can also afford a lot of variety in colors and shapes

innovative materials cardboard chairs

Laocoon is the name of this amazing textile

innovative materials laocoon fabric

Objects from Laocoon look particularly fairytale and imaginative

innovative materials laokoon textiles

Cocoon Polymer – another magical material for your interior design and furniture

innovative materials cocoon polymer bedroom


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