Indoor vertical gardens – decorate offices with nature

vertical gardens inside

Many of us spend most of our time in an interior office. We personalize our desks and workspaces with things that make our stay a little more comfortable, with articles that motivate us and photos that remind us of the people we love.

We can even buy ergonomic chairs and Pilates balls for a healthier work style. But the latest innovation is the vertical indoor gardens for offices; either decorative or room divider.

Vertical gardens and moss panels for soundproof workspaces

vertical interior gardens

Plants are another healthy supplement for interior offices. There are some varieties that help purify the air we breathe, which is especially beneficial if you work in the electronics industry and manage computers and so on.

vertical interior gardens

However, with limited desktop space, we often have to give up plants in pots, but not the vertical indoor gardens.

vertical indoor gardens for offices

The vertical indoor gardens can be easily integrated into a work space to bring beauty, style and cleanliness to the air without disturbing it. They do not have to be big, expensive or take time to look after them.

vertical gardens for offices

In fact, one of the most popular indoor plant species is the spider plant. It grows well inside or outside as long as you provide them with a source of light, and it does not have to be much. It’s one of the best plants to clean the air inside, and it’s not expensive.

Vertical indoor gardens – offices and public areas

vertical gardens for offices and offices

Although it prefers regular irrigation, it does not require drainage, making it the perfect candidate for living walls. It also means that you do not have to be so consistent with your irrigation program (if you forget it). Spider plants are also good at storing water at their roots when they need it.

vertical gardens to decorate offices

It is an easy-to-maintain plant that can grow quickly under ideal conditions and form new baby spider plants that can then be cut and rooted in their own burrow.

vertical garden to decorate offices

When they mature, they form a dense cluster of long leaves that can often completely cover a small pot.

vertical garden to decorate the office

This is another reason why people use spider plants in the vertical indoor gardens; it can eventually hide its growing structure, making it look like there is a whole living wall.

Great designs of vertical gardens for offices and interiors

vertical garden for office

Are you ready for a green decoration of the next level? You can create an attractive green space by investing in one vertical garden. A vertical garden is a decorative and planned collection of plants placed in a structure that is both aesthetically and functionally used.

beautiful vertical garden for office

The advantages of vertical gardens are the improvement of air quality, an impressive aesthetic appearance in the workspace or a whole building, nature brings back to urban areas, homes or offices that strengthen morale, etc. The outer vertical panels can reduce the temperature of the wall , which leads to a reduction of the air. They also help reduce noise levels in buildings by blocking high-frequency noise and ensuring privacy.

super vertical garden for office

No matter what size of wall you want to beautify, there is a vertical garden that is suitable for you. There is a wide selection of designs in different sizes to meet your needs and varieties of beautiful plants. Each product has an integrated irrigation system that requires a minimum of irrigation, requires no electricity and is easy to maintain.

original vertical garden for office

If you love nature, why not bring an extension of nature into your personal space? You can use the live image instead of a wall painting because it is a work of art in constant change. Choose a vertical garden platform with a sturdy frame and removable boxes that give you the ability to rearrange the plants for a different look as often as you like.

vertical moss garden for office

The acoustic panels of Moss They are ideal for use in offices and meeting rooms to reduce noise. They can also filter toxins from the air while they are virtually maintenance free. These plates are made of Reno moss (Cladonia stellaris), which is hygroscopic. It has no roots and absorbs moisture and nutrients through the air. The sound absorption is produced using the natural properties of soothing sound absorption, the acoustic moss has a nominal absorption of .95 sabin at 5000 Hz. It filters the airborne toxins and the dust of the air through a constant cycle of absorption and release. Moss colors are permanently sealed in a completely natural mineral process. This will prevent the moss from becoming discolored and discolored for an indefinite period of time.

Space-separating blinds covered with natural moss

Moss curtains for office

Live divider or divider of green environments: the living divider is a divider of space that has plants on both sides. You can attach it to the floor permanently or leave it for mobility. It provides visual privacy, blocks noise and provides a soothing and beautiful space in your home or office.

Living wall panels for decorating rooms

Live Panels

A living panel is an inner or outer living wall for new or existing buildings. This option is a series of panels mounted on the surface of a structure and supported by an aluminum frame. It has an irrigation and drainage system that helps the plants thrive. It’s perfect to bring nature back into the urban space, to cover the buildings with live graffiti, to give a new face to an old building or to beautify any structure.

Live plates with moss

Do you know, an office or office should have vertical indoor gardens; Thus, beauty and clean air in the work areas is guaranteed and the disturbing noise is reduced.

Conference room with green panel

Office with plants

green wall with moss in the common area


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