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Incredible images of embedded designs and functional solutions

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The need to save space at home is very common nowadays and that’s why we bring you some incredible pictures with some solutions for it.

As space is saved, each of these spaces remains elegant and functional. To take advantage of every corner, the possibilities of built-in furniture and some multifunctional are excellent ideas. There are a variety of options, as we see in these incredible pictures. These proposals are among talented designers, but they can easily be adapted to our needs.

Incredible pictures of multifunctional home designs

incredible pictures modern functional environments wines

In our collection of incredible images, this wall, dedicated to the storage of wine, is very eye-catching. Especially since there is no ordinary storage space with shelves and bottles. It’s a very fresh design by Teresa Sapey Studio, in which I prefer to create these cutouts with a circular shape. Its decorative effect is used at the same time for the storage of wine bottles.

Incredible images of designs to store wines and other functions

incredible pictures wine bottles shelves materials

A similar proposal can be complex to imitate, but there are several possibilities. With a little creativity you can make the same holes as a niche, but for a single bottle as in the case of the top picture.

Use the entire worktop with great creativity and practical design solutions

incredible pictures storage box tables

Another of our incredible images is S-Box, a system developed for ascending energy as an energy source. It is an elegant and practical integration and will be on hand when needed. While not in use, it stays flush with the surface and leaves room for any activity.

Another idea for worktops that serve to store knives

incredible pictures furniture storage knives

One of the pages is devoted to the knives and the other to the spices used in the kitchen

Incredible pictures side buttons spices doors

In all these incredible pictures, we can see how similar systems can be applied to kitchens as in the past. Maybe this is the room where we can make the most of it. Because variants are very common Storage for knives or to save species. Each of them can adapt to the size of our kitchen and our needs.

Another easy and very practical way to place knives on countertops

incredible pictures slots put knives walls

This worktop, designed and manufactured by DeVos Custom Woodworking, is designed for storage in the same way. The knives are prepared for storage with a simple cut on the worktop. In this way, these utensils are organized and the security is greater.

Original wooden segment on a black worktop as a variant to the previous idea

Incredible images order kitchen furniture

A similar idea in these incredible pictures is the proposal of the designer Laure Guillelmi. Especially for kitchens with a modern design, where the knives are placed in the corner of the worktop. As a special feature must be mentioned that each of them has independent slots for their storage.

Variation on a semi-rounded island made of wood and with the concrete-like texture

incredible pictures round island furniture kitchen parts

These incredible pictures prove that a built-in space for knives can be very useful. It is about achieving greater efficiency in the use of space and organization. That means a cleaner kitchen and it works. If you like the minimalist look, this variant can adapt perfectly.

On this wooden island a whole corner is used, but with independent slots

Incredible pictures integrated storage island doors

When it comes to a worktop made of wood, this type of knife organization looks good. Simply analyze if it is a detail that is easy to see in the kitchen. We just have to spend a little corner for it.

Marble countertop with areas for tableware types and everything you need

incredible pictures marble room counter elegant spies

Following the kitchen, an island is a good resource for integrated storage options. There are no limits and these incredible pictures are the proof. Spices, utensils or accessories can be organized in this way.

Sliding model that recognizes the memory locations in the lower part

incredible pictures slide worktop knife spices

This sliding worktop design reveals a tray that has been incorporated for spices and knives. While you can hide the sink and make the kitchen look more beautiful and aesthetic. When we remove it, we have access to a large work area where we start to cook.

Embedded benches are another popular option in modern spaces

incredible pictures built-in bench luminous dining room

Designed by architect Cary Bernstein, Portrero House is an example of bright and spacious space. This goal was achieved through the use of one unit Wall that contains the devices. At the same time, a bench in the window helps to optimize the dining area and open shelves.

Functional bench in a wall with fireplace which also contains storage

Department chimney bank sentrase modern Dimes Lena

Another of the unbelievable pictures of open designs is this residence in Switzerland. The best option to separate the areas is this fireplace. It acts as a partition, while a bench was built in the dining room. In order to maintain functionality in the wall itself, an opening was provided for storing the firewood on one side. On the other hand, K_M Architecture has left the room for meetings or rest.

Bench with upholstered backrest and storage solutions in the base of the model

Bank interior fitting contemporary style art

When it comes to minimalism, this house designed by Robson Rak is a great example. When you look at the countertops, the built-in sinks keep a picture of clean and minimalist lines.

It extends to the dining area as another option for seats in the house

Dining room Etension bench comfortable wood styles

A second detail is the built-in tank, which combines both areas with great elegance and harmony. It is a comfortable model, very harmonious with the contemporary design of this interior. In general, it fits the design of the whole house.

One of the ways to use the corners is just this type of furniture

Bench blue recessed open space lines tables

The bank owns the special image of these industrial chairs and the artistic details

elegant conraste industrial armchair elegant parts

In our incredible pictures, this loft designed by Mad in New York contains another bench. It is a built-in model for a corner that completes the L-shape of the dining room. The combination with the wooden table is very harmonious. At the same time it is contrasted with art objects and chairs with industrial aesthetics.

Storage and seating for a small but very functional house

Memory bank built small functional house

Large windows are a good idea to use the natural light in the dining room

Wood countertops smart glasses

When it comes to small spaces, you have to get the most out of every square meter. This is the maxim of this holiday home designed by Peter Jungmann. The built-in elements complete the style. Despite its unusual shape, it is a cozy and practical house.

Design of a dining room with another built-in bench and wooden surfaces in the furniture

built-in diner bench special cozy styles

The lighting completes the elegance of this design in every dining area

Built-in bench led lights built-in walls

Studio LAB follows the same aesthetics of built-in furniture to make room in this New York apartment. With space restrictions for a living room or dining room, the best thing was to take advantage of this unit. An integrated bench is the best way to add extra seating to the dining room and gain a few square meters.

Various embedded solutions for a very bright housing open plan

Built-in bench living room dining room wood

The same applies to a design by Sarah Gallop Design, in which functionality and comfort are in the foreground. Here we also rely on a built-in tank for the dining room. The expansion of wood on the island is an easy way to create an elegant and fresh bar.

Take a closer look at the corners in the kitchen area for a functional dining room

Corner bench flower beds dining room

Built-in breakfast bars in commercial kitchens are ideal when it comes to open plans. The photo shows an apartment of RAAD Studio. This modern environment is full of beauty and very welcoming. The green of the plants near the windows fills it with life and originality.

Directly under an accent wall creating incredible contrasts with modern furniture

Kitchen bench taken in corners modern lines

The same design line is followed by Cecconi Simone with its open kitchen and minimalist style. The big island complements perfectly with the round table. As an important detail, the built-in bank offers plenty of storage space in its base.

A very unusual handrail on a wall and a marble staircase full of elegance

Marble marble railing interior concepts

Another interesting design in these incredible pictures is Canyon House. Aaron Neubert Architects makes the wall the perfect place for an unusual handrail. A slot carved into the wall instead of the traditional design attached to it has changed the overall picture of this room.

Another handrail with an industrial image combining wood and the use of metals

Railing industry embedded wall glasses lamparas

This option also guarantees a staircase with minimalist and elegant lines

modern image industrial special ideas walls

Integrated into the wall, Stuart Silk Architects shows us another handrail integrated into the wall. Designed for the Lake Cove residence, this style makes the stairway a bit different and with a very elegant touch of sophistication.

Use LED lights to change the aesthetics of modern stair design

Handrail lights recessed bridge styles

Although it is a narrow staircase, the lighting ensures high functionality

LED light effect concepts closing furniture

In terms of railing, another of the incredible pictures is that of the designs with recessed lighting. Work of Architect Paulo David Each design is personalized with a completely different accent lighting. In addition to the aesthetic factor, this is very helpful in practice. Often it is common to find stairs with little natural light. As well as the tight and closed at the sides.

A similar case, but in which a marble wall is used for the handrail

Marble modern stable concepts railing lines

Quinn Architects follows the aesthetics of illuminated handrails. Excellent effect thanks to a marble coating. Everything together is elegant and highly functional.

You can not miss the opportunities of using wood for natural environments

Wooden handrails embedded natural designs

Not only in the living world, there are great examples of these railings. The Bloomberg office in Hong Kong is another of those incredible pictures. It’s a pretty simple design made by Neri & Hu and dedicated to wood. All carvings were done on the wall, using the natural and warm effect of the wall.

Two ways of working for different purposes, but very useful in housing

Sources Concepts Ideas Styles Outdoor Shelves

The potential of open shelves is known to all and can be used in many rooms of the house. In this room installation shelves are used, which are useful for many of our accessories. It is always an idea that is applicable to every home and that can be considered in any renovation. The same thing happens with the chimneys, which, as we have seen, can be supplemented by the storage rooms for the firewood. This saves a lot of space, regardless of the size of our house.

The rooms under the stairs are an inexhaustible source of possibilities inside

White bench lit up small stairs

A shelf that offers space in the modern kitchen for everything you want

black white kitchen objects walls modern accents

The bathroom is another perfect space for creative solutions that make it comfortable

incredible bathroom options styles color plants dec oratives

Multifunctional island especially, which integrates a whole bench for the dining area

Island bank separator dining room wood

Wall on one side of a staircase where accessories and various details can be placed

Sidewalls styles concepts black specials

An easy and practical way to have an organized and elegant office

Office apartment shelves white collected carpets

A shoe that goes almost unnoticed and has a great importance in design

Shoemaker different low wood concepts parts

Keep the wine in an area that is always accessible to us

small storage wine walls pillows

A built-in wardrobe that houses a small cozy reading area

Corner furniture wall units walls pictures


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