In Paris: Bianca Lee Vasquez and her lock made of cloth

Presentation Bianca Lee Vasquez

While in many Parisian apartments you get claustrophobic from the crowds, in Bianca Lee Vasquez’s loft-like living space near the Opéra you feel that the room itself is breathing. This openness reflects the personality of the beautiful multimedia artist. “We wanted to live in a house where all the rooms are connected, bright and flexible. Therefore, we have torn the walls from the bedrooms to the living room. And the ceiling over the kitchen. “Through curtains, the light-filled white loft can be divided into individual rooms.

Bianca Lee Vasquez Bianca Lee Vasquez

Bianca’s clothing fits in with the furnishing concept on this day. A window opens up to her skin on her back, creating dynamism and suspense in a pure white outfit (blouse by Alexander Wang, jeans by April77, loafers by Céline).

Air and light

You feel free in your castle of fabric, air and light. Although everything is thought out and nothing is left to chance. “Fabric is so cozy and you can do so much with it: walls, rooms and cabinets,” enthuses Bianca. She had a huge selection of curtains and rugs: her husband, Vincent Frey, is a member of the Paris interior design firm Pierre Frey. The apartment of the two formerly served the company as a fabric warehouse.

Bianca Lee Vasquez

Behind every pattern is a story. The carpet on the upper floor was specially made in his special pink. The cloth door in front of the walk-in closet in the bathroom has a pastel pattern, because Bianca reminds the colors and the palm trees of their native Miami. “So I pass the winter in Paris. I lie down in the bathtub and look at the palm trees. That helps against homesickness. ”

Limited and heirlooms

After 08/15 interior design solutions, the loft with its five-meter-high ceilings is in vain. Many pieces of furniture are limited editions by young designers, such as Peter Marigold’s Split Box Shelves: a charming shelf of planks, nails and logs. The armchairs and chairs by Jacque Charpentier and René Herbst are heirlooms.

Bianca Lee Vasquez

Ambra Meddas “L’Arcobaleno” is Bianca’s favorite find pit on the internet. For weeks she was looking for a flamingo for an installation there. And then happened to find the stuffed beautiful bird in an antique shop around the corner. “When I was little, everyone called me Flamingo. In my native Cuba, there are many different types of it. It makes me feel very much attached to these animals. “In addition to the flamingo, her boxing sculptures also stand out. “I made these boxing sculptures out of threads and vintage jewelry, using the theme of pregnancy. I had just stopped working in the Chanel knitting studio and used leftover material for these boxes, “says Bianca.

Bianca Lee Vasquez

But how do you get into the famous Chanel knitting studio as an artist?

A life in transition

Bianca Lee Vasquez studied painting and modern dance in Miami until she moved to New York to drama school. From lack of money, the actress became assistant to a fashion designer. She fell in love with a Frenchman in Miami, moved to Paris for him, and made a detour to Chanel. After a few years, she left the studio to return to art and spend more time with her two sons. “My dream is to lose myself time and time again and again in order to be able to structure my life and my work from scratch,” says Bianca.

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