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Ideas to decorate a chill-style terrace

Ideas to decorate a modern terrace

When designing our homes, it is easy to think of the essential spaces we need: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room … but sometimes we can forget the space we most need: the terrace or the terrace.

Of course, we want our homes generally to feel relaxed, but you can integrate or create extra spaces, corners, and retreats outside the home that really invite you to escape the stress of work and family life. Today we want to show you great ideas to decorate a chill-out terrace.

Original ideas for the decoration of a chill-style terrace

Ideas to decorate a chilled terrace

Whether it’s a comfortable armchair next to the pool pavilion, here you can be inspired for those moments when you really just need the perfect place to rest, put your feet up and drink a glass of wine.

Original garden decoration with fireplace

beautiful decoration garden fireplace

Install a garden bed in front of your house and you will find that you have a large relaxation area in your own garden. Make sure to create a cozy corner with comfortable pillows and a throw rug for the cooler morning.

Wooden pergola decorated with blue pillows

pretty pergola with blue pillows

Even you can place a bed the length of a room to create a really attractive space to retire. Due to the size it is a great place for children and for hanging out. Add a selection of colorful and textured ottomans for even more options.

Nice terrace in a cool style with wooden furniture

nice terrace with cool wood furniture

Add a chaise longue. You can achieve an impressive effect by simply adding a chaise longue under an unused area of ​​the window. By adding elements such as an elegant floor lamp, a table full side with a floor as well as a cozy rug, Estra helps to turn the area into a space dedicated to their own relaxation.

Large patio decoration in Moroccan style

Patio decoration Moroccan style

The creation of the perfect place to relax often does not come from big renovations and expensive furniture; You just have to keep your eyes open to find an ideal location. If you have a large garden, take a walk to find a place with a “zen” and calm atmosphere. Then you just need a simple wooden bench, on which you can sit and think.

Beautiful decoration of the modern terrace

modern patio decoration

You can create a reading corner in your garden. All you need is a well-lit area, add a nice and comfortable chair, and maybe a side table, and voila! A cozy reading area. If the room is more open, add a work of art and a console with some decorative elements to give the area a defined presence.

Beautiful decoration in ethnic style with textures

Ethnic style textures decoration

Make the most of the view. Comfortable chairs and an ottoman for tired legs is all you need when the view is as inviting as this one. Do not forget a few carpets for the extra dose of warmth and comfort underfoot and a side table for a glass of wine or a beer in the afternoon.

Original Patio Decoration Design with Pool

Chill patio patio decoration

Create a free TV zone. Most living rooms are comfortable enough, but generally all have a TV. You can imagine how much more relaxed you are knitting the evenings, board games will be wondering, spending, reading or just watching, instead of being hypnotized by the television, cell phone, computer or iPad.

Large, modern chill-style terrace

Super terrace style chill

Add one Library . To realize the previous idea, you can add shelves to your free TV area.

Great oriental patio decoration

great oriental decoration

Arrange a comfortable decoration in your Pergola of garden. If you have a pergola, gazebo or porch, do not hesitate to accommodate them to welcome your guests in the afternoon sun.

Large terrace with chill out decoration

Super terrace decor chill

This pavilion is ideal for the whole year. Fill it with pillows and some colorful blankets if it refreshes. And in the winter thick curtains, high chairs and a central gas fireplace.

Great ideas to decorate a chill-style terrace

great ideas to decorate a terrace

Turn an uncomfortable room into a comfort zone. The cave under the stairs, next to the fence or under the tree can be perfect areas for a chillout-style decoration.

Original design of the modern teak terrace

Teak patio modern garden

These are some of our ideas to decorate a patio, now you can see more pictures in our gallery, enjoy the tour and be sure to visit our website soon.

Original chill out style patio decoration

Original decoration plants cactus

Original chill-style modern terrace decoration

Original decoration terrace chill

Original terrace decoration chill-out style

Original decorations terrace refrigerated cabinets

Beautiful terrace in chill out style

Nice terrace in a chilled style

Original Patio Design with boho style decoration

Patio garden decoration boho

Super chill-out style, small patio design

small terrace in chill style

Original ideas for the design of a terrace in the chill-out style

Ideas to decorate a chill-style terrace

Original Chill Out style terrace design

Patio Terrace Chill Out Style

Super modern garden design with pergola

Pergola garden mattress white

Great ideas to decorate a chill-out style terrace

Sheets decoration terrace

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