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How to renovate bathrooms without making construction and spending a lot of money

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Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in our homes. However, they are the most expensive reforms. In this article we will try to show you some cheap ways to renovate bathrooms without doing any serious work.

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When we do a renovation, we often leave the bathroom in last place and spend most of the budget on the most visible parts of the house, where we usually spend more time receiving our guests.

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But there is good news: the lack of resources to do It does not mean that you can not update your outdated bathroom and make it more attractive.

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Here are some ways to see how this is possible:

1. Games with color

Painting walls, shelves or a make-up table can be a cheap way to modernize your bathroom without having to make any further changes. But before you start to add a new one Brilliant color to your walls, consider some things.

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“If you have obvious moisture problems that are so strong that the paint peels off or the tiles fall off the wall, it’s time to call an expert for a new makeover,” says designer Linda Evans. “Moisture problems can cause plumber and ventilation problems that need to be replaced.”

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If your walls are in good condition and want them to cover first and leave them with a water-based primer, recommended the designer Kevin Wilde. This will help keep moisture out of the drywall and prevent mold.

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It is also advisable to use a mold-resistant paint: Many designers recommend semi-glossy paint because it repels moisture and is easy to clean. “I like the look of dull walls,” says interior designer Barbra Bright. “Now it’s also possible to have her in the bathroom. Companies like Benjamin Moore make dull colors for areas with high humidity – no more brightness. ”

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For those who think the ceiling of the bathroom is too high, provided the designer Jan Neiges recommends that the ceiling paint the same color as the walls, it is not white. As a result, the bath is warmer, as the color optically decreases and the height of the ceiling decreases optically.

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Design Tips: For a quick renovation with an individual look, we recommend PVC flooring at the bottom of the room and then another color on top.

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This breaks the monochromatic walls and is a practical solution that is impermeable to moisture. A new painting can make an old-fashioned dressing table look much more modern. No matter where you paint in your bathroom, it’s important to properly prepare the surface.

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2. Light the bathroom

Every room needs good lighting and the bathrooms are no exception. On the contrary, small bathrooms often have no windows and no natural light, so lighting is very important.

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Even a large bathroom looks monotonous and depressing when the lighting is not right.
Design Tips: Put some bright and large mirrors or pictures to reflect the light in the room.

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A mirror can make an immediate and impressive change. Cover one of the walls of the bathroom with a mirror from one end to the other and you will see a spectacular transformation. The bathroom will soon be more spacious and brighter.

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For those who want to make small structural changes, do what you can to use natural light. You can replace the massive door with an engraved glass.


3. Update bathroom accessories

Changing accessories in the bathroom can be the easiest and least expensive way to reform. Choose drawer handles in bright colors or unique materials to make a bold statement in a simple dresser.

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The details are important. There is not much room for art in the bathroom and any nice accessory can enhance the design of the room.

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Use temporary accents such as the toothbrush holder, carpet, soap dish, and shower curtain to add color and texture, as they are easy to replace.

4. Optimize the memory

Semi-finished bottles of shampoo, unused beauty items or perfume samples quickly accumulate and take up valuable space in the bathrooms. Storage solutions are not always attractive, so you save time, money and space when reviewing your bathroom products. Be realistic about what you really need every day and move or throw away the rest.

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If you need more space, look for the answer on the walls. We suggest installing something on the toilet tank as this is a room that is often not used.

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Tall cabinets often work less well on used items. Do you want more storage space? Change the pedestal sink to a moisture-resistant case or place baskets with a lid in an empty corner.

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5. Replace old sink taps with new and modern ones. The same can be done with the taps in the shower.

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6. Use white tile paint to paint the tiles ugly or stained. The result is incredible. In this way, you can smooth the cracked / broken tiles quickly and easily.

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As you can see, unless there is an urgent problem with the pipe, the bathrooms can be renewed at no cost. It is not necessary to buy the latest bathroom design, which costs a fortune to have a modern and comfortable bathroom.

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Something else, the bathrooms, which are decorated in style and use less expensive techniques, have a more inviting and unrepeatable individuality.

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Do not worry if you do not have the resources to do some complete bathroom work. Use your imagination to create an original design. With some new accessories, mirrors and moisture resistant colors can alter and enhance the look of any outdated bathroom.

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