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How to combine antique furniture with modern accessories by Livingo

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Mixing is always a risk, we agree. However, it is possible to be right if we are able to find a balance between the different ones.

Logically, the different pieces have neither a common style, nor will they agree in design. However, we can always play with modern accessories that combine or contrast the chromatic range of antique furniture. In the same way we can use textures or scales. When the search for furniture and accessories overwhelms you, you’ll find the latest furniture trends, home decorating and installation tips in the Livingo’s online store.

Antique furniture that gives the design of the living room a rustic interest

spectacular coffee table rustic living room ideas

Let us go with some examples. If you have a large piece of antique furniture, such as a desk or chest of drawers, that draws the attention of the room in which it is located, look for a modern lighting that emphasizes the style even more Vintage. Place the furniture on a neutral surface and illuminate the set with an industrial wall light. Both will shine with their own light. To find the best lamp ideas with different designs that will adapt to any space, you can visit the online store Lomo, where you will find a wide selection of lamps.

Antique furniture in combination with modern accessories create an unexpected design

antique furniture combination modern mirror interior design ideas

Another example Do you want to save a retro-lacquered table from forgetting? Bet on the crystal. The transparency of the glass and the gloss effect of the paint complement each other perfectly. Thus, a vase or a lamp of avant-garde lines on the table will provide contrast in the forms and the harmony in the textures. If you are looking for color contrast, success is guaranteed. Also note that rustic furniture has a rather sober color palette in terms of color. Therefore, the best way to facilitate the environment is through the integration of Accessories Modern decorative in intense and lively tones.

You will not be wrong if you add a table lamp as a decorative element to enrich the design

antique furniture table lamp modern livingo ideas

In the Decoration section of Lomo you will find a wide range of accessories that are not only pleasing to your environment, but also the most elegant. For that we have to add the lighting. In addition to the color contrasts between furniture and accessories, it is important that there is plenty of natural light so that the combination of light and color refreshes the environment. Another thing that works very well, so that a room decorated with antique furniture is not too serious, is to give the surroundings a touch of modernity. To do this, you can use mirrors with metal bars and small details like handles or bars minimalist lines. For upholstered furniture, floors and walls, choose contemporary designs in raw tones so as not to overload.

A lamp with an exclusive design to illuminate your home

Ceiling light modern design livingo ideas

On the contrary, it is more dangerous, but also very effective, to decorate the whole room with antique furniture and to choose a unique modern accessory that sets it apart from the set. To work well, it must be a large object and in a central place that attracts all eyes. Some interesting options could be a bookshelf or a large lamp with asymmetrical lines that break the clean lines typical of classic furniture.

It is important to have wooden furniture if you want to add warmth to your room

antique furniture modern accessories design livingo ideas

Even if you curl up the curls, you can push the contrasts to the extreme. If you like gaudy environments, unify the environment by using the colorful accessories that characterize this trend and reserve a place of honor for a single vintage piece. Of course, you have no choice but to choose a white piece of furniture so that it really stands out.

Side table that thanks to its natural beauty can be used indoors or outdoors

antique furniture livingo combination modern accessories coffee table bella ideas

They see that modernity and classicism can go hand in hand. Combined or contrasted you decide. Because here it is possible to have the best of both worlds: the comfort of classic furniture and the clean lines of the latest accessories. Elegance, simplicity and naturalness? Or risk, surprise and provocation? Everything else is in monotony.

A floor lamp made of yellow fabric that gives every room elegance and warmth

Furniture retro design perfect interior modern options livingo ideas

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