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How to Clean the House of Bad Energies According to Feng Shui?

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Everyone spring We wonder how to clean the house looking for the most effective and simple methods and products to get the best results with minimal effort.

how to clean the chi house

There is no doubt that cleaning the house is important, but today we will talk about another way of cleaning: o How to clean the house of bad energies? And what is the relationship between the two types of cleaning?

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Surely you will be surprised how close the two things are together and that one of the conditions necessary to effect the purification of energies is the previous physical cleansing.

5 Elements Feng Shui

Before you begin to clean up bad energies, you need to know how to identify them and what kinds of bad energies can exist in your home.

how to clean the house

How do I identify the problem area?

Although not everyone has the necessary sensitivity to discover it, there is bad energy and can cause problems at home because family members do not understand misery and health issues. To identify it, it is necessary to first know the types of negative energy.

how to clean the house de-energias
There are different types of negative energy that have different causes. The good news is that these energies can be corrected or cured according to the principles of Feng Shui.

how to clean the stagnant energy of the house

Blocked river

This is the most common problem that creates negative energy (sha).

Several things cause the blockage of energy. Clutter is the main cause of stagnant energy blocking its natural flow. Like air, energy moves through your home, but when you come across a pile of old newspapers or other disordered objects, you can not move freely and be trapped.

how to clean the house feng-shui

So how to clean the house of stagnant energy? The answer is both easy and difficult. Simple, because it’s easy to say that you have to regularly get rid of clutter, but at the same time it’s difficult because we often forget it and we even get used to the chaos.

how to clean the Fengshui house

We recommend that you check the objects that are often scattered around your home (eg once a week).

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Each time you eliminate the mess by arranging the scattered items, the energy that circulates through your home and moves through your home is cleansed. Stagnant energy becomes a new fresh energy and begins to flow freely through your home.

how to clean the bedroom house

Free the stagnant energy!

A messy and dirty house creates stagnant energy. The main culprits of the energy stagnation are: dust, cobwebs, animal hair, garbage from outside, dirty dishes in the sink, heaps of dirty clothes on the floor.

Bedroom Feng Shui

The solution to getting rid of this kind of negative energy is simple: clean and order the house regularly and do not allow dishes to accumulate in the sink. Create a realistic cleaning plan for every day. Wash the floors, vacuum them regularly and dust so that the chi flows and does not accumulate to become negative energy (sha).

Energy-negative sha

Blocked roads

One of the greatest creators of negative energy is placing furniture or objects in the paths of energies. If you are not sure if you have blocked the tracks, draw a plan for your house. Indicate where each door and window is located. Now examine the paths from door to door and from room to room.

Design of interiors Feng Shui

Do you have a large sofa right on the natural path from the living room to the kitchen? Do you and your family have to go around the sofa to cross the room and get to the other door? Imagine the chi energy that enters your home and tries to move around furniture or other obstacles.

Living Room Feng Shui

Other locks may refer to windows. If a bed is placed in front of a window, it can affect the energy entering and leaving the room. It can also disturb your sleep. A sofa that covers part of a window blocks energy and creates a negative chi.

Mirror feng shui

How to clean the house from these blocks?

If you are already sure that there is a physical impediment to the natural flow of positive energy in your home, try to move it to another location where it does not have that effect. Although it seems difficult to change the position of the furniture, it is always possible to find a better variant of their distribution in the room.

Mirror feng shui

Poisoned arrows

Another type of bad energy is the so-called poisonous arrows. It contains the acute angles, corners and crevices that can produce so-called poisonous arrows. These angles redirect the energy that channels them with a strong shock that transforms the chi into sha energy. If your bed is on the direct path of a poisonous arrow, you will suffer from sleep disorders and possible poor health.

poisonous arrows

External causes of negative energy in Feng Shui

The outdoor spaces are a very important aspect that influences the chi that flows into your home. If you can not address these issues, no amount of indoor treatments and Feng Shui cures can counteract negative effects.


Poisoned arrows outside Toxic arrows can also come from external sources. A dependency or a neighboring house can create sharp corners that point directly to your home. A cemetery, a garbage dump, a hospital, and other places associated with negative energy produce poisonous arrows.

Feng Shui open kitchen

The roads and roads that intersect directly from your house create a poisonous arrow effect that is aimed at your home. The poisonous outer arrows of a building are best counteracted with a bagua mirror suspended from poisonous arrows in the open air or in a window. The mirror reflects it away from home.

Element Feng Shui

How do I clean the house from the influence of poisoned arrows?

A poisonous arrow that emerges through a dead end that ends in the driveway can be weakened by placing a large stone with two or three trees that creates a bower effect between your house and the road. Make sure that what you believe is an attractive feature of the landscape. It can also weaken the Shah by creating a space of calm between the house and the street.

Design Feng Shui

Flying star and negative energy

The Flying Star Feng Shui Theory (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) is most accurate because it uses the date your house was built to create a graphic. As the stars move, they can create negative influences in areas previously filled with positive chi. Graphics can be created for a period of 20 years, a period of one year and monthly periods.

how to clean the house coins

Negative impact heals the flying star

The negative effect of the flying stars can be remedied by filling a glass container with salt and water. Next, place six Chinese coins tied by a red ribbon in the salt water and let them stand until your letter indicates that the star has moved.

Feng shui circle

How to clean the house of negative energy?

There are many ways to move sha energy away from home. We have already mentioned a few, but there are some simple and essential ways to achieve the energy cleanliness of the house.

Feng shui input

Accessory Feng Shui

Live without negative chi

It may seem difficult to learn to clean the house of negative energy in the house, but with time and a constant effort, you can do it.

Water and fire
If you have already taken these first steps to cleanse your living space from negative influences and ask yourself what else you can do to maintain and stimulate positive energy and not return to your home, here are some handy tips Will help you do it:
how to clean the house ideas
Knowing how to cleanse your house of negative energies will help you feel more comfortable and allow you to move easily in your living space and enjoy a positive mental state. If you do not do it regularly, negative energy accumulates to produce MORE negative energy. Therefore, it is important to get rid of negative energy by releasing your home when you feel that something in space is not working well.
how to clean the bell house
Ignoring it means more negative energy is generated, which can affect your health, career and finances, and even cause depression.
Feng shui stones in water
If you have recently moved, you may feel some residual energy from the previous occupants. If that is the case, you can use the following technique: Open everything that is closed. You have to open all doors, all windows, all cabinets, everything that has been closed must be opened.

Purification of the energies with salt

Then go out of the front door clockwise, circle each room and enter the next while a bell rings. Be sure to ring the bell in the corners of rooms and cabinets where negative energy may be trapped.

Salt cleanses the energies of the house

Step 2: Use salt to clean an area. How to clean the house of bad energy with salt? Salt can be used to eliminate negative energies. You can rub the walls with salt or sprinkle salt on the corners of the room. Be sure to sweep up the salt and throw it away in front of your house.

Cleaning with salt

Step 3: Feed the ghosts with rice. If you feel an external negative energy, you can also try to spread rice around the circumference of your home, starting at the front door and running clockwise until you return to the door. Rice pulls unwanted energy out of the house. This is an excellent way to rid your house of negative energy.

Feng Shui flavors

Step 4: Perfume the air to eliminate negative energies. Use frankincense or herbal smoke, such as lavender for transcendental problems, eucalyptus for healing or mint for wealth. The wonderful and therapeutic aromas of frankincense or essential herbal oils are excellent ways to invite and remove the beneficial energies to the negatives of a room or your entire home.

Bowl Tibetan-Clean Energy

Step 5. Use light and sound. Light and sound are two very effective yang treatments that break down and eliminate negative energies. The clank of wind chimes and bright crystal rainbows or lit lamps are two excellent ways to bring soothing and purifying energy into your room.
Feng Shui Luo Pan
Start with a bell or Tibetan bowl by the main door by touching it. Go clockwise from the door and through each room. If you have dark corners in a room, ring on every corner. After you have completed the ground floor, go up the stairs.
Living room-by-Feng Shui
When you have completed all five steps, it is time to close all the doors, windows, cabinets and drawers and go to the front door and touch the bell / bowl three times around the front door.

Treatment with energies

Step 6: Take a salt bath yourself. It is possible to bring negative energy home from work or from the outside world. Soak in a sea salt bath or make your own sea salt scrub and wash your body in the shower with salt. The salt will cleanse you and eliminate the negative energies of your body. This is especially useful when working or clapping in a hostile environment.


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