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How to attract sunlight in your home?

Sunlight room white

The spring It’s the perfect time to give your home an instant facial cleanser and let the sunlight shine in the rooms.

By adding daring designs to the decor, you can make your home look like a beach house. The key is to add decorative elements that expand the space by attracting sunlight directly into the interior.


There is only one better than a warm, sunny day: a house full of warm daylight! Sunlight is a very important part of our daily lives! Contribution to our health provide us with vitamin D, it warms us and directly influences our mood, which makes us happier and more positive. Therefore, it is desirable to bring sunlight into all rooms in our homes.


Let the sunlight enter our houses!

There are many ways to invite sunlight into our homes. Today we will teach you some of them to help you achieve a better environment that is illuminated from the outside.
Let’s see what they are:

Sun Stamped Flowers

Floral prints

Floral prints do not have to be limited to a single area, but can exist in many different areas as long as they fit well with the prevailing style of the room.

Sunlight through the window

Floral prints have been fashionable in interior design since last year, and there’s no sign that this trend will end soon. From wall hangings to pillows and curtains, floral prints are easy to combine and become an integral part of the home while adding vibrant colors.

climbing plants

In addition, both natural and patterned flowers usually attract light and illuminate spaces with their presence.


It is no secret to anyone that metals reflect sunlight. Especially copper has a very cozy and refined shine.
An excellent way to give your copper accessories a better point of light is the combination with pinks. The pink tones underline the richness of copper and give it a modern touch.

la-luz-solar-acfento de Cobre

Copper is a fresh metal that makes a statement wherever it belongs. It is modern and brings a striking lighting to the room in which it is placed while being refined and elegant.

Bedroom minimalist with plants

Elegance and purity

The minimalist decoration is the best way to load sunlight into a room.

minimalist Skylight Design

This spring can add some new decorative elements to enhance the feeling of clarity. Stay with a clean color palette, with hardly any color for a better result.

Sunlight in the house


Do not limit yourself to the color green. Green tones work well in any room and in any season. In addition, the green color evokes a sense of luxury. If you use it in the kitchen, you get a fresh and springlike touch.

Sunlight in kitchen green

The green is reminiscent of freshness and modern elegance, it is also a color that symbolizes spring. An easy way to integrate the green color into your home decor is to paint a wall or wardrobe of an intense shade of green to get a touch of color.
Stamp Mixed Living

Sunlight in spring is associated with the bud of the new foliage of plants. Transfer this club with a painting or green accessories to your home. Another thing you can do is place living plants in the empty corners of your home.

Prints Mixed-in-the-room

Mix prints

Although it seems that mixing different types of prints is not a good idea, when combined well and with care, the various patterns can greatly enhance the decoration, especially during the warm months. If you dare to combine them in your current decoration, you will see that the space gets bigger. However, it is important to combine them with neutral designs to achieve the effect of the full circle of design.

Sunlight in the house

Mixed impressions have always been a trend, but this time they have surpassed the list. They stand boldly in the center of the living room. The key is to use similar patterns several times to get a better effect.

The variety of design and colors indirectly attract sunlight and create a sense of generosity and room lighting.

sunny room design

We now turn to the most direct ways to bring sunlight into the home.


Mirrors are an easy and inexpensive way to increase the natural light in your home, and they can also make rooms much brighter by reflecting light.

Dress light with mirrors

When installing a large mirror on a wall opposite a window, the mirror reflects the incoming light (natural and artificial light) and doubles the amount of light in the room.
Skylight big-in-the-ceiling

The arrangement of two opposite mirrors produces infinite reflections that make the room appear brighter and larger.
A short corridor seems to be longer if you place a large mirror on the wall where it ends.
Sunlight window

If you find it hard to imagine how natural light reflects through the mirror, simply light a flashlight in the mirror and you’ll have a very good idea of ​​how the light is reflected.

Sunlight in the house

If the natural light in the rooms is very scarce or nonexistent, then the decoration councils will not work and you will need to resort to more serious solutions such as:

Skylight Design

Solar tubes and skylights

Sometimes there are rooms that are not lit by natural light. In these cases it is good to install solar tubes. The solar tubes can bring natural light from the roof through twisted and reflective tubes.

If it is not possible to install new windows, you can install a skylight to bring more natural light into your home.

The installation of skylights brings much more natural light into a dark room. Skylights come in a variety of styles and prices and work well where you have the roof right above the room.

the sunlight bathroom


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