How does a home become a home? An interview with Stefanie von OhhhMhhh

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I am pleased that today we have Stefanie Luxat, who has just published her third book, for an interview. Her book “How an apartment becomes a home” has only recently become available and was quickly devoured, so easy and relaxed Stefanie tells of the apartments of her friends and acquaintances. Many tips and inspirations, illustrated with great photos, are shown in the book. And now I’m looking for the next renovation spot in the apartment to implement some ideas – that’s what you get now!

Stefanie, a few words to you (for those who are not regular readers of your blog anyway)?

Well, I’m a journalist, blogger and author. For many years I worked as a freelance editor for magazines like Allegra, Maxi, Stern and Brigitte. I’ve been self-employed for over two years and write for magazines like Grazia and Elle. In parallel, I write books. First, I wrote one about marriage (“Just Marry The Wedding Book”) and now my humorous column collection is “How do I tell my husband? About living with another species “appeared as a book and the book of residence “How a home becomes a home” , I have been running the design and food blog for five years OhhhMhhh and mean for two years Online shop with wall stickers.

From print magazine to weblog to book – how did you come up with the idea of ​​writing a book of residence?

I’ve always dreamed of writing books, it’s obvious if you’re a journalist by profession. When I got married, I wanted so much a book that accompanies me through the beautiful, but also very stressful time, gives me tips, but also makes me laugh. I did not find such a book, so I wrote it myself: “Just marry! The wedding book “. It has sold well over 10,000 copies and I get a lot of e-mails from couples who have had a great time, which makes me very happy. The book of residence was similar. We have renovated our apartment and while I almost drowned in total chaos, I was still incredibly happy, because I finally eliminated all parts of the apartment that constantly bugged me. That gave me the idea to write the book “How to Make a Home a Home” and to encourage others to finally live the way they always wanted.

According to which criteria did you choose the presented apartments from the book?

It was important to me that it be as personal as possible. I love books that tell real people about their lives and give tips. That’s how I approached this book. First, I tell about my ideas and tips; But I was also in 16 different apartments and houses of friends and acquaintances as guests who show themselves and their great home. Everywhere it is teeming with easy-to-copy ideas. And in the end you will find out in the manufacturer’s documentation where to buy something. So you can fall in love with everything.


Old meets new: The antique tiles are broken up with a modern dining area in neon green.

In which presented apartment (s) from the book would you move in immediately, because you felt as comfortable as in a second home?

Honestly in each. Really. After all, it’s all the homes of friends and acquaintances that I have selected because I consider them home. A place where not only the inhabitants, but also the guests feel well. Most of the books shown in the book have a similar style of living as I do or so different that I would find it exciting again. And oh yes, there are also two great houses in Cape Town – I could spend a good winter there. And then I would like to spend the summer in the house of my friend Charlotte in Denmark. Glorious.


Stefanie prefers Scandinavian classics at home, but has also visited representatives of completely different living styles for her book.

What are your three most important tips when it comes to setting up your own home?

I’ve divided my book into five chapters: Arrive, be brave, sit down, open doors and make beautiful things. That actually explains it quite well. Arriving means making yourself beautiful, even if you do not know how long you stay there. Often there are several years and my motto is: Every happy day counts. So you should try to make as few compromises as possible, so that you really feel good and not every day after waking up thinks “stupid bathroom light”, “stupid closet, everything falls out again”, “ouch, already again scratched his foot at the not abliffenen wood floor “and so on. To be brave – by that I mean to try things out calmly. Wall paints, wallpaper, etc … Because: What should happen? If necessary, you can change it again. To be brave also means to have the courage to develop your own style and to stand by it. Open doors for guests and yourself and make yourself beautiful and beautiful.

What was the biggest challenge in remodeling your apartment?

To keep the nerves in chaos. Actually, we had a plan for the renovation. But then my first book suddenly became so successful that I went to Buchtour, my husband had a big case in the office to wuppen and already we sank into chaos at home. We had borrowed such an expensive sanding machine for the floor that we could not wait for weeks, but actually had to pull off the floors in one go. Only in an inhabited apartment with many furniture and little time is not so easy. No matter – we did it! Also thanks to a simple trick: I have built a motivational window bank. In the kitchen. In total chaos. I put my most beautiful flower vases on the windowsill, filled them with pretty flowers and whenever I threatened to drown in the chaos, I looked there and thought: I can do the rest now. Worked!


Lo and behold, kitsch butterflies go well with stylish prints – you just have to be brave enough to give it a try.

Which corner of the apartment would you advise to start with?

I would go to the corner that I do not like. The one constantly annoys. Because: If you crack those, the rest becomes child’s play. It helps with corners that you love to ask – why do I love you? What kind of feeling do you give me? How do you do that, with what? And if you know that, you can wonderfully transfer it to corners you do not like. To live happily is not a great art, you just have to take your own feelings seriously and get yourself to make yourself so beautiful. Eben: make a home from an apartment.

Thank you for the beautiful insights, dear Stefanie – and continue to be very successful. Keep it up!

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