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How do we integrate the TV cabinets into our equipment?

tv cabinet wall partition wall room divider

Remember where you spend most of your time at home?

Where do you feel most comfortable? According to research, the answer to more than 70% of people is this place in the living room from which you can watch TV.

Could it be that you also belong to this group? If your answer is yes, then the TV cabinet is also one of the items you look at most.

Seen in this way, his appearance is of fundamental importance, right?

The choice of the right TV cabinet, as well as the other furniture for this area is not the easiest thing. Mostly, they must be ideally integrated into existing equipment. In addition it comes that one has there quite a limited place.

The shape and color of the TV cabinet
Select TV cabinets correctly

TV cabinets rustic living room design

Decide on the TV cabinet shape and colors, which will complement the look of the rest of the ambient. Go with a positive attitude and courage. Because designers of television cabinets are well aware of these types of requirements. That’s why these types of furniture have been designed the same way.

There is a lot to do with simple constructions and geometric shapes. The TV cabinet must look like a unit together with the TV.

This contributes to the harmonious appearance in the interior

TV cabinets living room wood wall decoration

In order to do this in your case, you should consider in advance the functionality of the TV cabinet. Yes, we know that certain media are also housed there. But what about the bookshelves, movies and so on?

Where should the TV cabinet be positioned?

Living room furniture light television cabinets wood

By choosing the exact location of the TV cabinet, you also opt for the space of the media area. Depending on whether it is in the middle or on the side, you assign a certain role to this piece of furniture. It can be within an open housing plan, but also play a very important role in rewriting different areas.

Smooth lines and a modern look

TV cabinets living room design ideas

Furthermore, before you visit the furniture store, you should measure exactly the space that you have planned for the TV cabinet. This may be completely appropriate for the purpose. This means that the TV cabinet should not look too big or too small. About one third of the area would be absolutely right in this case.

Remember, too, that the colors have a great bearing on how dominant or not a television cabinet appears. The bright nuances make the whole thing look more conspicuous in the room. Accordingly, such pieces of furniture may also be smaller in size.

The right module constellation of the TV cabinet

TV cabinets shelves wall unit

Basically, you should be very practical. The cleaner the appearance of the TV cabinet, the easier it can be integrated into modern interior designs. At the same time, you should also take the opportunity to secure the space for books and other items, if necessary.

Most of the time you have a series of shelves about one meter above the ground. Then you may have more over the TV itself. In the middle you could combine these two levels with larger cabinets.

Elegant and functional

tv cabinet wall urban wood shelves wall

Integrated, indirect lighting television cabinets indirect living room lighting armchair

Wall-mounted TV

tv cabinet wall residential wall television

Traditionally furnished wall unit TV cabinets paintings wall carpet

Rural style of living TV cabinets dresser wall unit living room

Wall shelves on the wall unit

tv cabinets books shelves modern living room

Cozy living room furniture in pale colors ikea window nature tv cabinet environment Opulent, rustic room design

TV cabinet country style cushions leather

Marble-like partition, which still serves as a living wall

pictures frames books tv ikea modern living room

Black and white ambience in the living room

ikea black white tv cabinet furnishing

Simple designed wall unit

ikea armchairs living room tv cabinet table

Warm, comfortable feeling

sofa white rustic tv cabinet ikea wall design

Geometric lines and shapes when designing

ikea carpet living room tv cabinet floor lamp

Very contemporary and urban

tv cabinet ikea white flowers

Feeling for size and simplicity

tv cabinets ikea white furniture

Oversized sofa attached for more guests

lighting indirectly tv closet ceiling

Dark wood

tv cabinet wall curtains furniture

Minimalist lines and interior design ideas

tv clear lines closet wall tv cabinets wall

Shine in gray

tv closet gray carpet pattern colors

Driftwood preferred for the pieces of furniture

tv closet white window light colors furnishing

Low TV stand equipped with drawers

tv cabinet wall floor lamp design dresser

Soft light provides a pleasant atmosphere tv cabinet wall soft indirectly lighting ceiling Living room for teenagers

tv cabinet wall carpet window

Smooth and frosted surface in white

tv closet books white plates

Traditional family room furniture tv cupboard traditional flat

Vintage and rustic – remarkable touch adds to the antique wall clock

tv closet wall clock antique chair Home Library – floor to ceiling bookshelves

TV cabinets books shelves library

Several furnishing solutions for the living room

tv cabinet wall garden vertical living stylish


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