How do residential bloggers live? An interview with Vera from Nicest Things

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Today I have another favorite blogger as an interviewee guest! Vera writes on food, interior and DIY on Nicest Things and inspires many with her beautiful photo creations and ideas. Her writing style is so wonderfully sympathetic that when reading means to sit opposite a good friend. Not only her lyrics, but also her photos make me spend one or two hours in front of her blog …

Dear Vera, good that you are at Roombeez! First tell us a bit about you and how you came to write a blog.

That was a very spontaneous idea. At that time, in February 2011, I was on the last legs of my medical studies and I simply lacked the aesthetics. I wanted to focus my attention on the finer things in life and needed a creative balance. The blog I started in the middle of the night when I could not sleep – as a platform for my photos, recipes and decorating ideas. I’ve finished my studies properly, but I’m really working in the creative branch. And not least thanks to the blog, which serves as a digital business card for my work as a freelance photographer. Sometimes you only get to your destination in unplanned detours!

You show your readers on Nicest Things wonderful and elaborate inspirations from food, photography and DIY – where do you take your great ideas from?

First: Thank you! Oh, that’s very different. My head is like a black box: It absorbs all sorts of input, does anything with it, which also escapes my conscious perception and then spits out at some point a newly mixed idea. The input can be anything from the usual suspects like blogs, magazines and Pinterest to little sidewalk shops, a stroll through a strange city or an autumn leaf falling at my feet. There is nothing that can not be an inspiration.


With so many beautiful corners in your apartment, yes, the question arises almost whether there can ever be a favorite piece … Can it?

Hmm, good question … I really do not have that ONE favorite. They are rather combinations of different things, which I always like to look at. But if I had to commit to one thing, then it would probably be the extra long white voile cloth in the bedroom – is that even a curtain? It makes the most beautiful softbox light for photos that you can imagine and makes the whole room bright, cozy and light. Or moment, I almost forgot, because I’m just sitting on it: my Eames Plastic Side Chair has a lot of potential for a favorite piece.


Are you showing us your favorite corner?

Clear! This is my writing desk where I sit for an average of six hours a day. So of course you want to make it very nice, that’s why I’ve put together a few of my favorite pieces here, like the Eames Chair, the Hay Stacking Boxes and the Sac En Paper.

Have you fallen for a certain style of living? Or are you more interested in deviation?

Basically, I like it most simple and bright, especially in the basics, so you can change quickly if necessary. The Scandinavian style with clear shapes, lots of white, gray and natural tones and a few design classics comes to mind. But I’m also always open to accents in other styles, so I had ever a Moroccan-inspired phase. For example, I also like industrial-style lamps very much.

What is your next project at home, do you still have big redesign plans (you read, you always have them) or should you move in a certain piece of furniture soon?

Oh yes, I have always! My next project is the kitchen , It had been painted in mint for a very long time now, which in itself fits in nicely with the black fronts, but I just had enough of it. Now she should be gray or maybe just white. I’ve been looking for furniture for a long time for my dream sofa, but I have not found it yet.


Where do you like to go shopping for good design?

I like browsing through stores just as much as online shopping, but because of time constraints I buy a lot over the internet. Here in Heidelberg, there are not quite as many beautiful residential boutiques, I envy the hamburger and the Berlin always very much. Online I often find it at Connox or Artvoll, offline it did me the Bolia Store in Berlin. Luckily, another store in Frankfurt will open in October 2014, so I am waiting eagerly for that.


Which blogs do you like the most – or are you not going to stop by?

Of course, time must be and I always like to take it. Here I would like to mention a few not so well-known blogs that I have recently discovered for myself and which I particularly like to drop by: fantastic . MONAQO and mx living ,

Dear Vera, thank you for the nice interview and the wonderful insights into your home! We are curious to see what wonderful inspirations await you next!


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