How do residential bloggers live? An interview with Trixi von frausieben

Presentation of Trixi by Frausieben

Having recently taken a look into the beautiful home of Karina von oh what a room This time around, I questioned Trixi, who also lives in Hamburg. She blogs, photographs, designs – and thrills! I do not just recommend Trixi on her living blog and Instagram but also be sure to stop by one of the handmade markets where they showcase great jewelry and home accessories. And if you do not find a handmade market near you, you can simply look online DaWanda past.

Dear Trixi, You have your lifestyle and furnishing blog and create especially great jewelry and home accessories for your online store. How did that happen?

I have always enjoyed taking pictures of my surroundings and I like to get in contact with people through pictures. So many years ago I came to the photo sharing platform Flickr and then to my blog. Today, I’m particularly pleased that sharing pictures on Instagram has become even easier!

I opened my shop in November 2011 after getting more and more popularity via Instagram for the jewelry that I designed for me and a few friends back then. I felt empowered and had the feeling that I had really created something of my own. That’s why I just tried to make something out of it and started selling online.

Einrichtungsblog frausieben: Trixis living room

What was the best experience or project for you since your blog and shop?

I always enjoy the most when I get to know great people or stay in touch with them. A great example of this is, for example, the beautiful one “Hello Handmade” market in Hamburg, where everything comes together: you meet great shop owners in person and meet many bloggers / friends at the same time.

Every time I’m looking forward to small insights into your apartment on Instagram and am always thrilled with your style. Tell me a bit more: How do you live and what would you describe as the biggest challenge in the design of the apartment?

Many Thanks! So we live in an old apartment in a spacious red brick house from the 30s. The apartment was really a stroke of luck and I would spontaneously know no disadvantage. The biggest challenge is probably my endeavor to maintain the openness and airiness of the home. I try to keep all rooms as simple as possible and not to distribute too many furniture and decorative objects. Most things that stand around have a story or a function.

Einrichtungsblog frausieben: Trixis kitchen Einrichtungsblog frausieben: Trixis stove

Are you more into furniture stores, real residences, online or flea markets to find beautiful things for your kingdom? Is there even a special experience for a piece?

Since the basis of our facility is currently and I rather have no need to exchange concrete furniture, I’m not so much “on the go” since our move. Back then, two years ago, we bought most of the “new” through eBay classifieds and then refreshed ourselves a bit. Much is inherited, from the flea market or by simple means homemade, such as our dining table or our bed. The newly bought things are mostly basics and have a Scandinavian background.

What’s your next “project”? Are you currently looking for a particular piece of furniture or is a room being renovated?

At the moment I have only planned smaller projects in the flat. But what I need to take care of urgently, is the balcony , Unfortunately, he is a bit unprotected and gets wet quickly in rain and wind. Therefore, we have been somewhat reluctant to build the desired seating area or larger plantations to do. Before the balcony season is over, I definitely want to get active and make it a little bit more comfortable. But I also think it’s okay if such projects grow slowly and you first improvise a bit.

Einrichtungsblog frausieben: Trixis dining table facility blog

Do you show us your favorite corner of the apartment?

Hmm, that’s the dining table I often sit in and type!

Which pages / blogs do you like to visit? Do you have any more tips for us?

I’d love to be inspired by blogs across the globe, such as Bumpkin . The Seventy Tree . Door Sixteen and The Style Files ,

And last but not least, what do you say as a living expert on the Roombeez blog?

I really like the mix of bloggers! Each one of you has his own style somehow. Since I’m rarely on the lookout for concrete tips, but rather look through other keyholes, I like the section ” space tourists ” preferably!

Dear Trixi, thank you for the exciting interview!

Here you can see a few more details from the Hamburg apartment of Trixi to click:


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