How do residential bloggers live? An interview with Sabine von freundts

Presentation Sabine and Ives von Freundts

Today we are visiting Sabine and Yves from the blog and online shop freundts , Here they put wonderful vintage letters together – where you can hardly get enough. In addition, I am pleased to be able to show you great insights into the beautiful house of the family, not least by the great letters an inspiring highlight, but also by the selected compilation of great furniture. Modern meets here Vintage , which complements perfectly.

Hello Sabine, on your blog and on Instagram you will be able to show wonderful inspirations and impressions of your letters as well as your home. I really want to know more about that – but maybe you would like to tell us a bit about you first?

My name is Sabine and I live in Hamburg with my husband Yves and our two children Jakob and Karlotta. Together with Yves, I founded the online shop freundts ten years ago. The assortment consists of products that we personally enjoy too. For example, matchboxes with beautiful letterpress motifs, Spanish bodega glasses or vintage gymnastic horses. The centerpiece is vintage letters, or residential letters, as we call them, in a variety of sizes and colors and now from around the world. The mixture makes the special charm for us. That describes our assortment and even more our style of furnishing.

friend letters living room
friendly letter sideboard

How did you come up with the idea of ​​freundts? And are you on the lookout for beautiful letters for the shop?

That’s a good question. We just felt like it and got started. I remember the energy of the start-up phase very well. It was so much fun to build something up. Ten years ago, there was not that much choice of platforms to set up your own shop. And shop systems were still very unwieldy and expensive. Therefore, we had a shop programmed according to our ideas. The range was quickly clear: beautiful things for the home. The letters have quickly generated a great response. We were in Germany with the first, who specialize in vintage letters. The favor of the hour we have used and expanded our offer in this direction. Finding letters for the shop is a very special challenge. Meanwhile, we have our sources. But without active searching, we would not have collected more than 1,000 letters in a variety of sizes and materials in our warehouse. Some luck is part of the hunting instinct too.

By now you have your own products in the assortment, right?

Our first product was rustic oak boards. The third man at freundts is my brother in law and he is not only a photographer and festival organizer, but also a carpenter. He has produced the boards of German oak in short run. Last year, we launched our first collection of residential letters. We are still at the beginning. The light star is especially popular. The collection will be gradually enlarged until we eventually have our own alphabet letters together.

friend letters sideboard detail

Detail view of the sideboard. The light star is a self-production of the friendly team.

How do you live and what would you describe as the biggest challenge in designing your home?

We live in a very green part of Hamburg in a row house from the 60s. It’s wonderful to have plenty of room, both indoors and outdoors, and the view of the countryside is something I do not want to miss right now. The biggest challenge for me is the lighting conditions. Unfortunately, our house is quite dark.

At home, real highlights from the letter-of-heaven sky are allowed to move in and it is decorated appropriately. With the large selection, the choice is not always easy, right? Do you have special decoration tips for the residential letters?

You said it! Sometimes I really have to hold back when I’m in our camp. Incidentally, our daughter is the same. Karlotta already has a real K collection in her room. With letters you can easily set accents. As with accessories in fashion. Be it a large, brightly colored illuminated letter as a statement piece or a more discreet little tin letters for an individual touch. The possibilities are innumerable. Often, letters are bought for children’s rooms. The initial as a special wall decoration. Or as a wedding present. You can arrange the initials of the entire family, or write a whole word on the wall – your favorite city, for example, or something related to the theme, such as “Eat” or “Cook” in the kitchen. Quite often, customers in our warehouse fall in love with letters and then go home with completely different logos than they had planned. Because the patina was so special, or the history of the origin has particularly addressed her. Or simply because a letter had exactly the color that suited her living room so well. Especially when working with the scheme with color schemes, a matching letter is the

friend letters livelaughlove friend letters Nursery

What’s your next “project” at home? Are you looking for a particular piece of furniture or will a room get a makeover?

The next project is quite extensive. After four years in our house, we finally get down to the floor on the ground floor. We chose gray linoleum as an alternative to a concrete floor. Whether it looks like we imagine it in the end? This is going to be exciting! In the process, we also say goodbye to the oak cabinets in our kitchen. Maybe that’s why I photograph them so often because I still like the old 1970s fronts. But the kitchen is just getting old. We are currently in the middle of planning for the new kitchen.

Friendly letters kitchen
Friendly letters dining table

Do you show us your favorite corner? I am very excited about your kitchen with the great concrete worktop, the room is totally beautiful!

The kitchen is clearly our center of life. Here family life takes place during the day. That’s why we got the big kitchen table made. So everyone has room to spread, to do homework, to snob vegetables for food, to paint, to read newspapers. We cast the concrete worktop ourselves. This will be in the fall for the new kitchen furniture then also. Now we have practice! I also like to sit at the secretary in the bedroom. From there you look directly into the green.

Friend letters Secretary

Above the secretary in the bedroom hang the letters “S” and “Y” – which of course stand for Sabine and Yves.

Which pages / blogs do you like to visit? Do you have tips for us?

The beauty of blogging for me is that you meet so many nice people. For example, Julia, behind the label Philuko plugged. Or Gudy of eclectic trends , Or other shop owners like Carolin with her The District Six Store , I also like well written blogs with a personal touch. One of my favorite blogs is Okka Rohds, for example slow motion , Or A Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard. There are so many blogs and quite a lot I like. You always have to be careful not to lose yourself. That can be very difficult. Again and again I find inspiration on Pinterest. My favorite platform is currently Instagram ,

How do you like it on, have you already looked around?

I like the mix of interior design and DIY ideas. Of course, the most exciting thing is always the insights in other people’s apartments. I’ll click here again …

Dear Sabine, thank you very much for the great insights and the exciting interview – I’m going to look around with you now and think about which letters could best move in with me …


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