How do residential bloggers live? An interview with Ricarda of 23sqm style

Presentation Ricarda of 23sqm style

Exactly one month ago I showed you on Roombeez, like the blogger Caro of sodapop design lives. Today you can read about an interview with Ricarda von 23sqm style happy, who lives in a house near Cologne.

Hello Ricarda, You give your readers on 23sqm style great interior design inspirations. Where do you take your beautiful ideas from?

I always say: “You have to be curious – online and offline”. I just like to go around the world with open eyes and let myself be inspired. I come up with ideas during a city walk, through a newspaper article that I read in the morning, a fair or a journey. Often I am inspired by my own home, by looking at other blogs or a living magazine that I have just flipped through.

Especially great I find the furniture love series on your blog, in which I myself could already speak and answer. But tell us: What is your favorite piece of furniture and why does it deserve this title?

My favorite piece of furniture is an old dresser that belonged to my husband’s cousin. She died of cancer a few years ago and left us the dresser. Now she stands in my office and houses vases, candlesticks and dishes.

Dresser 23sqm style

Chic heirloom: The wooden chest of drawers with floral decoration brings a romantic touch in Ricarda’s kitchen.

The insights into your house and your garden, which you show on your blog, are always inspiring. How would you describe your style of living?

The keyword “style mix” is probably the best. My house was built in 1918 and has a very old oak staircase and old floorboards. The kitchen is very modern, the living room cozy and some design classics join inherited pieces of furniture and practical of Ikea.

chair Grünkopf What’s your next “project” in your home? Do you still have big redesign plans or will you soon move in a particular piece of furniture?

Yes, there is a big project coming up that will result in many smaller projects. The bathroom is to be renovated this year! And new floors are to be laid on the upper floors and the nursery rooms, which have since become teen rooms, are being redesigned a bit.

Are you showing us your favorite corner in your home?

My favorite room in the house has been our kitchen since the renovation. Here we stay almost the whole day, here is breakfast, newspaper read, blogged, drunk coffee, homework is done and in the evening is cooked and talked.

Kueche2 kitchen1

Where do you find yourself most likely to go looking for new favorite pieces?

Online I like to look in shops that have Scandinavian accessories and furniture. “Artvoll” for example or “Stoll” from Cologne. But also smaller shops like “lamesa” from my blogger friend Sabine. Also with “etsy” and “Dawanda” I like to rummage. But I have noticed lately that it is still nice to shop properly. I have just been to Antwerp, where there are many great and special shops. I like things that have a history, and they’re often found at flea markets or in vintage stores.

And which blogs do you like to read yourself – or do you not even want to stop by somewhere else?

Of course I still read blogs! One of my favorite furnishing blogs is clearly the one Happy interior blog from Roombeez author Igor , Your site Elbmadame of course and also at Sanvie from Kerstin I like to watch over. Just like Caro from sodapop design , Maren of Minza wants summer and at Desiree of Vosges Paris , The nice thing is that I now know many bloggers personally. It makes reading even more fun and makes you feel at home with friends!

Did you already have an opportunity to get up Roombeez to look? Do you like space bees with us?

Of course I have already looked around with you and I like it a lot! Especially the space tourists I find it exciting, because I like traveling and traveling. To see how others live is always exciting and inspiring!

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