How do residential bloggers live? An interview with Karina from oh what a room

Presentation Karina of ohwhataroom

Last month, you saw Ricarda from the living blog 23sqm style dear, today I introduce you to Karina oh what a room and her home in Hamburg. She gives us an insight into her apartment in Scandinavian style. Her home plays the main role on her blog, but now she also wants to present highlights of other apartments there. Maybe then, the new section will even make Karina’s weekly TV design competition tips that were my favorite posts on her site so far.

Hello Karina, what would you call the biggest challenge in the design of your apartment?

I have a real luxury problem there: a fairly large living and dining room. Often one reads that in large rooms the different areas should be visually separated from one another by carpets or the like. We have installed two “room dividers” here. A kind of console separates the dining area and the recamière of our sofa limits the living area. I think that’s pretty well done. But for the big room I think some of our furniture is too “light”. I really like more filigree designs à la Fifties. In the open space, unfortunately, at the moment one, two pieces under. So I have to think about something else.

You regularly change your decoration according to season and mood. Is there still a piece that is so dear to your heart that it will never never be stored in a box? Are you showing it to us?

Oh yes, my Vase of Bloomingville ! It has an ideal size and shape for tulips and I have tulips in my house constantly and nearly every season. The bright, delicate blue of the vase also goes well with spring, summer, autumn and winter. Sometimes it looks flowery-fresh, sometimes icy-tender.

This vase is the absolute favorite piece of the author of the living blog Oh what a room. When I see your well-organized apartment, I always dream of just as much order and structure in my home. This never works so well for me. But is there still room for chaos, junk or the proverbial rumbling corner?

Already, but we are really good stewards and cleaners. Of course you also need corners for trinkets, but even there is no real chaos here. We have a small storage room and an attic, where everything is neatly cleared out in boxes and shelves. I also have my little junk drawer, in which everything that has no room for a while is parked in between.

That sounds really exemplary! Maybe I should make some order in my attic. What’s your next project for the apartment? Do you have renovation plans or will soon move in a specific piece of furniture?

I want to finally make our balcony really nice. Our furniture is thrown together a bit, we have hardly any plants and no decoration. At the moment I do not know what it will look like at the moment, because outdoor areas are still unknown areas for me. Let’s see what I think of it!

Are you showing us your favorite corner at your home?

Clear! My favorite corner is our dining table. I especially like the wallpaper, the black chairs and the old Poulsen lamp. I also like that you can decorate the table so nicely. Through the windows on the side falls a lot of light, so it is so wonderfully bright!

Your own home is on Karina's living blog Oh what a room in the center. Lots of natural light is great, you’re right. Do you also tell us where you are looking for new favorite pieces?

With me around the corner is one Bolia -Filiale, where I look very, very happy again and again. I also like the store LIV here in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. There I have often found beautiful gifts. But I’m also a big Ikea fan. Can not be overlooked, right? And the flea markets are not to be forgotten! Since I was little, I can not miss a flea market!

As a woman from the subject, you certainly also know one or the other great blog. Do you have some tips for us?

The greatest inspirations I find Beautiful and A Merry Mishap ,

Did you already have the opportunity to look around at Do you like the space bees?

Yes, I like it awesome! I especially like the DIYs. And I think your teamwork is great: The articles are very diverse!

Dear Karina, many thanks for the great interview!


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