How do residential bloggers live? An interview with Caro from sodapop-design

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How do design and living bloggers live? What are your favorite pieces and are there still chaos behind the camera with all the beautiful pictures on the blogs? I have these questions from Caro sodapop design and would like to introduce you to Roombeez in the future regularly more residential bloggers. Caro has been showing great handmade products and special design highlights on the net since 2009. The fact that she is a graphic artist by profession and has many creative ideas is reflected not only in the stylish design of her blog but also in her monthly wallpapers, her DIYs and the useful downloads on her site.

Sodapop was one of the first ever blogs I’ve ever read – and having met Caro many times in real life, I can tell you that she’s at least as amiable live as her blog reads.

Jasmin: You give your readers great inspirations on your blog sodapop-design. Where do you get your ideas from?

Caro: Yeah, good question … I keep my eyes open all the time, read blogs, countless magazines and I’m absolutely Pinterest -addicted. And sometimes the ideas come just like that … eating ice cream or just before falling asleep. Inspirations are everywhere. Of course, I’m also always happy when readers tell me about interesting shops.

Currently you are showing a lot of great before-and-after impressions of your new home on the blog. Is there any chaos or unfinished corners at which you still puzzling?

Oh yes, lots! After all, there are four rooms, a guest bathroom and a guest bathroom, which I have not shown my readers yet. And for a good reason. Although the guest toilet is already completely finished – but the light in the small room is so besch … because I find it difficult to take good pictures. The guest bathroom is not nearly finished yet.

At the moment I’m working on the bedroom right now. We recently got a new bed, but I’m still undecided on how to make the bedroom around it. A new wall paint is supposed to be produced and unfortunately we have not found any matching bedside tables yet. It may take some time until I show something on my blog again. Then of course there is the garden or the entire outdoor area. The facade is not plastered yet. Phew: If I list this here, we still have a lot to do. But well, such a house is never really finished, I have told me.

How would you describe your style of living?

This is difficult. Not colorful, anyway. I prefer muted colors. Black and white – and wood – dominate here. I have a weakness for design classics and Scandinavian design. Clear lines and such. But it took me a long time to find my style. I tell you countless bad buys. Today I know that a pink flowerpot only makes me happy in the store …

Residential blogger device sodapop

Are you showing us your favorite corner / furniture?

I love our open kitchen. A new kitchen is something nice. So much space. Anyway, I really like everything about our house at the moment, because everything is so new and we live the first time without woodchip wallpaper. And with the tiles in the bathroom, which we chose ourselves. The whole house makes me happy. And hopefully our patio will be my favorite place. We have just bought a new barbecue and will soon be followed by the first garden furniture.

Residential blogger kitchen sodapop

Residential blogger kitchen sodapop Flea market or furniture store, where to find you sooner?

I meet everywhere, where there are beautiful furniture. I like to go to Ikea and I like to walk on a flea market. But most of all, I like small furniture shops – especially those where you can buy both vintage and new things. Shops where you have to browse a bit. Here in Koblenz, there are hardly any such shops. But when I’m in Hamburg I always have a visit to Wohngeschwister, Oktopus, PLY and Johanna Schulz on the program.

And which blogs do you like to read yourself – or do you not even get to look at others? Do you have an insider tip for us on which pages we should definitely stop by?

In fact, I barely come to reading other blogs. For “Creature comforts” and “Oh hello friend” I like to check it out. Of course, too, ” decor8 “And food blogs like” Sugar cinnamon & love “Or” lykkelig “On my list. ” Mintlametta “,” 23sqm style “,” Tiny “,” Titatoni “… There are so many wonderful blogs. Oh yes, I almost forgot one: your blog, Jasmin, the wonderful one Elbmadame ,

And did you already have an opportunity to get up Roombeez to look? How do you like the new team living blog?

Yes, of course I am already up Roombeez look around. A nice idea and a site that I will definitely visit more often – especially because of the many DIY tutorials.

Dear Caro, many thanks for the great interview – and sodapop is on the top of our reading list!


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