How do residential bloggers live? An interview with Bridgee from Little Star Blog

Presentation of Bridgee Melling by Little Star Blog

Some time ago, Jasmine showed you how Residential blogger Karina from oh what a room has set up her home. Today we make a detour to beautiful Munich and take a look in the apartment of Bridgee Melling Little Star Blog , The mother of two presents regularly on her page beautiful interior design ideas, designs and fashion for children.

Love Bridgee, living with children – that often sounds like chaos, compromise, stress. How do you manage your profession, blogging, children, husband, dog and your beautiful home?

To be honest, when mom is always plaguing your bad conscience. In order to get everything under one roof, I have learned to cut back on my perfectionism and even let five be straight. Otherwise, we have a digital family calendar and my husband supports me wherever he can!

Lifestyle Blogger Little Star Blog Bedroom Living with child Little star blog living room

Are there any rules when setting up for a home to be “child proof”? You also have a white sofa in your home …

(laughs) That’s right, we have a white sofa that lasts for a long time nursery stood and otherwise it is important to us, even with children to live nice and tidy. To make this possible, we have introduced a few simple rules at home: The kids are allowed to make as much mess as they like during the day, but every night everything is put back in its place. Everything that lies around then comes away (which we have never had to do). There is a box or a place for everything in the nursery (such as for Lego, dolls, books, etc.) and the little ones know exactly: Only if you treat your things beautifully, then you enjoy it for a long time. We eat only at the dining table and then the mouth and hands are washed, thus reducing the risk of stains.

Great theme Nursery decor: The boys want car motifs, the girls want the Hello Kitty wallpaper. Can a design lover design a nursery that suits the children and their own aesthetic requirements?

I can only say: definitely! Our kids have been surrounded by beautiful things right from the start, and so they have developed a sense of design, almost by themselves. We do not have Hello Kitty and a gender-specific facility, but since they do not know that, they have not requested it so far. To keep it that way! (Laughs)

Living with child Little Star Blog White Sofa nursery

Are there any specific tips and tricks on how to set up a nice nursery?

But yes, the nursery should fit the rest of the apartment, the little ones but also room to play and dream. Since there are many beautiful and child-friendly designs today, a beautiful one Nursery equipment luckily no problem anymore! There are also many colors and concepts that are not gender specific, which is convenient when, like us, a sibling couple shares a room.

Which are the favorite pieces of furniture of your children and why?

I’m a big fan of putting “adult” design furniture into a nursery that can grow with it, recombine again and again, and that little ones have a lifetime of something. A good example would be the Eames rocking chair by Vitra or the shelf 606 by Vitsoe. My children’s favorite items are a black Panton Junior chair and a black and white Luigi Colani FLÖTOTTO children’s desk from the 70s, which is a family heirloom.

Living with child Little star blog daughter Little Star Nursery Blog

Do you have any plans for a new furnishing or decoration project in your home soon?

Yes, the next project is always lurking around the corner and I plan to complete the next Nicks and Charlie’s children’s room remodel , We already have the wall paint for it: a soft light gray. More will not be revealed here, but of course I will present the finished room on my Little Star blog!

Thanks for the interview Bridgee!

Here are a few more impressions from the Munich apartment:

All photos: © Bridgee Melling / Little Star Blog


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