How do residential bloggers live? An interview with Anne von hafenmaedchen

Presentation Anne von hafenmaedchen

Today we are visiting Anne, aka hafenmaedchen , I love to read your blog and am always very happy about the stories from my blog Hometown Hamburg , Her delicious recipes and her wonderfully sympathetic nature. In addition, Anne lives quite wonderful, as the name implies, at the Waterkant in Hamburg and has created her little paradise there. Here comes a little insight.

Dear Anne, first tell us a bit about you and your blog hafenmaedchen. And how did you even come to blogging?

After my half-year au pair stay in London, I made Hamburg my adopted home. For me, it was out of the question to move back to the country, because London has shown me what a big city has to offer and I enjoy the big city life until today. The many cafes, shopping and the charm of the different parts of the city. During the time in London, I came to blogging to keep family and friends up to date.
In Hamburg, I then started a new blog, which should hold the life here. Over time, the blog has developed and became the hafenmaedchen blog as it is now, focusing on food, DIY and lifestyle.

living room

How would you describe your style of living?

I would say my apartment has the typical Ikea chic with a personal touch. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to put white furniture and small color accents on the walls. The floor plan of the apartment makes this possible, so that only smaller walls are painted and the majority has remained white. Meanwhile, furniture has been replaced and designer pieces added. This mix is ​​doing very well. It is fun to bring new momentum to the apartment with small changes. In each room you will find personal items that either tell a story or are simply pretty to look at. Fresh flowers are almost always in my house.

What is your favorite piece of furniture and why?

Currently my favorite piece is my new coffee table. A mix of DIY and purchased. The metal basket is from Ferm Living and was given to me by friends for a birthday. I cut the tabletop together with my father and painted it in the color of the desk.

Coffee table-hafenmaedchen Setup workspace

What was the last big “project”, what you have implemented in your apartment?

My last big project has been finished recently. I wanted a creative workplace, but he should not be off the peg, but built himself. I had clear ideas: tall, pretty and practical. After all, my dad built a table for me. Pine slats from the hardware store were glued together and painted in dark brown. The table frame has still found in the fundus with my father. For me it was important that the desk is sometimes suitable as a background for taking pictures. In addition, he should be big enough, on the one hand to be able to work well, but also the sewing machine should have some space.
For a visit, the desk can be converted into a dining table with just a few clicks and then there is room for eight people. The workplace completes the comfortable HAY chair perfectly. I fell in love with this design part and am now looking forward to it every day when I look at it. I like my job very much and like spending time on the computer. Definitely also a favorite place.

decorated table-hafenmaedchen decorated-Fruehstueckstisch

Where do you prefer to spend time at home?

I like being in mine kitchen , I like the cheerful purple on the wall, which I have not had enough of after five years. I like to throw butter, sugar, milk, yeast, flour and an egg into my food processor KitchenAid , which not only knead practically to the dough but is also incredibly pretty to look at. And I’m happy when the yeast dough has risen and I can get fresh Franzbrötchen with a large portion of cinnamon from the oven.

Anne takes great pleasure in covering the breakfast table nicely on the weekend and getting fresh treats out of the oven. With good conversations with friends you can stay for a while at the kitchen table.

Where do you find yourself most likely to go looking for new favorite pieces? Flea market, online shopping or prefer straight to business?

At times, I like to stroll around flea markets and have already found nice pieces for the apartment. B. an old magazine rack, vases and other trifles. But I prefer to go to selected stores and let myself be inspired locally.


Your favorite shopping tips for Hamburg?

One of my absolute favorites in Hamburg are the Wohngeschwister in Schanzenviertel. I rarely go out there without a grocery bag. There are a variety of branded products, very attractively decorated, in different corners. Selected design parts can also be found at LIV or Lys Vintage. It’s worth a visit.

And which blogs do you prefer to read yourself? Or do not you come to look elsewhere?

I have to admit, unfortunately I hardly manage to read all my favorite blogs, which usually ends with pictures sifting. But if a blog post attracts me, I like to read it through to the end and take my time. For inspiration in the kitchen I like to look at Ina von ” whatinaloves “Over, Steffi from” Ohhhmhhh “Always inspires me with her great ideas and her way of writing and” Madame Love “Inspired again and again with great flowery decoration ideas and has brought me a lot of flowers closer, so found the way to my apartment. Your photos are just terrific.


Thank you for the interview, dear Anne. Now, we all want to have your kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a fresh Franzbrötchen in your hand.


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