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I do not just find the question ” How do residential bloggers live? “Exciting, but I’m also interested in how it looks at people who expertly advise other people in terms of setting up. Anette Laurim of ” look! pimp my room “Is a blogger and interior consultant in one person. All the more interesting to see how she lives and what she advises.

As an interior expert, the housing advice is your daily craft. How hard is it to get organized?

Anyone can live beautifully and it is certainly not a question of budget. Often it is enough to clear or clear the room a bit and set a few new color accents to achieve a better sense of living.

To advise, you are always in the apartments of other people. How do Germans live and what are the biggest problems with setting up?

I am usually called for the living room. But during my tours I always notice how uncomfortable many bedrooms are. Mostly there is a pretty sober atmosphere. In addition to huge cabinets, there are often also ironing board, clothes horse and all sorts of stuff that would rather belong in a storage room. This is certainly due to the fact that storage space in German apartments is in short supply. But nevertheless you should be able to relax in the bedroom and also there to provide a feel-good atmosphere.

Aufmacher_2 Are there some simple tricks on how to make your home more comfortable and personal?

When setting up you must not rush. Whoever sets out and quickly buys an entire living room need not be surprised if he then feels at home in the furniture store. By contrast, if each piece is carefully chosen, a sense of what is now fitting in the corner next to the sofa is almost automatically developed. Only what really likes, should be allowed to move in at home. In addition, it is advisable to simply trust his gut feeling instead of stubbornly following any trends. After all, you have to feel good in the apartment yourself.

nightstand lamp

What interests us all, of course, burning: How does a housing consultant live? How would you describe your interior style and how often do you change your living concept?

I enjoy experimenting. Of course, I also try new trends at home. And so that this is possible without much effort, all major pieces of furniture are kept in neutral white. By replacing or rearranging accessories, cushions and carpets, you can quickly create a new look. This does not happen overnight, of course, but always gradually. “Done” never exists with me. In summer I love it happy and motley. From the autumn it may be less color again.

Couch_orange bunte_Sitzecke

Finally, an expert question: What interior trends you can not get around right now?

The trend is towards coziness. You put down carpets under the sofa and sink into his sofa cushions. Mid-century classics are combined into modern pieces. Most important home accessories are currently houseplants. For a long time they were a no-go in the perfectly styled apartment, today they are a must-have. Also in demand is more individuality. Home-made items are often even preferred over designer items.

Thank you for the interview!

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All photos: Anette Laurim / Look! Pimp Your Room


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