Home visit on the Mallorcan coast: rock star with wings

White staircase with stone rocks

If you travel to Mallorca, you will not miss the work of star architect Alberto Rubio. His Birdhouse “Residencia RockStar” on the coast of Majorca is a spectacular building that tourists passing by will not soon forget. We talked to the star architect about his penchant for organic building and his philosophy of combining comfort with beauty.


ROOMBEEZ : Mr Rubio, you have made a name for yourself worldwide with your Bird Houses. Was there a key moment for the development of this idea?

Alberto Rubio : Yes. I stood on a cliff on the coast to start a new project. In front of my inner eye I saw a house with a winged roof, which takes off and flies over the sea. That’s how it all started.

ROOMBEEZ : Which characteristics of the birds do you transfer to your buildings?

Alberto Rubio : We work with forms that flow from the center to the sides. Seagulls with outstretched wings have that particular harmony in their body lines. We want our homes to radiate a similar visual balance both inside and out.


ROOMBEEZ : Does the environment affect your design?

Alberto Rubio : Fundamental. We first deal with the perspectives and examine every detail on the site. In this particular project, we’ve integrated the steep rocks into our design: “If you can not defeat your opponent, team with him.”

ROOMBEEZ : Which philosophy underlies your work?

Alberto Rubio : We try to enrich the life with comfort and beauty and create a visual continuity between the house, the landscape and the sea.

ROOMBEEZ : Are there any German architects you admire?

Alberto Rubio : There are many great German architects, but I want to highlight Mies van der Rohe. His Barcelona Pavilion is an anticipation of modern architecture, a prime example of how poetry and sensation are translated into one building.

Further insights into the RockStar domicile in our gallery view:

Photo credits: Oliver Mallah and Don Murray. Interior Design: Judith Paul


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