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Home Office furniture made stylish: My World Sofa by Starck

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Home Office Furniture by Starck- MyWorld Sofa

Nowadays the furniture is rather something useful and no longer a luxury. Many of us do not have to show up at the office at any given time. You can be equally productive at home. Exactly these perceptions corresponds to the designer’s MyWorld sofa Philippe Starck ,

This piece illustrates an important fact: the modern home office furniture does not have to be boring and conventional anymore.

But in all cases the functionality is still of fundamental importance

home office furniture special place for laptop

The working day can begin

home office furniture many drawers

Are you at the very beginning of your home office design? My advice to you is to play it safe and rely on ergonomics! In our case, the connectivity was secured in accordance with the aesthetics. Something like that is located on the side panel – a USB charger, built-in electrical box and Duracell Powermat.

How do you actually find the wood additions on the sides? What would you bring in your office there! Does the model fit your style?

Compact and multifunctional

home office zigzag chairs

In between, just take a break

home office furniture cover made of linen side table

There is room for everything you need to work

home office furniture in cream to relax

Tasty combinations

home office great exhibition

Creative work – antique and modern design

home office furniture antique flair Comfortable can also mean elegant home office furniture in cream spacious and comfortable


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