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Home office design for two people – Share your work space and get your marriage

Home office design for two people modern equipped wall shelves open

Share your workspace and get your marriage

Have you ever tried to share a workspace with your husband? Me and my husband coped with this task for many years. But to do that, we had to make many improvements in the originally small and gloomy area.

Home office design for two people

Home office design for two people workroom office chairs

Originally we only had one common desk and now we have two separate slender and simple tables. The investment was not small, but the quality and the space saved had a prosperous impact on our shared life.

Actually, the two tables provide more work space, but the sleek appearance and the space for the feet gives you a sense of breadth and freedom.

What you always have to keep in mind:

Advice 1

Each partner needs different things in the office and the voice of everyone involved needs to be respected equally.

Compromises should be made at any point in the process

Home office design for two people cabinets chairs office white

Natural light is a very important element in the home office. So if you do not have any windows, you should definitely integrate a bright light that works well.

Advice 2

If in doubt, you should opt for the comfortable feeling of the two partners, rather than the customized but uncomfortable look. This will make you feel relaxed and not too nervous.

Home office design for two people workroom black wall panel

In our case we had to remove due to lack of space a bookshelf. As a result, we have shelves mounted on the wall.

Advice 3

Everything has to be aligned with the harmony between the partners. Everyone should feel they have enough private space and feel at ease in it.

Advice 4

This point should also serve as a final word to the whole. Every functioning relationship needs certain rules. We have listed some possible ones, but you can certainly customize and customize them.

Here are a few tips that I think are universal.

– Keep your job clean

– Make a phone call in the other room

– Listen to the radio with headphones

– Make coffee and lunch breaks together so you do not forget why they actually share a home office!

Now I leave room for your own rules here

Home office design for two people redesign


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