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Presentation Kristina

Hello, I’m Kristina, the new one guest blogger on Roombeez. In the coming months I can give you great ideas for a better home! So that you get to know me and my living style even better, today you get a first insight into my house.

I can give free rein to my home ideas on almost 180 square meters. The room where I spend the most time and which is also my favorite room is my office on the ground floor. Since I work as an independent graduate engineer in architecture and interior designer, I also have customer visits. Thanks to the many shelves in my office, I always have my material samples ready for such meetings. And because I like it bright and tidy, all furniture, folders and drawers are kept in white and labeled.

House Kristina bureau House Kristina Büro2

My desk can not be big enough for me. Currently I have a three-meter-long desk for designing, building, crafting and drawing … How long does it stay so “small”? Let’s see! The ground floor is actually a single large room with a seamless gray epoxy floor. Showpieces are the self-designed built-in wardrobe – a true Storage wonders – and the huge dining table made of thick beech wood planks, both are in the dining area.

House Kristina dining table House Kristina esstisch2

The house is dominated by my favorite colors, gray and white. So that it does not look too clean, I combine wood and a pinch of turquoise or blue tones. My decor is a colorful mix of flea market finds, bulky waste, recycled design and home-made. I usually buy new furniture in industrial or vintage style. And everywhere there are homemade lights – but more elsewhere!

House Kristina living room

The gray and white that dominates in her house, relaxes Kristina with blue and turquoise tones.

The living room is probably the cuddiest room in the house. The many pillows on the sofa and the fireplace contribute to the fact that I prefer to spend my evenings here. So far, only two walls in the house are painted in color: There is an anthracite colored in the office and a wall with black board color in the guest bathroom.

Otherwise, I like to decorate the walls with pictures. In one of the bedrooms hangs above the bed a picture wall with the motto fern, my favorite plant. Ferns fascinate me and somehow remind me of holidays.

House Kristina bedroom

As on vacation, I also feel on the terrace. As soon as the sun is shining, I spend every free minute outside. And even there it does not stop with my DIY ideas: Behind a self-made wood screen from trees in the garden hides a large lounge area.

House Kristina Terrace1 House Kristina Terrasse2

For that I missed the right table for a long time. He should be able to stand outside all year round and be cheap. From the house remodeling a few wooden pallets are left on which once cobblestones were delivered. I just made myself a table myself! I stacked three pallets on top of each other. Due to their own weight, they do not slip, so you do not need to attach them together. In addition, you can separate the pallets if necessary, which then creates several shelves. If you prefer a rustic look to patio furniture, you do not even have to sand down the pallets. I lacquered them directly and decided for black, which suited the rest of the lounge furniture. The bottom palette got a few more rolls – so the heavyweight stays flexible and I can move it without anyone having to tackle.

For those of you who can not fall back on such “remnants” of house building: You can get pallets like these for a few euros on the Internet or for about 12 euros in the building materials trade.

I look forward to sharing such and many other DIY ideas with you in the future!


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