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Garden trees color the outside

garden trees

In this article we will talk about a very interesting topic, that is the garden trees that you can plant and care for more color to the exterior of your home. We will also see the different types of Trees depending on its leaf, barred or perennial, although we focus on trees and shrubs. We also give you some options of fruit trees that you can plant in the garden.

Garden trees for decorating the outside

Outdoor garden trees

Typically, trees are very good choice, because the outside for the decoration in spring flower offers especially a very good shade help to decorate the outside and summer when the tree is bigger and thicker.

The Japanese Maple is a very elegant tree for outdoor use

decorate garden trees

One of the most elegant and attractive garden trees is the Japanese Maple. This tree grows up to 4 or even 6 meters high and does not tolerate strong heat. For their care and maintenance are moderate climates and a position in the shade or partial shade ideal. You must protect it from the winds and it is cultivated because of the color it offers, as its fruits are considered decorative.

The red plum of one of the fruit trees that fill with color

Garden trees decorate outside

On the other hand, the red plum comes from Asia and is not considered a very large tree because its height can reach up to 8 meters in height. These ornamental garden trees bloom in late winter and early spring, when they are covered by small flowers. Its red color adorns the exterior in a very attractive and beautiful way.

Lenando von colors the garden with the crepe

Garden trees decoration

The crepe also comes from Asia in Japan and China and is very frost resistant. Its foliage is very decorative and therefore it is one of the ornamental garden trees that will help you to decorate your exterior.

The Chinese rose, a good idea to give the garden an interesting touch

Outdoor decoration garden trees

This small tree or shrub also comes from Asia, but unlike the previous ones, it does not tolerate the cold and therefore it is very suitable for warmer climates. It can grow up to 4 meters and you can find it in different colors. There are varieties of yellow, fuchsia, etc. and they bloom from spring to fall. It is one of the species of garden trees that are highly valued for its decorative power, as it introduces a lot of attractiveness and originality.

Holly, a small tree for outside

small garden trees

Holly is one of the trees of Garden evergreen, which is also very resistant and has many varieties. It blooms in the spring and the flutes of this tree are the ones used in many of the Christmas decorations. These garden trees are not considered fruit trees, although they have small fruits because they are poisonous and if you have a home it is advisable that you take care of the children.

The creeping Sabina, a tree from which you can make yourself small in a pot

Interior Garden Trees

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that some garden trees can first be planted in a pot and grown enough to move in the garden. The Sabina is one of those trees that also have a trunk and a very interesting way to grow. It is a very resilient tree that grows very slowly. It also does not rot and does not suffer from insect infestation due to its resin.

La Morera Llorona, a tree with drooping branches

original garden trees

Among the small trees for the garden, we also offer the weeping mulberry tree. This tree is named in this way by its hanging branches. He is considered one of the small garden trees, since he does not reach a very high altitude. It is a tree that resists the sea and pollution and also gives white and pink fruits that ripen in the summer.

A very original and interesting tree, the elephant paw

interesting garden trees

On the other hand, if you want to introduce originality and modernity to your garden, you can choose this elephant paw tree. This plant is native to Mexico and can be raised in a pot. As expected, it is a plant that resists heat and dry climate and therefore does not need to be overpoured.

The Japanese cherry tree can be planted in front of your house

Fruit trees garden

On the other side, you can also choose to decorate your outside with some fruit trees for the garden, and you can choose the Japanese cherry tree. It is a tree that has a few varieties to choose from and always has a beautiful flower in spring. What you have to note about this tree is that it is not necessary to prune it, you can just remove the leaves and the dry branches and you do not have to cut very fat branches because the tree does not support it.

The Lilo of two colors, white and purple, which you can combine for the outside

purple garden trees The Lilo is one of the garden trees or bushes that fills your exterior not only with a great color, but also with a very pleasant aroma. You can choose between the lilo with purple or white flowers.

A very small tree, the plum of the blossom

pink garden trees

A very interesting fruit tree for your garden, the Japanese apple tree

Trees for the garden

Introduction to style and elegance in the garden with the rose of Syria

Ornamental trees for the garden

The fir of Korea, a very original variety for your garden

evergreen trees

The Colorado spruce or blue spruce, a variety of pine trees

decorate evergreen garden trees

The goat pasture looks down

small trees for the garden

The acacia of three thorns, a tree of greater height for the garden

Decorate trees for the garden

Hawthorn to decorate the garden with its white flowers

Decorate decorative trees for the garden

The cow’s leg is ideal for smaller gardens

decorative trees for the garden

The mourning birch with coming branches

Decorate ornamental trees for the garden

Decorate the garden with the purple flowers of Lilo

Types of trees for the garden

Trees and shrubs for outdoor decoration

Fruit trees for the garden


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