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Garden stones for design and decoration

Gardens stones harmonic effects plants

In the gardens are river stones and other perfect solutions to decorate them. In general, the design of each garden is something special.

When it is made with stones, another way to reduce stress and be in contact with nature. For the gardens, stones create a special and cozy air in the design.

Gardens stones and modern decorative details

Gardens stones furniture simple colors

Regardless of the dimensions of the stones, they look fresher and the natural note is emphasized. Irrespective of their tonality, the stones are perfect for decorating forgotten corners in the garden. In the same way, stones in the gardens are the perfect solution to cover some imperfections. When designing the garden with boulders or others we get many benefits.

Stone gardens simulating a river in this design for rustic atmosphere

Gardens stones mix herb salons

The stones can be easily accommodated and adapt to many rooms. Especially those who can stay between the pots or other objects. As we can see in the pictures, we can define that Paths arrive almost perfectly. In the gardens, stones also allow to make fences and infinity of decorations. In general, stones in the gardens can completely change the style.

Different stones to distinguish the edges and the areas where the plants are in the garden

Garden stones contrasting small landscapes

Lighter stones are often sold than others and have a high aesthetic value. There are other wholly whites that are among the most resistant to environmental change. What is very important for the terrace and the garden looks good for a longer time. A lighter hue gives the visual effect a greater contrast. With some imagination in the gardens, stones of this kind can be placed on paths, pots or at the edges.

With a variety of shades that give the paths in gardens life and dynamism

Gardens stones artistic furniture plants

In the latter case, we include both the edges of the gardens and the swimming pools. The stones can interact directly with the different plant species. In both cases we can do the Plants with stones and vice versa. There are situations in which the blocks that can be obtained in different shapes and materials are recommended. This is a solution designed especially for modern gardens.

Multiple groupings of circular shapes create additional appeal in designs

Gardens stones effects color branches

For gardens with rustic tendencies, the stones are equally perfect. With some knowledge they can even be integrated into the walls. For rustic terraces, the natural effects are enhanced in every detail. In particular, the use of boulders can not be separated from Zen gardens, where combinations of shapes and sizes are recommended.

Between the paths they connect perfectly with wood and concrete

Special colors colored concrete ideas

Here, the stones and an aesthetic effect have a traditional symbolism. For the cases of small gardens, the rocks are a unique opportunity in terms of decoration. If we do not have much space with them, you can change the picture without making a big investment. The result is always nice. The reason is that the stones give the whole place a decoration based on the good taste. Includes rustic details that are equally elegant.

The river rocks are ideal when it comes to roads that have a good transit

Gardens stones walls green colors

For many, the secret of decoration with stones lies in their selection. In addition, stone and place in the gardens always have a direct relationship. If we respect this, the rest is only harmoniously combined with flowers and plants. This will always give the gardens a personalized look.

They are always a nice addition to replicate small ponds of water and rivers

Gardens Stones Trails Rivers Lineas

The use of the stones is likewise an aspect related to the styles. As a variant to using plants and flowers, the garden can simply be rocks. It’s a perfect idea to get away from the typical floral design. In the gardens of this kind, to highlight the rocks, there must be a clean room. In this way, shapes and colors can be optimally emphasized. When we have clarity about the exact location, we need to be sure that there is good drainage.

A small group can put a different and more natural accent in the garden

some accentuating accent surfaces

If there is no good drainage, water accumulates which affects the image of the garden. A mixture of the earth with a little sand helps in a way to avoid waterlogging. In the rockeries, plants should be selected in addition to the stones, which require little care. Although not combined with flowers, the effect of the stones is always impressive. Enjoy these good examples that you can apply in your garden in the same way.

Another variant to define the paths with small rocks that delimit spaces

Trees materials special systems trails

For natural environments, enhance the image of every aspect of the garden

white room lines pictures silloas

A component in the Zen Gardens, which should not be missed in order to give them character

Components Zen Gardens Nevcesario lines

Attractive contrasts arise when mixed with white artificial stones

Differences spaces styles of artificial colors

This variant in a lighter shade stands out in the green of this modern garden

elegant materials ideas landscapes wood

Another good example of the possible uses in the styles of the trails

Pictures special components furniture pictures

When it comes to limiting areas in the gardens, the river rocks are an option

interesting pattern colors effects demarcation

Rocks on the edges of pools, a variant of other solutions with vegetation

Patios Pools Concepts Walls Vegetation

Geometric shapes are another attraction in designs, TS landscapes

Gardens Stones Bridges Bridges Bridges

A look at the effect in the patio from the area of ​​the pergola and the wooden bridge

Pergolas Locations Ambience Ideas Vista

In addition to shapes, color accents are important in applications

Rock Materials Functions Samples Colors

Setting of a landscape with a river of rocks grouped by colors and sizes

Simulation of rivers Gardens furniture stores

Ideas for terraces and gardens with modern style in decoration and design

Variants tracks special green colors

Another way to limit the wooden walls, beautiful rustic terrace

cool terrace styles colors river


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