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Garden furniture set made of wood: choose the right type of wood

garden furniture set wood wood type select

Wood: Sustainable material for your garden furniture set

A garden furniture set made of wood can be the perfect final touch in any garden design. It looks beautiful and gives us the opportunity to relax and enjoy the time of rest.

Garden furniture set made of wood

Rustic outdoor furniture set wood wooden pergola patio wood planks

Why wood?

Why should the garden furniture set be made of wood and not of any other material? For many people this is the best possible choice. This also applies to you if you:

  • can afford the highest quality wood material;
  • insist on the organic character of your pieces of furniture;
  • want to achieve an uncompromisingly natural character;
  • If you are prepared to regularly treat the garden furniture set made of wood with appropriate paint finishes and preparations and thus increase its endurance.

What are the advantages of this material?

Rustic outdoor furniture set wooden wooden table and plastic chairs

Most of these points need little or no further explanation. Only on the first point we would like to go into detail. It’s about the material of the garden furniture set. Wood is too general. Some woods provide the most sustainable comfort. They are also an ecological choice. Right here they are …

Which wood species should you choose?

garden furniture set wooden swing bench sustainable design


Acacia meets all criteria of sustainability. These trees grow abundantly in the woods. In addition, the resulting furniture is able to withstand the influence of the various elements.

Garden table with built-in benches made of wood

Rustic outdoor furniture set wood solid wood wooden table with benches

When it comes to the cultivation of the acacia, it would be very helpful to seal this material. You can keep the color original and dense.

Lounge furniture with an elegant, sustainable design

Rustic outdoor furniture set wood lounge furniture side tables


There are different types of cedar. No matter what you choose for your wooden garden furniture set, make a good and safe choice. The pieces of furniture will not rot and insects will not penetrate into them.

Do you want a wooden bench in your outdoor area?

garden furniture set wood bench build yourself

Even if you plan to paint the wooden garden furniture set in different shades, do yourself a great favor with this type of wood. It is very easy to process in this way.

Living room under the open sky

garden furniture set wood lounge furniture terrace wood flooring


The cypress wood has the ability to withstand insects and rotting. She does not even need any special editing. It is enough from time to time that you apply oil or varnish to your garden furniture set.

From the perspective of nature conservation, unfortunately, you will not find so much sustainable wood of this kind.

Recreational corner built entirely of wood

rustic garden furniture set wooden wood pergola lounge furniture design


This choice is of great stamina, but if you are environmentally conscious, you should refrain from it. Sometimes there are sustainably sourced wood materials of this kind, but they are overly expensive. Sequoia is growing very slowly.

Stylish wooden shelves for the garden plants

modern garden furniture set wood wall shelves plants

If you decide to, or find a way to prove the sustainability of the set, you’re in luck. Such a garden furniture set made of wood looks great and is resistant to insects and rotting.

Solid wood furniture in country style

Rustic outdoor furniture set wood solid wood furniture

Such a wooden garden furniture set would have another very charming feature. Teak oil – care once a year would keep the youthful radiance of the pieces of furniture.

Original armchair made of natural wood

garden furniture set wooden armchair made of natural wood

teak wood

Teakwood has become very popular in recent years. And not without reason. Teak wood has an even more sustainable character in terms of the endurance of the furniture made from it.

Such a garden furniture set made of wood would also age very nicely.

Armchair with elegant design

rustic outdoor furniture set wood elegant wooden armchair

Until a few years ago there was great abuse regarding its extraction. But strict measures have been taken and now the process is strictly regulated. So you also make a very sustainable choice with the teak wood.

And an example with a rural look

garden furniture set wood armchair build yourself

Another important remark about garden furniture set made of wood! You should make sure in the selection that the furniture has been made from the core of the tree. This material is visually darker and also very durable. If you can not tell it yourself or if it is not in the description, you would definitely need to find someone who knows it better.

Folding wood furniture for the small balcony

garden furniture set wood folding furniture for the balcony


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