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Garden cupboard – a practical enrichment of your garden

garden cabinet lime yellow rubber boots tin pot

Garden cupboard – a must for every modern outdoor area

Looking for something new for your outdoor area, which helps with tidying up there and housing all the small items? Should it be something like a garden cupboard?

The term has been very popular for several years. That has its good reasons.

Because it helps a lot in the organization in your garden or on the terrace. Everything looks tidier, more beautiful. Furthermore, it is very well protected. You are well aware that the quality also has to be very high, so that your garden cabinet can withstand the weather outside and still remain in top form.

Furniture from the interior, which can also serve as an outer wardrobe

garden cupboard dark white drinks party

In fact, in many cases you can use simple pieces of furniture from the interior outside. At least for a while, that can be good too. For this purpose, however, the corresponding pieces of furniture would have to be made of PVC. Other materials that can withstand the outside weather conditions are definitely an option. Sometimes this is especially worthwhile if you are looking for a second life for such pieces of furniture. Then it does not matter so much when they are consumed after a year or two. That would be the case anyway. Certain types of paint and other surfaces could extend the life of such furniture.

DIY garden cabinet made of wooden boxes

Garden cabinet diy green wooden boxes

The garden cupboard and security

In recent years, this topic has gained greater popularity. Especially in windy areas and when the garden has been combined with a patio area, there is a risk of injury. Be wide awake at the first signs of bad weather. There are many different ways to attach and tie the garden cabinet. If necessary, get advice from a specialist.

Special niche for the garden cupboard

Many of the dangers described above can be avoided if the garden cabinet is inserted in a special, purpose built or existing niche. Actually, you could put much more in such a niche than the garden cabinet. You can also design a washing or cooking area outside. This represents a unique opportunity for additional usable space.

Rough natural wood

Garden cabinet DIY cabinet wooden boards

Fight the moisture in the garden cabinet

Now let’s conclude the topic with this very important aspect. Whenever a piece of furniture of this kind is outside it is exposed to moisture. The moisture that collects also causes many other consequences, such as mildew. So you have to choose materials that work against it. If you have chosen a niche for your garden cabinet, then you should also choose the appropriate insulation. It should be one that allows the room and the furniture in this really free “breathe”. It is definitely worth investing in, especially if you want to keep the various pieces of furniture in the winter time.

Mirror at the garden cupboard

Yes, it is also fine! You can also spice up the outdoor area with a mirror. Secure it so that there are no accidents in the storm. In addition, it must be particularly resistant to moisture.

Space for the most important garden utensils

garden cabinet dark wood light shelves

Wardrobe in shabby chic style with wardrobe

garden cabinet dark shabby chic style

Garden cabinet especially for repotting plants

garden cabinet garden utensils ceramic pots flowers

Open shelves and many drawers

garden cabinet green white shelves

Simple in light wood

Garden cabinet light wood flowers

Unpretentious in light gray

garden cabinet ladder tin cans

Lemon yellow vintage cupboard as a flower stand

garden cupboard plant stand petunia

Narrow wooden boards

Wardrobe Obsolete painted boxwood

Garden cabinet in turquoise with plenty of storage space

garden cabinet vintage turquoise garden furniture

An old library cabinet gets second chance

Garden cabinet white vintage drawers


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