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Furniture made of veneer: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of veneer furniture

The furniture made of veneer is a very successful decision. This is true, however, if you know their good and bad qualities.

Today we offer you information about the special features of this material. Then you can decide for yourself whether the veneer furniture is suitable for you or not.

What is veneer?

what is veneer advantages disadvantages

Veneer is a natural material. These are thin wooden sheets, which are glued together. The thickness of the individual sheets varies between 0.1 and 0.3 millimeters and 3 to 5 millimeters.

Veneer Furniture

design furniture benefits advantages

From veneer different furniture can be worked out. It can also be used to make floors and doors. There are several types of veneer in appearance. The natural veneer has a structure that is as close as possible to natural wood.

Veneer lamps are trendy

designer furniture future of material light up

The colored veneer is processed with colors and stains and thus gets different shades.

Fine Line is a new line of processing of this material. Thanks to this veneer furniture can be made of soft wood species.

Innovative designer furniture is also made from this material

designer furniture benefits disadvantages

  • Advantages of furniture made of veneer

The veneer furniture is quite cheap, but has many of the positive qualities of these made of wood. This is a very environmentally friendly material. In its production no bad emissions are spread.

The furniture made of veneer are much lighter than those made of wood and many others. Their transport and insertion in the interior design works a lot better.

A very practical side table

veneer furniture design advantages disadvantages side table

They usually show a very stylish design. The furniture has its own texture and surface features, which are very similar to those of the wood.

Veneer can be used to make the most complicated pieces for interior decoration. Another very positive feature is their sustainability.

Bathroom furniture in wood look

badmobel design advantages disadvantages

  • Disadvantages of furniture made of veneer

The furniture made of veneer also have certain disadvantages. Here are some such:

  • The restoration works even with superficial damage very difficult.
  • Veneered furniture quickly fades when exposed to the sun.
  • They can not form straight corners and therefore it is practically impossible to put them in places with such contours.
  • The rough mechanical pressure leaves traces.
  • The surface of veneer furniture can be damaged by chemical cleaning agents.
  • The cheapest material could have an unpleasant smell.
  • Stains from coffee or water often remain on the furniture made of veneer – so you should never put a glass or a cup on it for a long time.

Veneer shelf with numerous customization options

furniture design advantages disadvantages desk

Modern sideboard

veneer furniture design advantages disadvantages sideboard

Equipped kitchen

furniture kitchen interior design ideas

Set of bedroom furniture

furniture bedroom bed set

Contemporary chair design

designer furniture future of the material wall shelf chair design

Practical, clever, easy

designer furniture future of the material wall shelf bag designer furniture future of the material wall shelf table lamp furniture design advantages disadvantages veneer lamps

New trends also in fashion design

design advantages disadvantages designer ideas


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