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Furniture for aesthetics and functionality in the nursery

aesthetic furniture variation style

The selection of furniture for aesthetics and functionality of the bedrooms is very important. Especially when it comes to it design and the distribution of children’s rooms.

For today’s post we have chosen an example that is fantastic. HAO Design as part of the renovation of a small family apartment completely personalized the nursery.

Furniture for aesthetics and functionality

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The bed is individually designed. The child can keep his toys after use and the storerooms are large. With this selection of furniture for aesthetics and versatility in general, it is the bed that stands out in the bedroom. Although the door also deserves attention.

light wood aesthetics furniture

The design includes a small door for children only. This makes it easier for the child and his friends to enter the room. The most important thing is that you can do it without the help of an adult, if the door is closed. In the whole decoration the blue wall of large painted size is equally attentive.

aesthetic furniture slate wall

It is of the school type, so it will be the best way to stimulate children’s creativity. The personalized bed extends from one side of the room to the other. Each of the steps with hidden memory gives access to the bed , Especially its placement has the perfect angle, so that the child can look out of the window.

Furniture for aesthetics and a good distribution

aesthetic furniture bedroom

No detail was overlooked by HAO Design. This can be checked if you look at the bottom of the bed. Shelves were placed, which are very easy to open due to the small handles that were installed. Without any problems, the child can pull on the handles and discover the small cabinets or shelves.

individual furniture children's room

They are perfect for hanging clothes or for storing toys and even books. Something very important in the design of a nursery is the playground. What’s interesting, considering that it’s furniture for aesthetics, this area is hidden. Right in bed and behind a small door.

Furniture for aesthetic effects

It has a round window as a cabin with all the privacy that the child needs to have fun. In general, this is a good example of the design of children’s rooms. It is important to create a space that is tailored to your needs. As the space around her adapts, her creativity will increase.

aentos-material-varied leather

Distributing rooms well in these cases is no easy task. As important as functional furniture like this bed are the colors and the lighting. Especially with colors, there are some that stimulate the imagination. The multifunctional spaces that we have already mentioned should provide perfect lighting for every activity.

Sit-Gloques inside house

A good idea to plan the entire distribution and incorporate furniture for aesthetics based on natural and artificial light sources. For example, as a reference for the placement of furniture the windows or doors. The roof always has great potential in these cases. With a little creativity it will be fantastic for the decoration of the nursery.

Kitchen-house-functional and modern

Vinyl or painted drawings are an effective way to stimulate children’s imagination. The bed used by HAO design It is in harmony with the room. From a visual point of view, the colors have a big influence. For example, the ceiling will look lower in a dark tone. On the other hand, it will make the bedroom a warmer place. Enjoy the details of this design and we hope you find some ideas for your home.

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