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Furniture design and the best creations of the A ‘Design Award & Competition

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Furniture design and really nice solutions are all that the A ‘Design Award & Competition has left. It is a design award that is world leader.

With a representation of more than one hundred and eighty countries, it is translated into the main languages. They reach the largest number of design lovers. Best of all, we can register our design and compete in more than a hundred categories that are awarded every year. Today we have just a few of the relevant and award-winning designs.

Furniture design and modern solutions

modern designer furniture

The first example of furniture design and functionality is this combination of metal frame by Natalia Geci. Thanks to the use of wooden hinges and the difference in sizes, different combinations are created. The resulting structures have great stability and it is possible to use them as panels, partitions or hanging clothes. To expand its potential, there are others Accessories that are included in this whole system. For example, trays, mirrors or shelves for everything that is needed in every room. The customer can select and combine the required accessories. It is not necessary to use screws to secure them to the hinges. Other important accessories are the bags, which also contain a closure.

Furniture design modern kitchens

Angle by Selami Gündüzeri is a completely different bookseller. It is a single unit that can be combined and enlarged. The combination can lead to a separator or a larger bookshelf. Both the shapes and the dimensions can be determined to our liking. Magnets and metal ends guarantee excellent stability. Depending on the space required, we can create a small library or a large room divider.

Furniture design walls wood

Another great example of the fusion of furniture design and designs is Stool by Freudwerk. It’s about the fusion of chair and chair. Each of the stackable seats benefits from the lightness of the wood. There is also an artistic degree. Everything in a piece of furniture that despite its robustness has a great lightness. When it comes to saving space, it’s a great idea in terms of compact design.

Furniture design folding chairs

Ecology today can not be detached from design. A good example for the participants of the A ‘Design Award & Competition is Sagano by Alice Minkina. This furniture set is unique for its materials and production as such. All the technology used comes from a single bamboo roll. This makes the entire piece of furniture simple and sustainable. There are ways to create unique pieces with a higher level of personalization. Everything that results from this production process will have a great originality.

modern light wood models

In the same way, the originality and the sense of the artistic is present in Feather by Apiwat Chitapanya. This table is very similar to the sculptures of other times. It is a craft product with very nice details. As the name implies, these are springs made from small stainless steel parts. Functionally, it is a detail of great importance. This is exactly the part that stabilizes the base of the table and the support of the piece of wood.

Pens have black details

On the other hand, and also with a functional contribution, the table Trapesi by Phebos Xenakis is very interesting. We often feel the need to hang a bag when we are in a public place and do not lose sight of it. Well, that is the answer to this common need, thanks to the construction of the legs. All are connected to the structure that is in the middle and leaves the surface above. So the feeling is much more open while it seems to float. The folds in turn provide the necessary stability to the entire structure

Detail table stand wallets

The need for multifunctional furniture is another necessity of modern life. Only Yi-An Hung’s proposal for furniture design and modern solutions is based on this detail. The chair can be adapted to the environment. Each of the pieces creates this true artistic installation. It is very versatile and fits perfectly in any kind of room. Visually create a different experience for each environment.

modern stackable designs

Inspired by the Stair Wave forms Wave is a table full of character. This design by Attila Stromajer has the feature of transmitting movement. Unlike other static objects, the visual experience is very different. Regardless of the perspective, it is always different and interesting. Each of the parts has a fan-like shape with a rotational movement.

vaulted clear tone table

Drop Marble is the result of the continued work of true masters of wood and marble. The body of solid wood is covered with marble and adds a unique texture. The difference between the materials is much more appreciated by the effect of marble. In a small house, the accessories can be organized more easily. Its size is not a problem to move it. It has built-in concealed wheels that facilitate cleaning or relocation. Another advantage of the design are the possibilities of color and combinations with marble.

Furniture design and modern concepts

Functional table made of gray material

Chieut by Jay Design is another table characterized by its minimalism. It consists of several thin steel tubes that integrate the base. An oval steel blade completes the upper part and achieves a perfect balance. Depending on the angle you are looking at, it seems that the table is just tubes.

minimalist table legs concept

Panama banana You can not miss us if we want to spend a day at the beach and have fun. It is another good example of multifunctional furniture. It can be used as a hammock to relax and enjoy the sun or as a football goal. This will also be fun for sports and action lovers. The removal of the details of the support is sufficient to completely fold them if necessary.

Solutions designs beach wood

different attractive modern bank

interesting modern chair concept

triangular orange metal prop


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