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Freshwater koi fish to breed in the modern garden

Freshwater fish kio garden wide ideas

Today we have some very interesting ideas for decorating it Garden with freshwater koi fish. The koi fish is actually a domesticated version of the carp.

This fish is so famous for its beautiful colors created by selective breeding.

Freshwater koi fish breed in gardens with large ponds

Freshwater fish kio jardin bonito ideas

It may surprise you, but there are more than 20 different koi fish. What distinguishes them are the colors, the patterns and the types of scales. This type of freshwater fish comes from East Asia. As we said, they live in fresh water.

Freshwater fish koi eb the entrance of the house

Freshwater fish kio garden autumn water ideas

As you can see in these pictures, koifishes can live in different species Ponds. Its popularity grew very much in the last century, so we can find ponds with koi fish all over the world.

Modern garden with pond with koifish and original well

Freshwater fish kio garden house fountain ideas

The ponds not only provide a good habitat for the fish, but are also a nice and relaxing place for you and other animals. However, ponds with fish are very different from fish tanks and therefore require a lot of care and maintenance.

Pond of koi fish very popular to breed in the garden

Freshwater fish kio garden modern house ideas

In addition, koi fish, although hard and easy to maintain, require special care. Koifish are not small fish and can grow up to 90cm long. The size of the Koifische depends on the living conditions. That means the right amount of oxygen and of course the right temperature.

Add pond is the best way to make a place where you can relax

Freshwater fish kio jardin contemporaneo ideas

These are the three main factors that influence fish growth and longevity. It is important, just like the other animals and plants you have, to take care of your fish. The color of the koi depends on the variety. They can be white, black, blue, red, cream and yellow.

A beautiful pond that inspires tranquility

Freshwater fish kio garden pond glass ideas

In addition to the color, the koi fish can have dots in different shapes and sizes to make them even more beautiful. The Japanese believe that coifs symbolize wealth, prosperity, love, success and happiness.

A very narrow pond with koifish

Freshwater fish kio garden pond tight ideas

Depending on the choice of fish you choose, it will symbolize some of these values. Each variety is associated with one of these values.

The ponds with freshwater koi fish adapt to any space

Freshwater fish kio garden pond fountain ideas

Koifis eat a lot. At the time of eating, the koi fish come to eat so you can see and interact with them. The koi fish swim down the ground to look for their food. For this reason, the pond must have some mud or substrate for aquarium bottoms.

Pond with glass wall, which increases the interest in garden design

Freshwater fish kio garden pond small ideas

Be careful not to feed them more than necessary, because if you eat more than you should, the fish can get sick.

An L-shaped Koi fish pond

Freshwater fish kio garden shape l ideas

Koi fish eat plants and animals. It feeds on different species of fish and their eggs, they can also eat salad, watermelons and peas. Koifish can recognize the person who feeds them and can be trained to eat from their hand.

A great decoration for the garden

Freshwater fish kio garden fountain ideas

These freshwater fish prefer that the water has a temperature of about 15 or 25 degrees Celsius and can not tolerate drastic temperature changes. They are also sensitive to the sun. You may even suffer from sunburn if you live in ponds that do not provide enough shade.

A concrete pond with koi fish inside

Freshwater fish kio garden ideas modern

Now, we leave you with our pictures of ponds with very beautiful Koi fish to inspire you and give your garden a modern space.

A place of tranquility where you can enjoy the koi fish

Freshwater fish kio modern garden ideas

Wooden bridges lead across the pond

Freshwater fish kio natural garden ideas

A very attractive big pond

Freshwater fish kio garden options ideas

A stone bridge under which is the pond with koi fish

Fish fresh water kio garden wall glass ideas

A garden with a very natural and balanced design

Freshwater fish kio jardin pergola ideas

A very nice pond at the entrance of the house

Fish fresh water kio garden plants ideas

A deep, narrow pond with koifish

Freshwater fish kio beautiful garden ideas

A shady garden with pond with koifish

Freshwater fish kio jardin sombreio ideas

A pond with koifish on the terrace

Fish fresh water kio garden terrace house ideas

Palm trees and stones around the pond with koi fish

Freshwater fish kio tropical garden ideas

Zen garden with pond with koifish

Freshwater fish kio garden zen ideas

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