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Folding tables by designer Robert van Embricqs

Folding tables and chair

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs creates a growing collection of folding tables and convertible furniture, where each piece begins with a flat surface that turns into one with a simple movement Minimalist design furniture.

Folding tables set terrace

From the interesting ideas of van Embrics arise folding tables and multifunctional objects, the modern style and even a little extravagant from home.

Folding tables fruit apples

The collection shown in the photos includes a folding table, a fruit bowl and a chair. All of them are inspired by nature and the natural forms and are Cabriomöbel that can dictate their own design to some extent.

Folding chair-small tables

folding tables

This series of unique design furniture is made of natural materials and especially of caramel bamboo using a special technology. The folding tables are woven with rods that allow them to fold easily and change their shape and finish.

Folding tables grid bars

Observing the natural transformations that work wonderfully without cumbersome and clumsy design has inspired the designer to create her folding furniture.

Chair folding wood-folded

Inspiration for the creation of folding furniture

Robert van Embrics is fascinated by the aesthetic beauty and inherent complexity of natural shapes. The Dutch designer also finds inspiration for his folding tables in the bone structure, the plants and the natural movement and always wonders “to what extent the object that you create is able to dictate its own design?”

Furniture convertible table not bent

Folding tables and other convertible furniture can be considered as a collaboration between the designer and his material. Its main goal is to achieve aesthetically pleasing functionality without sacrificing functionality for functionality.

Furniture convertible table Fence

Here we see the quality of the natural material that the artist has used in realizing his idea of ​​folding tables.

To satisfy its users, the designer deliberately chooses the functionality without his folding tables having a compliant design, much less predictable.

Furniture convertible table-wrinkle

In this photo you can clearly see the idea of ​​folding tables in development, starting with the flat surface of the wood, which is almost invisibly cut in narrow bars, and then their gentle transformation into an object with a unique style.

Another feature that characterizes this designer is his desire to create an interaction between the user and the convertible furniture he has created. The particular relationship between the client and the work, in this case the object or the furniture, is of great importance to any artist and this idea of ​​interaction is just that.

Furniture convertible for garden

Robert van Embricqs also wants to continue with his line of folding furniture in order to broaden the range of his artistic activity through flexible concepts in architecture. The idea of ​​folding tables can be transferred to the field of interior and exterior solutions through an original technique.

Furniture convertible table variant

About the author of the folding tables

Prices and training

  • 2009 winner of the DECORATING FENCE competition
  • 2009 Artist in Residence in competition. Workspace and life for the artist.
  • 2009 Architecture internship at design group Trude Hooykaas
  • 2007-2010 Bachelor of Architecture and Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam
  • 2010-2011 Construction Arts Academy: Preparation Course, Building Physics, Winner of the Red Dot Award 2011: Design of a growing chair
  • Employee at OTH 2012 (design group Trude Hooykaas)
  • 2012 Release Rising Table & Side Table
  • 2013 Designer Robert van Embrics started his own business.
  • 2013 Nominated for the Fubiz Prize. Won the third prize with rising table
  • In 2014 he taught about rising furniture in Medellín, Colombia
  • 2016 Professor of wood upholstery at Hout & Meubileringscollege, Amsterdam
  • 2016 PECHAKUCHA conference: combining functionality and art in Radion, Amsterdam


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