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Fire gardens to create modern and unique environments

Gardens Fire trees designs trees

The pictures of today are an example of what you can do fire gardens and the design of terraces.

Especially for the terraces are perfect ideas with which we can create modern environments.

Fire gardens to create special environments

Gardens fire concepts colors colors

When we design fire gardens and furniture, there are options that can not be overlooked. The fire pits to which we dedicate the pictures of the gallery are a perfect idea. Together with the fire we can hold meetings and spend very entertaining nights. A few pillows and pillows give us the necessary comfort.

Fire gardens for outdoor environments

Gardens fire special concepts support

Basically, designing a comfortable terrace and garden can be economical. As already mentioned, the seats should be the first. The armchairs or large benches are great, as is an auxiliary table. The dimensions depend on the use of the table. In their absence many fireplaces with these features can be designed or purchased.

Outdoor fire fountain, an ideal space for celebrations

Fire gardens special modern pictures

Perfect with wide edges can be useful if we want to take a drink. If we have to group a larger number of guests to eat, the situation is different. The Tables In these cases, larger sizes are required. An outdoor dining area that is independent will be much more functional.

Nice setting with colorful pillows and lamps, concrete details

Gardens fire pictures styles lamps

In rooms like these, which are designed to relax and entertain, the use of color is essential. For the fire gardens and the color of the terraces, a neutral base can offer us many possibilities. Especially textiles in these shades facilitate the change of style considerably. We just have to change it if we want to change the image of our terrace or patio.

Incredible effects with furniture and fresh details in the decoration

Informal informal wood fire gardens

The areas of the fire pits can of course be used at any time of the day. Although, as we all know, the effect and utility is greater at night. If we use these areas to read a book or recover during the day, it is advisable to create shaded areas. In this way we can fully enjoy the exterior of our house.

Design solutions for cozy rooms, wooden details

Gardens fire wood effects materials

To create shadow areas, there is nothing better than choosing natural solutions. Especially in trees and climbing plants can create relaxed environments. Especially climbing plants are one of the best ways to have pergolas in our garden. As you can imagine, both options take time to be really effective.

Interesting accents with cushions in different colors, wood and concrete

Gardens Fire Retro Concepts Floors

The covered pergolas, the sails or the umbrellas we can use from the first moment. Some scaffolding made of natural fibers can be placed on the pergolas. Bamboo and similar materials are perfect for creating fresh natural environments. It’s a way to create shadow immediately if we want to enjoy the fire during the day.

Modern design environments perfect for parties and meetings

Gardens traces of fire colored glasses

Essentially, terraces, fire gardens and design wells allow us to use these areas at night. The truth is that the seasons do not matter. We can enjoy these rooms all year round. The centerpiece can be constructed in several ways. In this the style of the terrace is very important.

Fire pit with plates, natural environments decorated with plants

Gardens fire terraces backgrounds

Concrete or rocks are some of the most common. Not to mention that we can buy a mainly metallic portable model. As an alternative to fireplaces, chimneys are another good idea. They always convey that original warm accent. If we want a more dynamic patio, the portable options may be the best.

Cool setting with wooden furniture and corner patio bench

Bankstile furniture areas metals

It works the same way if we are not sure what configuration we want for the patio or patio. Unlike fireplaces, the location is important. Mainly they can not be placed on wooden platforms to avoid fires. If it’s an easy option for a cozy room where speaking and spending the night can be the best.

Design model under the ground, well built with natural stones

Cushions style special furniture patterns

If space allows the fire as opposed to water is a perfect combination. The pools are one of the perfect options that can perfectly contrast with the fire. Your picture during the nights will be incredible. If there are small spaces, there are other solutions that are also practical. The Well you are one of them and they will help us to refresh the atmosphere.

Design variant with a space with hydromassage on a platform

Colorers sky clouds modern sunset

They are also a very effective way to attract birds to our farm. We can even add walls with built-in sources if we want to further optimize the available space. In addition to the fireplace, the nights can be magical with other light sources. The lights in the patio are perfect as in the flowerbeds. Those who are usually used for Christmas can decorate the trees.

Modern outdoor living room with elements of steel, wood and concrete

Concepts Courtyards Fountain Design Halls

Areas for storage of firewood have been included in the design

Ideas furniture colors Lena styles

Shows on the roof of the house taking advantage of the view and at ground level

Blue fountain materials salons effects

The infinity pool completes the modern and fresh image in this house

Roof options furniture color edges

Rectangular fountain variant for patio with gas operation

Concrete furniture cushions rectangular styles

Various accents of light wood security design with nature

Terraces special fountain kitchens cushions

White and gray as protagonists of the furniture in this small cozy room

Feuergarten wood effects

Functional and practical outdoor furniture complimented with cushions

Wooden beaches styles coastal effects

The table can be replaced by a portable fireplace and change the picture

white furniture lines wood wood

LED lights are an ideal complement to this design during the nights

Springs styles colors LED lights

Wood in dark tone contrasting with white furniture, picture Joe Fletcher

Floor wood colors shelves gardens


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